Sing karaoke on the web

All you need to sing your heart out!
- Record your own music videos
- Adjust the pitch so you are always on key
- Share your best performances

The largest online karaoke selection in the world
With over 45,000 songs and weekly additions, you’ll enjoy a wide selection of songs made famous by today’s top artists as well as the all time classics.

Get a better sound
Adjust the pitch so you are always on key and then record with high quality audio and sound effects.

Entertaining recordings
Make your Virtua Sing avatar sing and dance on a virtual stage or sing with your webcam. Customize your recordings by adding your own background images.Sing in full screen mode.

Join over 1,000,000 karaoke lovers worldwide
Enter the community to find people who love karaoke too! Share, watch, vote and comment on recordings! All karaoke all the time. Have something to say?


Sing with your iPhone, Smartphone Android and Windows 8.

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Sing with your iPad, Android Tablet and Windows 8.

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Turn your living room into the largest karaoke in the world

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Invite your friends to sing and share with you

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Go for it!

Windows 8

Sing with your Windows 8.

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