What is Red Karaoke?

Red Karaoke is a free online karaoke destination over the Web. Users/Viewers can choose a song from the Red Karaoke database, sing it and record it. Once recorded, the song will be available to all members of the community, who, in turn, can reproduce it and vote on your rendition and add reviews/ratings. In RedKaraoke, you are the critic!


How it works.
The way Red Karaoke works is very simple, since there are many ways to find a karaoke song and sing it. On the main page users can find all of the songs the system has through subject directories organized by genre, language, type of song and even by decade.

The other way to find songs is to use the keyword search engine, which is available on every page of the site, which allows users to search by the artist who made a song famous, or by title.


How can I make a recording?

Once a song is selected and the user clicks on it, access is given to the page for that song. On this same page the Red Karaoke player is loaded, what makes it possible to listen to karaoke and/or start recording if the user has connected a microphone to his computer. The way the player works is completely standard, with buttons for play, pause, stop, record and volume control.



Once you have made one recording in each one you have an option of sending it to your friends. Through this option they will receive a link to the recording you have made on Red Karaoke. Once it’s in the player, all they have to do is hit play to hear and/or see what you have recorded. Can you think of an easier way to promote your act?