Month: June 2008

Online Karaoke Trendizens of the World Unite!!!

As you might already know from the vast press coverage and exposes, the premier European karaoke website launched its English language version in the United States, at . Red Karaoke is a free social network for music lovers, offering more than 14,000 songs for karaoke enthusiasts, and tools that enable users to interact with the site as well as with other members. Numerous features allow users to record their own video and audio files, personalize each song, and share these newly-created karaoke files, building a potentially unlimited song catalogue.


Once on the initial set up takes only a few minutes: Just create a user name, password and profile. Once that is complete, plug in a microphone to your computer and search through the song list to sing along to, record, post it on the site and you’re done! From there, be prepared to get rated by fellow RedKaraoke users and keep recording with the goal of rising to the top of RK’s rankings.


So…what are you waiting for? Come join the fun today and help us reach out to all online karaoke trendizens of the world!!! And if you can’t get enough of Red Karaoke, feel free to read what bloggers and newspapers have to say about Red Karaoke:


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So Exciting! My Webcam Works Now!

webcamAt Red Karaoke we don’t stop innovating. We are constantly working to bring you the best available tools in the industry so our users can proudly share and show their innate talent and singing abilities. Today, we are pleased to announce that we are unveiling a new media player or recorder. This new groundbreaking feature will enable community members to record their favorite songs with enhanced video capabilities.


The new version updates the recording libraries with video, and simultaneously enhances the quality of recording. But that’s not all. One of the most exciting news is that users will no longer encounter compatibility problems, something common with the previous player, since this one had resolution limitations. Problem solved!!!


For those who claim they were experiencing problems recording with a webcam now have no excuse, but to start recording authentic videoclips. So start looking for the song of your preference, work on your choreography and start recording!. Should you detect a problem or if you are still unable to record with the new player or webcam please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!!!.

Red Karaoke, Your Online Karaoke Destination

MIcEveryone has a different opinion. Some people say it is all about the music. Some say it is all about the vibe. Some people say it is all about friends and family, while others say it is all about networking. Whatever they say, one thing is for sure: RedKaraoke is the one-stop-absolutely-free online destination that offers you everything you are looking for in online entertainment. is the premier online karaoke video destination network in Spain and Europe and now we are bringing it home to America!!! Join us at and see what everyone is raving about on the other side of the big pond!!!


At RedKaraoke, we rest on a foundation of practicing the art of music and dancing, engaging in friendship, having fun, believing in and sharing peace, love, unity, and respect. Every other add-on to this amazing and inspiring online revolutionary culture, is just a contribution of yours. You are empowered to make RedKaraoke stronger and boundless! No matter where you are or the language your speak, RedKaraoke’s ultimate goal is to provide you with a stage to share and spread unity and respect.


So remember why you are a part of this community, and what you think it means, each time you visit us. Share your thoughts with others, and try to understand what someone else is about. Let yourself be influenced and influence others. Make sure that you are doing all you can to create your ideal online karaoke community network. And if you leave the site with some new views, or inspiration for some art, or a feeling of happiness–share this experience and remember it for years to come. You have done all you can, and gained a lot. We hope you embrace our mission, and are willing to come do it all over again. Red Karaoke Rocks!!!