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How to Move Up in the Rankings of Red Karaoke

We've been getting quite a few emails from users asking us for information and tips on how to get more votes and therefore rise to the top of Red Karaoke rankings.


To start with, recordings on Red Karaoke with 10 votes or more participate in this ranking. Recorded songs with less than 10 votes will not appear in the ranking of most popular recordings. Here are some suggestions:


1. Send your recordings to friends and family. They will love to listen to you, and most likely, they will support you with comments and votes.


2. Be generous and reciprocal. The best way to get votes from other users is voting for them. The more you vote for others, the more votes you'll receive.


3. Participate in the forum. This is an excellent way to get more visibility and recognition on Red Karaoke. Use it as a marketing platform to spread the word. If you publish messages, create new threads, publish ideas and tips, the users that visit the forum will be curious about you as a singer, and will go to your profile to listen and comment on your renditions.


At the end of the day, it's all about marketing yourself. If you promote yourself offline and online on Red Karaoke, you will get more visits to your profile hence more comments and votes. Needless to say, better comments and votes depend on good performances. These tips can help increase your popularity and position in Red Karaoke rankings. So what are you waiting for? Start singing and recording now!. And if you have additional questions, post your comments below.

Karaoke Mends the Broken-Hearted

I guess we're all pretty much familiarized with Anne Hathaway by now. Yeah, we saw her on “The Princess Diaries”, “Havoc”, “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Becoming Jane”, and most recently, on “Get Smart”. Well, it turns out she just broke up with ex-honey . So how does a Hollywood aspiring young actress get over a romantic episode? Forget alcohol or drugs. Hathaway took the mic and belched it doing karaoke.



Yes, indeed. As reported by People Online, Anne Hathaway, 25 years old, was seen taking turns at the microphone at a karaoke gathering in Cape May, N.J. on Monday night. "She was the life and soul of the party,” said karaoke host Terry O’Brien.


Recently, Hathaway broke up from a relationship with Italian businessman Raffaello Folleri. Apparently though, on Monday night, the actress was one of the first singers of the evening crooning Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” , she danced around the tables during other songs before retaking the microphone for K.T. Tunstall's "Suddenly I See", a song featured in her movie The Devil Wears Prada.


Reportedly, Hathaway told the karaoke host, "don't put this on YouTube." Come on Anne! You're a public figure now. Whatever you do is and will be scrutinized by media and the general public. Oh boy such is the price of stardom! Well, c'est la vie, some stars turn to alcohol or drugs while others take up karaoke. Is karaoke the new wonder drug for the rich and famous?. Post your comments.


Jonas Brothers vs Miley Cyrus…Who’s Hotter?

It's no secret that the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus have taken America by storm. These teens have been quite busy creating music appealing mostly to that younger demo and have become in the process new pop cultural phenomena. In fact, they have even played together for the public. For those of you who saw the Hannah Montana 3D movie, the Jonas Brotherts played also along Hannah Montana.



This time Red Karaoke has thought of bringing you an assortment of karaoke songs from your favorites artists so you can sing and record and have fun. Most importantly and in an effort to offer you more options for singing, we continue to add more karaokes so you can choose the song of your preference when singing and recording.


This week we invite you to take on the mic and start singing from the following list of smash hit titles from the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus:


Jonas Brothers: “We Rock” and “Kids of the Future”.


Miley Cyrus: “Life's What You Make it” and “I Can't Wait to See You Again” .


So whether you prefer one over the other one, we invite you to get in the groove and start recording. As always, don't forget to post your comments. We look forward to hearing from you.


Be a Critic! How Do You Like Miley Cyrus’ “Breakout” Album?

Does the name Hannah Montana ring a bell to you? And please don't play it cool or anything. We all have heard of her. Pretty much. Miley Cyrus plays the role of a regular teen that moonlights as pop star Hannah Montana on the tv show that airs on the Disney Channel. Come on…most of you knew that!.



Reportedly, Miley Cyrus is actually busy evolving into a post Hannah Montana persona. She's 15 years old now and her new marketing angle is as Miley Cyrus. Thus, she's gradually leaving behind the Hannah Montana pop nom de guerre. Under Disney's marketing blitzkrieg she released two albums, starred the Hannah Montana show and has become a pop phenomenom ever since. And let's not forget about the road shows and 3-D concert films that spawned out of the tv show.



Miley Cyrus’ most recent production is titled, “Breakout”, and made its debut last Tuesday. In this album, Miley Cyrus offers up a rendition of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" According to the LA Times, "the song describes the simple desire to let loose with one's friends; in the first verse, the singer "come[s] home in the morning light," presumably after a long night spent pillow-fighting, hair-braiding or popcorn-microwaving". If this doesn't sound like teen's stuff. What does? Hello!


But, I guess I know what you guys are thinking…will it rise to the top seller list on or will it be the most paid-for downloadable feature on iTunes! The jury is still out deliberating. What do you think? Your opinion matters!. Post your comments now!


Finns Break Karaoke World Record With 446 hours

Check this out! The Finns have achieved a new world record in the annals of karaoke history. According to a release from the Finnish News Agency, " a new world record in nonstop karaoke singing was set in the Finnish town of Kouvola in the early hours of 446 hours". 


Seemingly, their original goal was actually to reach the 500 hours. Nevertheless, members of the Karaoke Club Kouvola set a new record that is more than double than a previous one, set earlier in July. Reportedly, the timer was stopped at 446 hours, four minutes and six seconds when a song was repeated, something not allowed by the rules.


The event was staged at the Karaoke Club Kouvola in Kouvala, some 135 kilometres north-east of Helsinki. The sing along session started on July 2 and has been held in connection with the Karaoke Festival & Marathon 2008.




Are you ready to take on the Finns? PK Gillock is. Gillock is the founder of the Isara Charity Foundation, based out of Nong Khai, Thailand. He will attempt to break the world record for continuous karaoke singing on August 1st-2nd, 2008. You can request songs for him to sing and then listen to the event live on Isara's website. Stay tuned for more news soon! And don’t forget to post your comments.


Mamma Mia! We Have a Bunch of ABBA’s Titles! Sing Now!

So you are a fan of Broadway musicals and you happen to like ABBA’s songs. Guess what? Mamma Mia! has come to a theater near you. And Red Karaoke gives you the opportunity to fine tune your singing skills to catch up with the Mamma Mia! worldwide smash hit. Plus, it can bring a lot of good memories back. Apparently, for what we've heard so far, all of the ABBA titles that were in the movie were so incredibly well done. And if you are a fan of Pierce Brosnan, guess what? the dude can sing!. And apparently Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried were stellar in their roles and singing as well.



As far as being a big screen movie musical based on a Broadway show the music is fun, energetic and refreshing. Although Mamma Mia! is meant to appeal to an older fan base who have been listening to ABBA since the 80's this flick seems to be also drawing the younger folks who enjoy the Broadway scene and shows. So if you are a fan of "Dancing Queen" (one of Abba's most popular songs), Voulez-Vous, SOS, The Winner Takes it All, and Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! , this is the movie of the summer for you.



At Red Karaoke, we have have a large list of ABBA’s karaokes for you to pick the one of your preference and start singing and recording until you drop. So whether you've seen the movie or are about to see it, think about the fact that Mamma Mia! has been seen by more than 30 million people in 160 cities and 8 languages worldwide. Are you still having doubts? We know you can rise to the top of Red Karaoke's rankings. So start singing now!


Is This a British Invasion or What?

The British sensation Leona Lewis has crossed the big pond with her debut album, Spirit. Leona, who was the winner of the TV show X-Factor, a British talent show in the UK, is a 22-year-old London native and winner of the hit TV show the X Factor. So far, Leona has broken all-time sales records in the UK with Spirit entering the album chart at Number One and becoming Britain's fastest-selling debut ever. In America she released Spirit back in April. Now you have the opportunity to sing a la Leona. "Bleeding Love"; was the best-selling single in England in 2007.




And on this side of the Atlantic US print publications such as People Magazine are labeling her as "the UK's hottest star in an "Introducing" piece". In adddition, Vogue presented her in their "People Are Talking About – The Vogue 25 Cultural Highlights of 2008". For those of you who did not know, Leona Lewis'; career is actually managed by American Idol's Simon Cowell. Is this a British invasion or what?



Among the songs that are catching people's attention are "No One","I Will Be", "Yesterday", and "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". Lewis also co-wrote the songs "Whatever It Takes", a mid-tempo R&B track, and "Here I Am", a pop ballad. Although it's too soon to come up with a happy ending to a story of stardom in the US, we think she's definitely an artist to watch. Needless to say, Red Karaoke brings you the talent of Leona Lewis to the comfort of your home. Get in the groove and start singing and recording now!. Can your rendition beat all these ones? Well, there's only one way to find out.


As always, don't forget to post your comments. We'd love to hear from you.

Let’s Wait “A Little Bit Longer”: Jonas Brothers

“A Little Bit Longer” is the new production by the Jonas Brothers scheduled to be released on August 12. No questions about it, Kevin, Joe, and Nick have been quite busy creating music appealing mostly to that younger demo and have become in the process a new pop cultural phenomenom. This new album contains 12 tracks, and according to music critics, marks a new evolving step in their careers as songwriters.


In their, so far, short although prolific artistic career, the Jonas Brothers have been quite active. They have released two albums “It’s About Time” in 2006, and “Jonas Brothers” in 2007. But music is not everything to these teens, they are also starting an acting career and have filmed their first 3D Movie, which will be released to theaters early next year. Although this is not their first time on screen, for those of you who saw the Hannah Montana 3D movie, the Jonas Brotherts played also along Hannah Montana.



This summer, the Jonas Brothers are on the road and started their North American tour, the Burning Up Tour, promoting “A Little Bit Longer”. The tour kicked off July 4, 2008. According to Ticketmaster, a Disney Digital 3D production crew filmed the two shows in Anaheim, CA on July 13 and 14, which will be made into a theatrical movie and will be released in theatres as a 3D concert movie in January 2009.



Recently, the Jonas Brothers made it also to TV screens. They starred in the Disney Channel original movie "Camp Rock”. According to, the movie averaged 8.9 million viewers and was the network's most-watched non-sequel movie ever. In addition to that, the Jonas Brothers debuted their "Burnin' Up" video following the debut of Camp Rock on Disney Channel (with a repeat the following night on ABC) to over 12.5 million television viewers, and over a million views on YouTube. And on iTunes, The "Burnin' Up" video immediately shot to # 1. And that’s not all, the Jonas Brothers marketing platform has in the pipeline the comedy series “J.O.N.A.S.”, scheduled to air on the Disney Channel this fall.


Wow, these guys are way busy and they seem to have taken America by storm. By the way, as reported on the, a Disney Channel spokeswoman has confirmed that a Camp Rock sequel is in development, and that the brothers would like to premiere the movie in Central Park, where they’d serve pizza from their favorite New York restaurant.


We want you to drop us a line or post your comments about the band and its new release. Your opinion matters!

Be a Critic…What Do you think of “Viva la Vida”?

You were perhaps wondering what is up with Coldplay. Well, the British band is back and this time they have put together “Viva la Vida or Death and All of His Friends”. According to critics, this album marks a change in direction for the group in terms of production and sound of the finished product.  Overall, it is a more cohesive whole than their earlier works. In fact, in the music circles this new production has been considered to be an ‘experimental’ production. Apparently, one of the new things about this album is that it contains sounds recorded in a Barcelona church.   


This 4th new album titled “Viva la Vida or Death and All his Friends” has 10 tracks with a total of 46 minutes of music. Although some initial reviews do not place it as a masterpiece as previous Coldplay productions, other can’t seem to get enough. Some of the highlights of the album are tracks such as “Cemeteries of London” that has sort of a mellow and dreary touch between the lyrics and composition. The guitar sounds are timely. This new experimental composition is sort of a hybrid of hippie and celtic sounds.     



As for “Viva la Vida” that song featured on that iPod commercial with the cool lights, it is a fresh new sound with a mix of classical instruments. According to Yahoo Music blogs, this song has become so popular that has become the most paid-for downloaded album of all time. Needless to say, the piece is quite eclectic and really makes you feel like getting down and boogie all night long.  


Another highlight is “Violet Hill”, which has a strut feeling to the music composition alone. The lyrics are commendable and catchy.     



And for those of you who did not know about it. The painting in the album cover is actually the “Liberty Leading the People”, or as our French friends would say “La Liberté guidant le peuple” by French artist Eugène Delacroix. This painting depicts the July Revolution of 1830. A little bit of History of Art for all of our Arts and History buffs.  


So…be the critic of this new release and let us know you comments. We’d love to hear from you. And if you feel like singing, recording and sharing some previous Coldplay material, Red Karaoke invites you to do so here:  



God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

In My Place

Speed of Sound


The Scientist



Wanna Be on Top of Red Karaoke’s Rankings?

Alright!…so this is how our ranking system works here at Red Karaoke. Take your time, read carefully and feel free to post your comments below. Help us make of Red Karaoke a truly memorable experience. Have an awesome weekend everyone!


To start with, recordings on Red Karaoke with 10 votes or more participate in this ranking. Recorded songs with less than 10 votes will not appear in the ranking of most popular recordings The following is the criteria utilized to get the average score of each recording:


Vote tally: The larger the number of votes assigned  to a recording, the better the chances for this song to rise to the top.


Visits: The more visits a recording obtains, the better its position will be in the ranking.


Timing of votes:  The most recent votes attributed to a recording weigh more than previous ones. 


Weighted average of votes: A percentage of votes on the higher and lower ends of the voting range will be deleted from the final calculation. This means that the votes on the higher and lower end of the voting range do not impact the final outcome and positioning in the ranking.


In sum, the system calculates the average of votes and a score on every recording for songs with at least 10 votes.  Based on this score, it ranks the most popular songs on top. The higher the score, the more chances for the recording to rise to the top of the ranking. In case of a tie, whereby the average scores are equal, the recordings with the most accumulated points will occupy a higher place in the rankings.


So what are you waiting for?. Start singing and rise to the top now!  


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