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Red Karaoke Deploys Multilingual Capabilities

We're so young on the web but we've come so far. At Red Karaoke, our mission is to meet the needs of our large international audience by becoming a truly global medium. We’ve been working hard to bring you new innovative features. Today, users on Red Karaoke can upload karaoke tracks in different languages according to user preference and selection of language. With this new feature, we continue advancing our international web development meeting the needs and expectations of karaoke users around the globe.


So how does it work? For instance, if you check out the “Can You Celebrate” version of Japanese artist Amuro Namie, you’ll be able to see and sing in English as well as Japanese. The lyrics appear in English and Japanese characters simultaneously. Voila, you’re ready to sing to and record in the language of your choicew.


But that’s not all, the list of languages that we are now supporting includes:


- Japanese
- Chinese
- Cyrillic languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian)
- Vietnamese
- Thai (Cambodian)
- Korean
- Greek


We’re also happy to share with you that we’re exploring and working on incorporating the Arabic and Hebrew language to our list of multilingual capabilities. Beware of the fact though that the multilingual feature works only if the language of the uploaded song is correctly set by the user who uploads the song. If you upload a Japanese song and you set the language to English, the ideographic characters will be shown as squares, because the character set is changed depending on the language of the song in our database.


We’ll continue updating you on the usability aspect of new rolled out features. In the meantime, start uploading your karaoke files in the language of your choice here! And if you have questions or comments, drop us a line. We’ll be happy to assist you.


The Red Karaoke Team


Fans of Musicals? You’ve Got It!

OK we've been getting some emails from our community of users with their requests. Surprisingly, a large number of emails came from users who are fans of musicals Disney or otherwise. So we have thought of bringing you an assortment of karaoke songs from your favorites artists for you to sing, record and have fun. This week we invite you to take on the mic and start singing from the following list of smashing musical titles such as:


Breaking FreeHigh School Musical



Ok so if you haven't 'getcha head on the game' yet I guess it's never too late. So we are giving you the opportunity to catch up with the High School musical fever. But there's a lot of catch up to do. The High School Musical 3 movie sequel will be released on October 23. Hurry and start recording now.


We Rock – Camp Rock



Totally. The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato paired up for the '"We Rock" soundtrack of the Disney movie. According to, the movie averaged 8.9 million viewers and was the network's most-watched non-sequel movie ever. In addition to that, the Jonas Brothers debuted their "Burnin' Up" video following the debut of Camp Rock on Disney Channel. As for Demi Lovato, she just turned 16 last week. She's actually pretty busy on a nationwide concert tour with guess who…the Jonas Brothers of course. But that's not all, the teen star debuted her new music video “Get Back” last Friday on the Disney Channel. These guys are definitely living on the fast lane.


Life's What You Make it – Hannah Montana



Miley Cyrus plays the role of a regular teen that moonlights as pop star Hannah Montana on the tv show that airs on the Disney Channel. Come on…most of you knew that!. Under Disney's marketing blitzkrieg she released two albums, starred the Hannah Montana show and has become a pop phenomenom ever since. And let's not forget about the road shows and 3-D concert films that spawned out of the tv show. A busy bee obviously.


Mamma Mia – Dancing Queen



As far as being a big screen movie musical based on a Broadway show the music is fun, energetic and refreshing. Although Mamma Mia! is meant to appeal to an older fan base who have been listening to ABBA since the 80's this flick seems to be also drawing the younger folks who enjoy Broadway shows. So if you are a fan of "Dancing Queen" , Voulez-Vous, SOS, The Winner Takes it All, and Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! you're gonna love it.


Alright, so we hope you have a great time singing and keep sending us your requests.


Taylor Swift: From Karaoke Bars to Stardom

At an early age Taylor Swift seems to have been destined for success. Reportedly, when she got her first guitar, she used to practice “until her fingers bled or her mom called her to dinner.” At 11 years old, Taylor showed drive and determination when she persuaded her mom to vacation in Nashville, the country-music mecca.


On Taylor Swift states, “I had a demo CD of me singing karaoke music. We rented a car, and we would pull up in front of a label on Music Row and I’d walk in and talk to the receptionist: ‘Hi, I’m Taylor. I’m 11. I really want a record deal.’ It takes guts for an 11 year old to that. Heck, it takes guts for an adult to do that. And what about this? Also at age 11, she also performed the national anthem at a Philadelphia 76ers NBA game in front of thousands of fans. Taylor Swift knew what she wanted.


I've heard every album,
listened to the radio
Waited for something to come along
That was as good as our song…



And indeed Taylor Swift has taken these lines to heart since she embarked upon on a trip bounded for the top of country music charts. And guess what? She took her baby steps towards stardom when on weekends she dragged her parents to karaoke bars and open-mic nights. But Taylor Swift has also been influenced by legendary country music star, Tim McGraw. In fact, on her released album "Taylor Swift" , she dedicated a ballad to McGraw.



The country music princess has her hands full at the moment. Last week, Taylor featured her most recent hit "Change" on national TV during NBC’s Olympic Coverage Tonight." “Change” will appear on Taylor’s upcoming new album Fearless which hits stores November 11. In fact, "Change" is already available for presale on a new website launched last Friday by the country music star. Currently, she has a busy schedule touring nationwide playing with Rascal Flatts through the summer. Recently, Taylor Swift told fans during a concert that she will donate $100,000 to Cedar Rapids for flood relief.


At 18, still a teenager, Taylor Swift's ride has taught her a great deal of things about life. And compassion and care for others do not seem to be missing from her resume. From karaoke bars to stardom, dreams can come true. So keep singing!.


Demi Lovato’s “Get Back” Music Video Release

Alright so you are fan of Camp Rock star Demi Lovato. I guess we have good news for you. Yeah, the teen star debuted the new music video “Get Back” at 9:35 ET/PT last Friday August 22. The debut of the video followed the premiere of another Disney Channel Original Movie The Cheetah Girls One World. It's like Disney is taking over this space.OMG!



“Get Back” is the first single from Demi’s debut album, “Don’t Forget,” which will be released on September 23. As for the "Get Back" music video, the architect was video director Philip Andelman. His impressive resume includes music video direction for stars of the stature of Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer, Ludacris and Melissa Etheridge.



No doubt about it, the Camp Rock rising star, who recently just turned 16, is in good hands. Demi is currently pretty busy on a nationwide concert tour with guess who…the Jonas Brothers of course!. That was easy.



Alright so how did you like it? Not that I am encouraging you to tune in to the Disney Channel or anything, but I'd really like to see what Demi Lovato is all about. In fact, I even killed two birs with one stone. I watched the premiere of the Cheetah Girls One World and the release of the "Get Back" music video. Will get back to you on the Cheetah Girls One World. First, we have to see what the ratings have to say about it. Have a good week now.


Jamelia: Isn’t She a Superstar?

What can be more eclectic than this? Jamelia is a British R&B diva who was born in Birmingham, England to a Jamaican mother and a Zimbabwean father. In her prolific career she has released so far three studio albums, each of which has reached the Top 40 in her native UK, which have generated eight UK top ten singles. In addition, Jamelia has won four MOBO Awards, a Q award and has received six BRIT Award nominations.



Fans and critics have often been touted her as 'the UK's answer to Beyonce'. Her latest release "Superstar: The Hits" featured seven UK Top 10 singles taken from her albums Drama, Thank You and Walk With Me. "Superstar" includes hits such as 'Superstar', 'Beware of the Dog,' and 'See It In A Boy's Eyes.' Jamelia’s sense of social consciousness and justice is expressed in her music by raising issues of domestic violence and real life struggles.



That doesn't mean she doesn't bring up the positive and fun side of life. In fact, Jamelia has been recently involved in helping school kids in her own alma mater: Brookfield Primary in Hockley. The British singer helped run a singing workshop to help kids enter the Big School Sing Up program, an initiative that provides kids with an opportunity to enter their singing for a chance to be played on the radio.


On another note, Jamelia has banned the Pussycat Dolls' music from being played in her house – because she thinks the band's provocative lyrics and image are a bad influence on her two young daughters, six-year-old Teja and two-year-old Tiani. That's a tad hardcore. Don't you think?.



Oh wait a minute…I found this. Where else? YouTube of course. The French reported that Jamelia actually bared all in a PETA Europe anti-fur ad launched during London Fashion Week. I wonder what Teja and Tiani think about that. Cheerio!


Watch Out Rihanna, Here Comes Kreesha Turner!

Kreesha Turner, an Alberta native pop princess, is already being touted as the “Canadian Rihanna”. Her meteoric rise to the top of the charts in Canada as well as in the United States landed her with Capitol Music/EMI. So far, Kreesha has had two singles in Canada, “Bounce With Me” and “Don’t Call Me Baby.”


The Don't Call Me Baby track was released in the United States last June. Since then the lingering question among fans and critics is whether America is ready to embrace a new pop diva. Is there room for Rihanna and Kreesha Turner? In high school physics we learn that two bodies can't occupy the same space. Let's see if the American public is ready to embrace and make up space in their hearts for the Canadian native.



Speaking of Don't Call Me Baby, Kreesha Turner was quoted saying, “It’s much more of an emotional song. So a lot of the stuff I’ve been doing has been kind of emotion driven, feeling driven, it’s just been a performance more so than dancing. So I’ve been brushing up on my acting chops.”


Well, let's see if brushing up on her acting chops is enough to dethrone Rihanna. Keep singing!


New Karaoke Additions…Show Us Whatcha Got!

We know you are always eagerly waiting for new karaoke additions to show off your artistic talents to all your friends and relatives. Who isn't…right?. So are you up for singing and recording new songs this week? We have a new selection of recent karaoke additions to our growing database. As we get new requests from users we try to update our selection as often as possible.


This week we bring you a diverse assortment of music luminaries such as: young music singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, Grammy-Award winning female country band Dixie Chicks and Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan.


Taylor Swift – Our Song




Dixie Chicks – Wide Open Spaces



Sarah McLachlan – Angel



Be the first one to sing and record these new karaokes. Show us whatcha got!


Eagles: Karaoke Essentials

Classics never die and we believe that Eagles songs are karaoke essentials. Thus, thinking of you we have put together a collection of Eagles karaokes for you to select and start singing. So… you don't have to be a Southern California 70's kind of individual to appreciate Eagles interpretations. From classic Hotel California, Heartache Tonight, I Can't Tell You Why, to New Kid in Town, the band has been able to stay relevant in the hearts of not only the American public but also worldwide.



When we think of definitive 70's pop rock bands Eagles comes to mind. Their ability to stay relevant and continue producing and innovating with splendid melodies and music is resilient. Eagles music and impressive trajectory have allowed the band to be around for over 30 years. In fact, recently, a Rolling Stone magazine featured a cover story with the Eagles. The article talked about the new "Long Road Out of Eden" album and how it was able to rise to the top of the charts.



Needless to say, we invite you to enjoy the magic and timeless artistic talent of Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Timothy B. Schmit and Joe Walsh. Hail to the classics!.


Best of Both Worlds Concert: The 3-D Movie

Miley Cyrus' "Best of Both Worlds", the 3-D Movie will be officially released on DVD and Blu-Ray this August 19th. So yeah Miley Cyrus has been quite busy creating music and movies appealing mainly to the preteen demo and has in the process become a new pop culture icon. In Best of Both Worlds, not only Miley Cyrus but the Jonas Brothers are featured. Whether you or your preteen enjoy their music, we've got karaokes for you.



In anticipation of the release, Red Karaoke has an assortment of karaoke songs from your favorite artists so you can sing and record and have fun. Most importantly, and in an effort to offer you more options for singing, we continue to add more karaokes so you can choose the song of your preference when singing and recording.


So get together with your friends, enjoy highlights from the sold out "Best of Both Worlds" tour, take on the mic and start singing from the following list of smash hit titles from Miley Cyrus. Show us whatcha got!



“Life's What You Make it”




“I Can't Wait to See You Again”


So whether you prefer one over the other one, we invite you to get in the groove and start recording. As always, don't forget to post your comments.


Red Karaoke Alert: “A Little Bit Longer” is Out

Not that we want you to cause a riot over the new release of “A Little Bit Longer” the new production of the Jonas Brothers scheduled to be released today August 12. But, in all honesty, these kids are all over the place. No questions about it, Kevin, Joe, and Nick have been quite busy creating music appealing mostly to that younger demo and have become in the process a new pop cultural phenomenom. This new album contains 12 tracks, and according to music critics, marks a new evolving step in their careers as songwriters.


In their, so far, short although prolific artistic career, the Jonas Brothers have been quite active. They have released two albums “It’s About Time” in 2006, and “Jonas Brothers” in 2007. But music is not everything to these teens, they are also starting an acting career and have filmed their first 3D Movie, which will be released to theaters early next year. Although this is not their first time on screen, for those of you who saw the Hannah Montana 3D movie, the Jonas Brothers played also along Hannah Montana.



This summer, the Jonas Brothers are on the road and started their North American tour, the Burning Up Tour, promoting “A Little Bit Longer”. The tour kicked off July 4, 2008 and will visit more than 35 US arenas through early September. According to Ticketmaster, a Disney Digital 3D production crew filmed the two shows in Anaheim, CA on July 13 and 14, which will be made into a theatrical movie and will be released in theatres as a 3D concert movie in January 2009.




Recently, the Jonas Brothers made it also to TV screens. They starred in the Disney Channel original movie "Camp Rock”. According to, the movie averaged 8.9 million viewers and was the network's most-watched non-sequel movie ever. In addition to that, the Jonas Brothers debuted their "Burnin' Up" video following the debut of Camp Rock on Disney Channel (with a repeat the following night on ABC) to over 12.5 million television viewers, and over a million views on YouTube. And on iTunes, The "Burnin' Up" video immediately shot to # 1. And that’s not all, the Jonas Brothers marketing platform has in the pipeline the comedy series “J.O.N.A.S.”, scheduled to air on the Disney Channel this fall.

Wow, these guys are way busy and they are taking America by storm.


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