Best of Both Worlds Concert: The 3-D Movie

Miley Cyrus' "Best of Both Worlds", the 3-D Movie will be officially released on DVD and Blu-Ray this August 19th. So yeah Miley Cyrus has been quite busy creating music and movies appealing mainly to the preteen demo and has in the process become a new pop culture icon. In Best of Both Worlds, not only Miley Cyrus but the Jonas Brothers are featured. Whether you or your preteen enjoy their music, we've got karaokes for you.



In anticipation of the release, Red Karaoke has an assortment of karaoke songs from your favorite artists so you can sing and record and have fun. Most importantly, and in an effort to offer you more options for singing, we continue to add more karaokes so you can choose the song of your preference when singing and recording.


So get together with your friends, enjoy highlights from the sold out "Best of Both Worlds" tour, take on the mic and start singing from the following list of smash hit titles from Miley Cyrus. Show us whatcha got!



“Life's What You Make it”




“I Can't Wait to See You Again”


So whether you prefer one over the other one, we invite you to get in the groove and start recording. As always, don't forget to post your comments.


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  1. I like karaoke songs. Especially the Beatles.

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