Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”

At twenty four years old, pop star Katy Perry has definitely ruffled some feathers. So a lot of people are thinking so what's the big deal about kissing a girl. I guess it is a matter of perspective. Depending on where you are on this big planet earth. For instance, if you live in Europe, a song about kissing a girl would probably not be as controversial as in the U.S. But on this side of the pond though, that's seemingly another story.


Speaking of Katy Perry and europeans, are you guys familiar with t.A.T.u.? t.A.T.u. (aka Taty) is comprised of Julia Olegovna Volkova (aka Julia Volkova; born 1985) and Elena Sergeevna Katina (aka Lena Katina; born 1984). According to allmusic.com, the pop duo was named after an internationally fashionable word and has produced controversial lyrics. They also created some fun and interesting tracks to talk about it. In fact, their debut single, "Ya Soshla s Uma (I've Lost My Mind)," was based on a story about a lesbian affair between two young girl. This single became their first smash hit, gaining international exposure through MTV.



So perhaps we are being too tough on the young Katy Perry who is becoming a world wide phenomena hitting the charts in more than 20 coutries. From the U.S. to Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and even the United World Chart. Although commercial success doesn't necessarily translates into social acceptance Katy Perry has come a long way. And did we mention that she is the daughter of two pastors who grew up singing gospel music at church. Wow! I wonder what the parents reaction was when they listened to "UR so gay" and "I kissed a girl". Hopefully, she is not getting too much flak about it.



As for "UR so gay", on a recent interview for 'The New Gay' website, Katy Perry responded to the controversy about the word "Gay". "It’s not a negative connotation. It’s not “you’are so gay,” like “Your so lame,” but the fact of the matter is that this boy should’ve been gay. I totally understand how it could be misconstrued or whatever…I wasn’t stereotyping anyone in particular, I was talking about an ex-boyfriend". Misconstrued or not, Katy Perry has definitely caught the attention. But what is more important to know is what would critics and media think of a song sung by a boy about kissing another boy. Would it rise to the top of the charts? I don't know. The jury is still out on this one. What do you think?



  1. yes i am gay and yes i am marred to a man

  2. when you use words like ‘gay’ and ‘cocksucker’ they’re always derogatory to gay people.

    stop using them.

  3. Cocksucker can refer to girls too.

  4. Damn straight! :)
    but she isnt using the word gay as a derogative word, she’s using it in the place of homosexual, just like an abbreviation, cos se couldnt sing “ur so homosexual” now could she? sound idiotic

  5. I like Katy Perry. I have one of the boys Album.
    she is so cute.

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