Christmas Karaoke at Houston’s Intercontinental

So, you are flying out of Houston Intercontinental and you feel like belting out to the music of your favorite artists, well, guess what? now you can do it at Houston's airport. According to the Houston Chronicle, Rob Mason, a supervisor in the part of the airport that oversees passport control, is the man responsible for donating the karaoke equipment. In years past, the airport has brought in school choirs to sing carols in the concourses. This year, however, the Chronicle says Mason volunteered the "professional-grade karaoke machine he usually brings to his mother's nursing home to entertain the residents." The Chronicle adds that "the station is set up just past security in Terminal E. In a few days it will move to Terminal A. During Christmas week, it will be in the international baggage claim area."



So, if you are trying to practice that Christmas carol to impress the family over Christmas, here's your chance to do it. Although I am thinking at least in our congested US airports at least during the holidays usually business travelers are jamming through airport corridors with scarce time to carry a tune. Nevertheless, I can see it though as a decompressing accoutrement. Let me picture it this way…you grab your Starbucks and head out to one of the karaoke station after going thru security and voila you get to practice 'Santa Baby' in the sultry style of The Pussycat Dolls vixens.



As for traveling families I'd think this is probably the target demo of preference. Have you tried keeping the kids entertained while having a long layover or stranded at the airport…asssuming you're a low tech family and don't have a DVD player with a collection of G movies then karaoke can definitely help. At the end of the day it comes down to having time to spare and sing but with Homeland Security and long lines, time has pretty much become a worldwide commodity. I can totally see it though if you are a business traveler and are stranded at Bush Intercontinental you might want to give karaoke a shot as a way of decompressing and relaxing. Kinda weird though picturing Brooks Brothers-clad businesswomen or businessmen belting it out on the corridors of George Bush Intercontinental.


But, hey there's gotta be something for everyone right. After all, this is America and if it's free the better. I wonder though if this experiment can actually take off and become a fixture at major airport hubs. I am sure there's gotta be more than one entrepreneur scanning the environment. It's perhaps not a far-fetched thought the day where we can see 'karaoke kiosks' at airports. Let me think about it…kick off your shoes, relax your feet and belt it out. Yeah, I guess it can 'fly'. Whether it takes off or not come on take it as a Christmas present from your friends at Houston's Intercontinental. And don't be a Grinch about it. So if you are in the neck of the woods start singing now.


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