Exclusive Linkin Park Karaokes

Linkin Park is one of those rock bands that rose to stardom at the turn of the century. Its peculiar and amazing style of mixing disimilar genres such as Rap and Metal catapulted them to fame. Although not necessarily the pioneers in this niche since other bands such as Anthrax and Red Hot Chili Peppers had also explored this uncharted territory. However, the differentiator for Linkin Park was that their lyrics were extremely sticky and easy to sing.


The initial success led the Linkin Park boys from Southern Cal to sell over 50 millions albums since 1996. Moreover, the band was the recipient of two Grammy Awards. One of their highly awarded album was "Hybrid Theory" that reached all time highs allowing the band to internationalize with world tours and overseas record sales.


"Meteora", their second album was actually even more popular than "Hybrid Theory." In fact during the first week of its release it sold over 800000 copies. For the first month, Linkin Park managed to sell over 3 million copies. In light of their success Linkin Park was invited by Metallica to participate in the 2003 Summer Sanitarium concert with Limp Bizkit, Mudvayne and Deftones.


Last year, the band released its most recent album entitled "Minutes to Midnight." A large number of fans were actually not too happy about the release because they perceived the band had gone too "comercial", and hence changing their original unique style. However, "Minutes to Midnight" has so far fared well. making the album's first single "What I've Done", debut at #1 on Billboard's Modern Rock chart.


So, yeah we've added Linkin Park most recent karaokes for you to sing and have fun. The debut list of Linkin Park karaokes includes:


Somewhere I Belong:



Points of Authority:



One Step Closer:



So, get on the groove and start singing now! BTW, Happy Holidays! to you all fans of Linkin Park.


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