What Really Happened Between Chris Brown and Rihanna?

Lots of stuff has been said lately about the break-up and fracas episode between teen idols Chris Brown and Rihanna. Rihanna has reportedly claimed Chris Brown choked her until she was unconscious during an alleged assault on Sunday (02.08.09). Rihanna is apparently fully co-operating with police – who booked Chris on suspicion of making criminal threats – and has also alleged he threatened to kill her during the attack.



Rumor has it that the reason for Chris Brown to hit Rihanna (not that justifies violence against women) was because she gave him herpes and that she was jealous and overpossesive. And all this happened after the couple left Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party on Saturday Feb. 7. Photos of Rihanna taken after the alleged assault “clearly show contusions on the face, swollen eyes, cut lip, bloody nose, bite marks on fingers and arm,” TMZ said.



So what happened at the end? Well, Brown lost his Doublemint gum endorsement — turned himself in while the Grammys went on without him (Al Green stepped in for the duet with Justin Timberlake). Brown was released after posting $50,000 bail, but he is due in court in March. So the drama hasn’t ended yet. Too bad for these two teen idols. Their images have -no doubt about it- faltered.



Well, I guess no one except them knows for sure what really went on that night. No matter what a domestic violence episode is hard one to live with. Although we must be hold on judgment until the facts are revealed, an alleged assault of a woman can have potentially devastating implications for the 19-year-old heartthrob. I am talking about Chris Brown. After all, it blemishes the charming, wholesome image that fans know and love. So much for the Chris Brown brand. I am sure he must be having a hard time doing some spin control. Closure seems to be hardest thing when unfortunate events like this occurred. But hey don’t get all bogged down in the drama. They are young and I am sure they’ll bounce back. In the meantime, get on the groove and sing to their music now!.



  1. jah know star mi did luv si di two a em but dis shouldnt gu su far a big disrespect dat but nobody nu perfect love goes out to da two fans chris an rhianna a ignorancy him use or him coulda stress there is much to da whole issue but peace out to u

  2. Man I just hope everything gets resolve with this 2.

    And Kenesha learn how to spell better! SO kindergarden

  3. yeah Rihanna should learn from Adele who once punched her ex-boyfriend in the face when she caught him cheating on her…

  4. this whole situation is shocking, especially since Rihanna and Chris Brown seemed like such a perfect couple

  5. I don’t see why it’s so surprising to some people. It can happen to anyone, and anyone can put on an act like they’re a good person. You never know what is truly going on behind closed doors or in someone’s mind and their personal life. I don’t care why they were fighting. Chris Brown had NO right to touch her like that. Especially since she was obviously hurt, I think that Chris should suffer from the consequences for a while. Why should he be able to be bailed out because he’s rich? He should suffer like anyone else would. I hope his career suffers because of this, because he doesn’t deserve all the admiration he receives from girls if he can treat his g/f like that. He is a very cute and talented guy. Too bad he had to make the wrong choice. I do hope he gets the help he needs. But I still don’t think he deserves the fame and lifestyle he has anymore. As for Rihanna, I feel bad for her. I think she is a very good singer, and I love her song “Disturbia.” If I were her, I’d move on. She’s so talented and pretty. She doesn’t need him. Besides, if she does stick around, what if the worst happens? What if there is no Rihanna anymore? :(

  6. wow dramma i love chris but i dont know who belive bez it look;s like he beat the hell out her. it look like his career is over. i fell bad for wat happend beteen them

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  9. pricey n barney

    2 March 2009 at 11:48

    they was travelling to the brit awards because they was due to do a performace.
    It was said that Rihanna was very quiet on the way in the car, naturally Chris asked Rihanna what was wrong, she didn’t reply and turned the music up,
    he then turned the music down and then she said please don’t stop the music.
    He wanted to know what was wrong, Shockingly she burst out crying and broke down to Chris then telling him that she has Hiv!
    Chris then lost temper, as any normal person would and lashed out at her.
    (Hiv can lead to infertility and death.)
    this is what really happened on that night

  10. this is what realy happend with rhianna and chris brown what happend was rhianna was going thrue chris browns phone and saw other texings from other girls so rhianna got mad and starting hitting chris brown and chris brown lost controll of the weel and they got into a car accident if u have any questions about how i know this happend please go to myspace .com and go to search for friends nd put luvy luvs yah$$$$**

  11. why y y,is dis y u called urself chrissy or wat,u dont deserve dis okay,na look at wat u did to ur grl,anyway i pray u guys fine a place in yo’al mind to 4give eachorder okay

  12. Well his career is over now i’m certain. And I hope he gets what he deserves in jail.

  13. Who cares, I should punish myself for waisting time to read this article and type this. Neither of them care about anything anyone has to say. No one has made a statement and of course the police report is not open to the public. People have to lives and live through others. I don’t feel sorry for the poor little rich kids only people I feel sorry for is the people that waste their lives on this garbage.

  14. i dont really no wat happend but uh all i wonder iz y she didnt go to jail 4 attempted murder cuz HIV can kill him

  15. wen i first heard wat chris brown did to rihanna i was so shocked cuz i never knew he was lyk that. he doesnt look like the type that hit women. y would he do sumthin like that to her; he really beat her up lyk she was a damn man. this made me not even lyk him nomore becuz rhianna is such a beautiful girl. he beat her up cuz they was chillin in his rented lamburghini until he received a text message on his fone from anotha girl. rihanna tried to grab brown phone to c what the message said, but chris got mad and started to hit her. as she tried to defend herself, he was out of rage, he bit her, punched her, and left contusions on her forehead, bloody lip and nose, and bite marks on her arms.
    but now he apologizes for the incident, and rhianna says she still LOVES him and doesnt want to let him go. she says she wants to marry him and wants to get back wit him. so they are going to get back together once everything get fixed with the court.

  16. Jessella Ortiz

    11 March 2009 at 21:24

    Kenesha is most likely a black chick, thats why shes writing ghetto like that.

    Anyways, If anyone ever hit me in the face with there big ass high heals i would snuff that shit out them too, male or female

  17. what the are u all let them sort it out for their own they are old enough to sort so shut up we are sick and tired let just wait and see wat hapen next ok?

  18. it happens to anyone one and chris is not GAY and rihanna DIDN’T GIVE GIVE NO DISEASE NONE OF THEM DID……no one knows what happened i love chris brown all the way and i like rihanna too they r normal ppl too!


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