Adele: So Young and So Talented

She's only 20 years old and has already taken home two Grammy trophies home for the Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for the single "Chasing Pavements". Reportedly, the week after the Grammy Awards aired, the album rose to a new peak of #10 on the Billboard 200 with sales of 61,000 copies.



Back in England, Adele was nominated for three 2009 Brit Awards in the categories of Best British female, Best British single, and Best British breakthrough act. As for the smashing hit "Chasing Pavements", Rolling Stone has it that the song was inspired by a bitter breakup that soaks into the fiber of 19: After discovering her boyfriend was cheating on her, Adele punched him in the face at a pub and promptly got thrown out. "As I was running away, the phrase 'chasing pavements' came to me," Adele remembers. "I sang it into my phone, went home and got three chords together."



Did you just read that? She punched her boyfriend in the face. Hello Rihanna! Did you just catch that? I don't know how many guys are gonna want to date her now. Throughout her young life she's proved to be tough and resilient. Adele recalls her detractors saying about her: "She's not going to get anywhere — she's a fat girl." Good for you Adele. You proved all those suckers wrong. I dig Adele. Do you? Leave us your comments below and don't forget to grab the mic and sing to Chasing Pavements.


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  1. maybe rihanna should take some boxing lessons from adele…first time i heard she punched her ex in the face for cheating…you go girl!

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