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Snoop Dogg’s “Dogg After Dark” on MTV

Alright, so when he started he used to go by Snoop Doggy Dogg later he dropped the Doggy part to become Snoop Dogg. But what many fans did not know is that the Snoop nome de guerre came actually from his early passion for the Peanuts cartoon and Snoopy. His mom therefore gave him the nickname of Snoop. But, Snoop has come a long way. He’s a Grammy Award-nominated American rapper, record producer, actor and hip-hopreneur. In addition, Snoop is also known as an MC in the West Coast hip hop scene where he’s highly revered as one of Dr. Dre’s proteges.



Back in high school in Long Beach, California, Snoop had his runs with the law. In fact, he was later convicted for cocaine trafficking and served six months at the Wayside County Jail. The young aspiring rapper was also a member of a local Crips gang in Long Beach. And most recently, on September 12, 2008, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship lifted a ban against Snoop entering the country and granted him a visa to tour Australia. Prior to this, Australia had denied an entry visa to Snoop on grounds of Snoop’s prior criminal convictions.



Snoop Dogg has now a new television show entitled “Dogg After Dark” that premiered last February on MTV. The debut featured everyone from Paris Hilton to new up and coming rapper Kid Cudi. The tv show features interviews with celebrities, sketch comedy segments and musical performances. No doubt about it, the Dogg keeps himself busy. As for touring this year, Snoop Dogg will be heading out South to Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, Lousiana, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Virginia. And, if you can’t wait for the Dogg to perform in a hood near you then you’re more than welcome to sing to Red Karaoke collection of Snoop Dogg hits.


What’s New: Song Lyrics Section, A Capella Recordings, etc.

Alright, so we’re jamming with tons of new features such as the new recording page and the song lyrics new functionality. We’re positive these upgrades will make a difference and provide a more friendly and compelling experience. There are several changes that in essence complement each other. Therefore, we’ll try making it easy on you. Here are the details:




First things first, the most important aspect is to let you all know that starting today all Red Karaoke users will be able to see the songs lyrics even though the songs might not be available on the database. Therefore, Red Karaoke can now be considered as a portal for song lyrics. Having this in mind, we have uploaded a database of 65000 song lyrics that will be available as part of the artists profiles. OK so you don’t get all confused about it, check out the following image so you can have a better understanding of how things work now.



This image reflects the new karaoke list on Red Karaoke. As you can see, there are new icons on the list. Here’s what what each icon means:



This icon means that the karaoke is of higher quality and that our administrator has already revised it so not to contain any type of error at the time of recording.



This icon means that the song profile does not contain the karaoke file. Therefore, you’ll be only able to see the song lyrics.



This icon means that the song profile contains the karaoke file. Therefore, you’ll be able to sing to the song’s music.


If you take a look at the upper left corner of the image you’ll see several buttons. These ones are available for you to order the songs profiles as you wish. If you click on “karaoke”, then only the songs with their corresponding karaoke tracks will appear. The songs with lyrics only will appear below the ones with karaoke tracks. If you click on “song” then the they’ll be alphabetically reordered by song title. This happens independently whether the song comes with a karaoke or not. In the section “album” the songs with this type of information will precede the list. As for “artist”, the list will be automatically order by artist name.


As the database undergoes updates, you will be able to see new and more song lyrics profiles.




Another important change to share with you all is that now our community of users will be able to sing a capella. Up until now, those who wanted to record a song title for which no karaoke was available had to find a karaoke without music to record the song of their choice. This represented a problem since no one knew what was available. Therefore, listening to ‘a capella’ songs was a bit chaotic.


It turns out the problem has been solved. Now, you can record any ‘a capella’ song from your own profile, even if the songs has no karaoke available.


So, in all other song lyrics profile with no karaoke file, you will be able to record ‘a capella’ so if users want to listen to it they’be able to do it knowing exactly what song they’ll be listening to.




Other changes are related to minor adjustments to the page design. For instance, the design of the search functionality design, and the tag pages, etc.


Well, we hope the new changes enhance the Red Karaoke experience. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome here as well as on the forums section.


Lil Wayne: From Rap to Rock

Yeah, we saw him on the Letterman show poking fun at the Grammys, himself and the music industry but then Lil Wayne went on to win four Grammys this year. Not too bad for a guy who grew up poor in New Orleans and who started his music career with the Hot Boys. As for growing up in New Orleans Wayne said on an interview with Katie Couric, “in New Orleans, reality is handed to you very, very early, that’s the difference between New Orleans and everywhere else.”



But it wasn’t until 2004 with the release of Tha Carter, and the two subsequent Tha Carter II (2005) and Tha Carter III (2008) that he rose to the top of the rap/hip hop genre. His most recent seventh studio album “Rebirth’ is scheduled to be released on June 9, 2009. The first single of ‘Rebirth’ titled “Prom Queen” made its official debut on January 27. ‘Prom Queen’ made it to the #15 position on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.



In spite of the early success of “Prom Queen” rumors are circulating about ‘Rebirth’ being shelved due to the not-so positive feedback from the press and critics. So far, the release of ‘Rebirth’ has been pushed back 3 times already. This new album is somewhat of an experiment. Lil Wayne core base of fans is the hip hop crowd and ‘Rebirth’ is a rock album. Can it be that he’s possibly trying to be everything to everyone? Perhaps he should stick to what he does best.



As for Lil Wayne’s ongoing rock tour, the rapper turned rocker is scheduled to play on March 29 at the Gibson Theater in Los Angeles. The tour winds down in Salt Lake, Utah at the Energy Solution Arena on March 31. So, if you still have to see your favorite artist live. Although if you’re too far or you can’s simply make it, go ahead grab the mic and sing to Lil Wayne’s karaokes now! Have a nice weekend now.


If You Like Laid-Back, You Like Jason Mraz

Ok, so do you guys watch “Ugly BettY” if you do you were probably one of the first ones to saw the debut in 2007 of the “The Beauty in Ugly” track. Based on the popularity accomplished by this single Jason Mraz even went ahead to release a song in Spanish entitled “La Nueva Belleza (The New Beauty)”. I guess he feels pretty comfortable doing the crossover.



Mraz latest studio album “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things”, which was released last May contained the single “I’m Yours” which actually reached #1 on AAA radio charts in the United States. Later, “I’m Yours” became Mraz’s first Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking so far at # 6. That boost catapulted the artist to sell over 500,000 copies only in the US.



The third generation Czech-American had “I’m Yours” nominated for Song of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at the 2009 51st Grammy Awards. In fact, his third album ‘We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things” wa also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical in 2009. Unfortunately, for his fans he did not take a gramophone home, but he did pick up some notoriety.



As for early influences, Mraz’s vibrant music is influenced by reggae, pop, rock, folk, jazz and hip-hop. In essence, his style is an amalgam of different genres with his own spin characterized for his laid back form of personal lyricism. In his career, Mraz has had the opportunity to play with various renowned artists, including Jack Johnson, James Blunt, Gavin DeGraw, Paula Cole, Alanis Morissette, James Morrison, John Mayer, Jewel and Colbie Caillat.


So, whatcha you waiting for? We have some of those laid back songs for you to sing and chill. Grab the mic now and repel us all now!

John Legend Takes On the World

He’s a 30 year old American soul singer, songwriter, and pianist that so far has been awarded with 6 Grammy Awards. Also, he already has launched 3 studio albums with the most recent smashing hit “Evolver”. Recently, he even made it to the 2008 Oscar Night filling in for Peter Gabriel. And for that he got lots of kudos.



John Legend is actually an Ivy League dude. Yeah, he actually attended the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in English with a minor in African American Literature. He actually went on to work for the Boston Consulting Group after college. But then he met Kanye West whom he started working with. And I guess the rest is history. Since artistic career took off after the release of his multi-platinum first album “Get Lifted.” Two tracks from this album, “Used to Love U” (US top 100, UK top 30) and “Ordinary People” (US and UK top 30) catapulted John Legend to popularity in the US and overseas.



But stardom comes with a price. Legend has embarked upon a tour that will have him out of his home for 50 days. The tour started in Dubai. From the Middle East, he went to London. And the next stop is Glasgow, then Manchester and Birmingham. From Europe, Legend will be heading out to East Asia. This is the first trip where Legend will be playing for the first time in cities such as Manila, Seoul, Shanghai, Macau and Beijing. Crazy schedule if you ask me.


So, keep an eye on the tour schedule. For a show near you, check out the following recently released schedule:


April 8 2009
Yunfeng Theater- Shanghai, China


July 3rd – 5th (JL Performance Date TBD)
Essence Music Festival – New Orleans, LA


July 5th
Chastain Park Amphitheatre – Atlanta, GA


July 31st
Macy’s Music Festival @ Paul Brown Stadium
Cincinnati, OH


September 1, 2009
Greek Theatre- Los Angeles, CA


But, if you can’t wait for John Legend to come play at an arena near you then have fun singing to our karaoke collection of John Legend now!

Carrie Underwood Back on American Idol

Yeah, she is young, talented and has risen to the top of the charts as a country pop singer and songwriter. As Kelly Clarkson, she is also an American Idol alumnus and a multiple Grammy Award winner. According to Nielsen SoundScan Carrie Underwood’s album sales look like this: “Some Hearts” released in 2005 sold 6,695,000 copies. As for “Carnival Ride”, her second studio album sold 2,631,000 copies. Not too bad for a 26 year old from Oklahoma.



But, that’s not all. Carrie Underwood has won six ACM awards and is nominated for four awards this year, including Entertainer of Year. Previous winners in this category include Loretta Lynn in 1975, Dolly Parton in 1977, Barbara Mandrell in 1980, Reba McEntire in 1994, Shania Twain in 1999 and most recently Dixie Chicks in 2000. So. yeah she belongs in that league.



Carrie Underwood is also scheduled to perform at this year’s telecast of the 44th Academy Of Country Music Awards live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 5th at 8:00pm ET on CBS. But here’s something that you’ve been waiting for. She will actually be performing with Randy Travis tonight March 18 on American Idol. Not to mention that she also recorded a cover of Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” which is being used as a farewell themesong for the eliminated American Idol contestants.


So, if you can’t wait to see her live on American Idol, go ahead grab the mic and sing to the music Carrie Underwood’s karaokes. And, don’t forget to drop us a line after you watch Carrie’s performance. We’d love to hear from you all!


Jennifer Hudson Announces Full Scale Tour

And to think that she actually got booted out of American Idol season 3 is so unexplainable. Yes, Jennifer Hudson was indeed outsted from the show back in 2004 but 5 years after she’s blossomed into a diva and has proven herself and audiences across America to be not only a talented recording artist but also film actress. Not to mention that she has been awarded with an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award, as well as a Grammy Award



But, she’s also gone through a series of unfortunate events at the personal level. Last year, Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew were fatally shot and murdered. During the aftermath of the family tragedy Jennifer Hudson took a break from her career. She came back to sing the national anthem during the Super Bowl XLIII. Jennifer showed up at the Grammy Awards, and even made it to the Oprah Winfrey Show. After winning the Academy Award, Jennifer Hudson paid a visit to her Chicago hometown on March 6, 2007, when it was declared ‘Jennifer Hudson Day’ there. That’s how popular she is in the ‘windy city.’



As for the recently announced full-scale tour “Intimate and Personal” scheduled to hit the road on March 31 in Albany, NY, Jennifer was quoted saying, “I’m excited to get out and meet the people and sing for the people.” According to, Hudson will play 25 theater and casino dates, wrapping up the tour on May 9 in Biloxi, Miss.


So, we know you’re a fan of Jennifer Hudson and for that reason we’ve put together an assortment of Hudson’s hits for you to sing and share. We hope you enjoy the new addition of Jennnifer Hudson’s karaokes to our database.


Busta Rhymes Lands on RK

You might be wondering where the Busta Rhymes name came from. The fact is that Trevor Smith, Jr. was given the name of Busta Rhymes by actor. Chuck D of Public Enemy. The idea came up after wathching him perform at a concert. Busta Rhymes started his career back in 1996 when he was part of the Leaders of the New School. Together they release the first album entitled The Coming.



But it was not until his seventh studio album, The Big Bang, that Busta Rhymes accomplished notoriety. The Bing Bang became the first #1 album of his career. In fact the CD sold over 209,000 copies in its first week to earn the top spot on The Billboard Top 200. However, success was not only confined to the US. In the United Kingdom his album also took over the charts. Recently, it was announced that music house Universal Motown will be releasing Busta Rhymes 8th studio album "Back on My B.S." on May 19, 2009. The scheduled release date happens to be the date of Malcom X's birthday.



As for the controversy related to the single "Arab Money" perceived by some as racist , Busta says is not meant as a slight to the Arab culture, but rather a nod to their spiritual and financial wealth. The "Arab Money" video shows cameos from the likes of Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Estelle, Pharrell Williams, Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx, John Legend, Common, T.I. and Akon.



At Red Karaoke, we have a selection of Busta Rhymes tracks for you to sing to it. So if you are into hip hop and can't wait to the release of "Back on My B.S.", grab the mic and have fun singing to Busta Rhymes hits.


“My Life Would Suck Without You” Debuts on Red Karaoke

Alright, I watched American Idol on Tuesday and I did see a Kelly Clarkson maybe with a few extra pounds on. But that doesn’t mean she’s pregnant. Come on, you guys!. Yeah, the winner of American Idol Season 1 interpreted her most recent song “My Life Would Suck Without You” from the album “All I Ever Wanted.” Although she has already denied the rumors people keep talking about her more ‘curvilinear’ figure. Plus, when Ryan Seacrest asked her if the song was written with someone in mind she replied by saying that she’s not in a relationship right now. Not that you have to be in relationship to be pregnant or anything.



As to the rumor that she’s gay, the 26 year old Clarkson has told Entertainment Tonight that just because there isn’t a man on the scene it doesn’t mean she isn’t interested in them. Clarkson 4th studio album “All I Ever Wanted” was released on March 10 and so far is doing well on the charts. The single “My Life Would Suck Without You”, started getting airtime on radios on January 13, 2009, and was available to download thereafter. With this single Kelly Clarkson managed to make an entry to the Billboard Hot 100 at #97. The following week, the single shot to #1. Currently, she is at the top of the UK single charts.



As for what is going on with her career, she is keeping a tight agenda. Last March 5, she was in Vienna, Austria, where she was awarded with a World Entertainment Award at the Womens World Awards Gala. So, life is good right now for Kelly Clarkson. And to make things better, we have tons of Kelly Clarkson tracks for you to sing to. From the new hit “My Life Would Suck Without You” to “Since U Been Gone”, and “Because of You,” we invite you to grab the mic now and give it a try now!


U2′s “No Line On The Horizon” On Top

In case you did not know the Irish band of U2 first received Grammy Awards for the The Joshua Tree album in 1988. Since then they have won a total of 22 gramophone trophies tying with Stevie Wonder as contemporary artists with the most Grammys. In early 2005, the quartet was also inducted into the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Finally, in 2006, the band received ASCAP awards for writing the songs, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", and "Vertigo". So far, the band career trajectory is one of awards and accolades that have allowed them to become one the biggest music brand names worldwide in history.



As for their most recent 12th studio album,"No Line on the Horizon," the production has been called by the Chicago Suntimes 'truly gospel' since the lyrics and message of the tracks 'spread the good news of God's love and grace." The long awaited U2 album was released in England last Monday with a marketing campaign highlighted by a rooftop gig at the BBC building. Numbers-wise, the "No Line On The Horizon" went to number one in the album chart this Sunday making it U2’s tenth LP to top the UK chart.



As for what is for the band next, U2's 360 European tour will be kicking off at the Nou Camp stadium in Barcelona with the tour touching down in Britain in August. is saying that concert tickets for the stadium concerts will start at just £27. They are also confirming the presence of Elbow, Kaiser Chiefs and also Black Eyed Peas. So, just in case you're on the other side of the big pond below are the dates of the European tour:











































In addition, for September and October, U2 360° Tour will also visit: Atlanta, GA; Charlottesville, VA; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; Norman, OK; Phoenix, AZ; Tampa, FL; Washington, DC and Vancouver, BC. Stay tuned for a complete tour and ticket information to follow. But, if you can't wait until U2 tours North America, then feel free to sing to our ample collection of U2's karaokes. Grab the mic and have fun now!.


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