The power of karaoke to bring people together was proven last week as 13,000 people gathered in London´s Trafalgar Square to have their voices heard. As if turning part of London into a massive karaoke bar wasn´t enough fun on its own, Pink showed up as a special surprise to help lead the singers.


The event was hosted by Vernon Kay and was a follow up to T-Mobile´s Dance advert, another ¨flash mob¨ event that was filmed in January. The Dance advert involved 350 people breaking out in choreographed dance in London´s Liverpool Street Station while cameras recorded passerby´s reactions.



¨Dance was always going to be a hard act to follow,¨ Lysa Hardy, head of brand and communications at T-Mobile, was quoted when asked about the new commerical. ¨But we think we´ve a created a worthy sequel with sing along.¨ Um… I think so!


After a handful of teasers enticing people to see what might be going down in Trafalgar Square on April 30th, more than 13,000 people showed up to do just that.  Over 2000 mikes were handed out so that the thousands of singers could belt out tunes from Britney Spears Baby One More Time to classics like Summer Nights from Grease.


To top it all off, Pink suddenly joined in the mobs´ rendition of Piece of My Heart, an exciting surprise. Pink enjoyed it as much as everyone else, describing it as ¨a fantastic appearance¨ and ¨incredible¨ to have everyone singing along together in the middle of London. She went on to gush that she was, ¨thrilled to be part of such an amazing event and to share it with so many people.¨



Pink led the group in several songs including her own hit, So What. The advert, however, only features The Beatles hit Hey Jude, giving the song its first appearance in any advertising in the UK. The commercial was aired on May 2nd during Britain´s Got Talent, and though there may not be a single Susan Boyle in the crowd, the crowd´s enthusiasm and joy in the whole affair were more than enough to bring about a few smiles, and probably (T-Mobile hopes) sell a few phones.