Kylie Minogue has given the U.S. one more thing to be excited about this summer. That´s right, the international sensation who has barely infiltrated the pop scene in America, save for a few hit singles that put just one of her albums at a worthy spot on the Billboard Top 200, has announced her first US Tour. Minogue will be hitting up six separate locations with her world famous concerts and may finally break through whatever barrier which has so far blocked her superstar status from spreading to us yanks.



Sure, most of us have heard of the leggy Aussie and yes her singles Love at first sight and Can´t get you out of my head were certainly songs we couldn´t get out of our heads, or off the radio for that matter. Hey, Minogue even won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording with Come into my world in 2004, finally getting a little love from this side of the Atlantic. But considering Minogue is an artist, better yet, a global force, who has sold over 40 million records, had over 50 hit singles internationally, and in my opinion reigns far above Madonna or any other contenders as the Princess of Pop and Queen of the club… why haven´t we gotten to know Minogue and her work a little better? And why is this her first US tour since she debuted in the 80s?


In an interview with the Associated Press, Kylie attributed her lack of success so far in the states to just not having a large enough fan base for her kind of music. Not to mention, she admitted, ¨You need to be here… to bring your music to the people and I haven´t really done that.¨ Why is she changing her tune? ¨I've wanted to for ages, for the longest time, and it just never was feasible to do it. And I was tired of hearing myself say that…¨ Way to go Kylie! Now we will all get to experience the mythic-ness of what exactly is a Kylie Minogue concert.



What to expect? Easily one of the best theatrical pop tours you´ve ever seen. That´s right, eat your heart out Madonna and Madonna fans, ´cause Kylie can blow you out of the water with her elaborate staging and choreography. Kylie expects that people going to the concert will know her usual work, and she is ¨hoping to do a ´best of´ different tours that [she´s] done.¨ Sounds promising, to say the least.


So far all you Kylie fans that are jumping out of your skin in anticipation, or those of you who haven´t heard enough of this beautiful lady´s music, check out Kylie Minogue´s karaokes we have here on Red Karaoke and get yourself familiar before the sensation lands stateside.