Month: June 2009

New Karaoke Directory!

Red Karaoke is a constantly growing and changing site. With over 130,000 karaokes and more every single day, we have decided to release a brand new karaoke song directory! The Karaoke Directory is simple, but made for the convenience of users to find lyrics, new songs and some of the most popular material on Red Karaoke.


The first part of the new directory is a search for songs and their lyrics alphebetically, as can be seen below.

The second part which is alot of fun and can be great for users to see what people are enjoying here at Red Karaoke is the Weekly Top. The karaoke recordings that people are listening to the most and the songs people are singing the most will appear here, changing every week and helping users find new favorites and see themselves at the top!

Finally we have a section for the latest uploaded karaoke by the Red Karaoke staff and users alike.

So check out the new Karaoke Directory and find a karaoke to sing your heart out!

Michael Jackson is dead at 50

Yesterday, 25th of July, The King of Pop passed away. Michael Jackson was found in his home suffering from severe heart complications and was moved from his house in Bell Air to one hospital, but the efforts of the doctors weren’t enought to reanimate him. Jackson was pronounced dead at 2:26 pm Pacific time.


It’s a hard day for the world of the music. Since he was a child, Jackson has been a mass idol, at the beggining alongside his brothers, The Jacksons five, and later in his own incredible solo career. He won 405 awards for his music, including 10 grammys. Michael Jackson sold 750 million records, making him the number one selling musical artist of all time. Jackson also has the honor of having been the most charitable celebrity ever, donationg over more than 300 million dollars to nonprofit organizations.


So, in honour of Michael Jackson here are some of his best videos.






Artists debut on Red Karaoke: Azure Ray

This week Red Karaoke debuted a handful of new artists, Azure Ray being the band I was most stoked and ready to whip out a microphone for among the New Releases. Azure Ray is comprised of Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor, Alabama natives who started playing in Athens, Georgia, well known for a sweet little music scene that spit out artists like REM and the B-52´s (just to name a couple off the endless list). Fink and Taylor went about producing truly beautiful music, owning to a genre somewhere in the neighborhood of alternative folk with intimately inspirational lyrics, between 2001 and 2004, working with Saddle Creek Records in the latter part of their run.



Fink and Taylor took a hiatus for a few years after 2004 to work on their own a bit and collaborate with other group projects. Now after 5 years, the ladies are touring a but around the US before releasing their fourth album sometime in July under Saddle Creek Records.


Azure Ray has been featured on several well known soundtracks. Their single Sleep can be heard on The Devil Wears Prada and Rise was played on the popular HBO series Sex Feet Under. Fink and Taylor have also collaborated with many other groups, including Moby, whom they cowrote and sung with on the single Great Escape off his album 18. The vocals are serene and peaceful, though it´s their lyrics that really make this group incredible.


Sing one of the new Azure Ray karaokes and share your rendition in the forum.

Mariah Carey´s New Obsession

Mariah Carey´s recent single Obsessed from her upcoming album Memoirs of an Imperfect Album has everyone from fans to haters alike blogging like crazy people, whether supporting Carey´s apparent strike at Eminem or debating whether or not she is going to make chart history all over again with her new album.


Obsessed, which was released on June 16th for her adoring fans, is definitely aimed at one of Carey´s enemies, and while the diva may have quite an entourage of stalkers to choose from, it´s all too obvious from the single´s lyrics that it´s a response to Eminem´s From Bagpipes to Baghdad, which targeted hubby Nick Cannon and suggested a more than just comrades in the music business relationship between Slim Shady and Carey.  While neither party´s publicists are commenting on the long standing blog fueled controversy between the three celebrities, it certainly has created the obsession Carey could be talking about.


Still, the question that really matters in relation to Obsessed, as well as the new album due to drop August 25th, just within the cutoff of eligibility for the Grammies, isn´t whether or not Carey is trying to get sassy with Eminem, but whether or not Carey will finally win a Grammy for best album after only a few Grammy wins and a horde of nominations over her superstar career, and whether this single will get her one step closer to making more Billboard Chart history.



Touch My Body, Carey´s last megahit that no one could get enough of, was completely Mariah Carey all over the vocal range style with a fresh let´s get down in the club feel that gave Mimi her 18th chart topper, breaking Elvis Presley´s long standing record and bringing her two steps closer to beating The Beatles record of 20 number one singles. And while The Dream, who collaborated on Touch my body, worked with Carey on the entirety of Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, promising that not veer away from the style fans love Carey for, the reviewers of Obsessed have been humming a different tune.


While, LA Times applauded that Obsessed was a bit more ¨lively than earlier work with The Dream,¨ but went on to accuse the duo of going against Carey´s twitter4 promises of the album being, ¨Completely me, ¨ describing it as ¨more anonymous Carey than ever before¨ and ¨yet again sells out the songbird to her producers.¨ Just one of the many critics that haven´t been too pleased with the watered down Mariah and auto-tune sound.


Still, plenty of people are raving about Obsessed, declaring it to be the summer´s biggest hit. Time will only tell since the single has been a bit of a goose hunt to find since its debut. Bloggers are afraid to post it and Youtube deletes any attempts to share the single and its lyrics through fanatic video creations.  But whether or not Obssessed will give Carey her 19th number one single on the Hot 100 or Eminem is sitting in his room writing heartbroken vocals about his obsession´s diss, Obsessed is sure to start overflowing the radio and clubs soon enough.


Check out Mariah Carey´s greatest hits here on Red Karaoke or give the history making Touch my body a try.

Karaoke of the week: Steely Dan´s Peg

There was a time when the only music I listened to was whatever industry peddled pop stuff was being played on the radio… some of it better than others, but never anything with too much depth. I can remember being in my Dad´s car, dreading it, because while I wanted so much to hear the latest single by, oh I don´t know, Jessica Simpson, I knew my choices would be between NPR or whatever too sophisticated for my 13 year old tastes CD my Dad wanted to listen to. Thus, I was introduced to Steely Dan, one of my Dad´s favorite artists and one of the greatest musical machines to come out of the US, at an age when I definitely wasn´t anywhere near being able to appreciate them. But times change, kids grow up, and this week I found myself listening to Steely Dan´s jazz infused 1970´s album Aja and appreciating in a way that I never thought I would the downright genius structures of their songs and lyrics.



Aja is actually Steely Dan´s most successful album; of the 30 million sales they have made worldwide, 5 million alone were from Aja, one of the first albums to ever sell over a 1 million copies in the US. Like all of Steely Dan´s records, core members Walter Becker and Donald Fagen brought in the best, demanding perfection in their well known obsessive way.


Peg, the fourth track on Aja which has found recent popularity out of the mouths of artists like Nerina Pallot and my own geeky guitar playing crush Jason Mraz, gives a great example of the kind of perfectionist tendencies Becker and Fagen were known for, and the sort of brilliant results it can produce. The band went through 7 of the best studio guitarists they could find before working produce and song writer Jay Graydon over for 6 hours and selecting his rendering of the guitar solo as just right. On the TV series Classic Albums, which featured the album Aja shows some of the behind the scenes work and opinions of other artists who appeared on the track Peg, including Michael McDonald featured on vocals and drummer Rick Marotta.



Peg, about an aspiring actress being promised her big break, is an excellent track, and this week´s featured karaoke. I think it´s certainly a challenge to try and match Steely Dan´s studio perfectionism, are you up for it? Check out the forum and post your rendition of Peg.

Kings of Leon Debut on Red Karaoke

Kings of Leon may be comprised of four young guys you´ve never heard of, but the boys aren´t any kind of newbies when it comes to the music business. Despite having only reached superstar fame this past year in the USA after their release of the album Only By Night, Kings of Leon have been eating at the big kid´s table for a while now, it just took awhile for the US to sit up and take notice.


The group, comprised of three Southern brothers and their cousin, have all been playing music since they were kids, though Kings of Leon´s origins are a little bit surprising to anyone who only knows their drug and alcohol marred past and reputation for fist fights as an early band. Their father, Leon who the band is named for, was a minister who caravanned the kids around with him as he preached all over the South, enlisting their musical talents to aid in delivering the gospel. ¨We weren´t allowed to watch TV and couldn´t listen to Rock ´n Roll,¨ Lead guitarist Matthew Followhill describes their strict religious upbringing, ¨I didn´t know who Bono was until I was 18.¨



Their religious beliefs aren´t something the boys have said goodbye to, even during their worst periods of drug and alcohol abuse. Frontman Caleb Followhill even describes getting strung out on cocaine, followed by heated arguments about the existence of God, quoting scripture the entire time. The Kings, who have more or less turned down the volume on the hardcore drug abuse, apologizing for their bad habits, attribute their crazy days to a combination of being both so young, and so new on the scene. All too easy to understand when you consider the rapid rise they experienced during their early album releases.


Kings of Leon´s first two albums garnered the group more than just moderate fame, particularly in the UK.  2003´s Youth and Young Manhood, the title taken right from the father´s bible, earned the family rockers the euro press´s dubbing as the ¨driving forces behind the new rock revolution,¨ and got them started touring with big bands like The Strokes and U2 (I´m assuming that´s when they figured out who Bono was). In 2005, the release of their album Aha Shake Heartbreak only increased their European fame, and they spent the years after that playing with the likes of Pearl Jam and Bob Dylan.



Caleb describes the whirlwind of being thrown in with such major groups, at the beginning of their career, as being ¨thrown to the wolves.¨ Recognizing early criticism the band received for not owning their own potential, particularly with their third album release in 2007, Because of the times, Caleb admits in more than one interview that the band wasn´t always very confident in their abilities. ¨All these bands we were touring with, some of them were 30 years old, and here´s my little brother Jared, aged 15, on the bass. And so, night by night, we would do something a little closer to being, you know, a confident band.¨


Because of the times is considered their most pivotal album, the first where Kings of Leon really played around with their own sound, and received mixed reviews for doing so. Entertainment Weekly called it their ¨crowning achievement,¨ while other critics, such as Dave Hood of Artrocker responded with comments like "Kings of Leon are experimenting, learning, and getting a bit lost." Still, the group had certainly come a long way from their first UK show at a strip club, selling out venues like New York City´s Radio City Hall and London´s 02 Arena (which seats 20,000) in a matter of hours. Whether people liked Because of the times or not, nothing could prepare for the success that would follow with their 2008 release.



¨After three records and touring for 5 years straight, we knew what we were capable of,¨ drummer Nathan Followhill says on the band´s site, describing the 2008 release of their monumental achievement Only By Night, ¨We just had to put our money where our mouths were.¨


With Only by Night, Kings of Leon reached international success incomparable to the loads of fame they had already achieved in the UK and the rest of the world, finally breaking into the US audience base, and reaching #5 on the US charts. The album entered the UK charts at #1, maintaining the spot for 4 weeks, going on to become the 3rd highest selling album of 2008 in the UK, beating out Brit´s own Coldplay. In 2009, the Kings of Leon and the album Only by Night went on to win Best International Band and Album at the Brit Awards.


Caleb describes the album as, the Kings of Leon being, ¨back not only as a band, but as a friends.¨ He goes on to say the title, which references Edgar Allen Poe, was meant to describe the ¨family vibe¨ of ¨every night after recording going to a bar together and talking about what we were going to do the next day, rather than all of us going to our separate homes.¨



Here on Red Karaoke we have finally debuted two of these bands singles from Only by night. Sex on fire, the song that turned the band into superstars, was a bit of a surprise hit for the group, in the end winning them a Grammy. Caleb suggests just how ready people were for some less serious music, ¨People were tired of hearing about war and politics, and Sex on Fire is a song about sex and young kids.¨


The second Red Karaoke debut is Use Somebody, a song Caleb wrote while on the road about being far from home. Kings of Leon performed Use Somebody deliciously well at the MTV Movie Awards, conquering even the Twlight and Highschool Musical fanbase, and the single has reached #19 on the Top Modern Rock Charts.


Check out the new Kings of Leon songs on Red Karaoke and see if you can own this bands sexy sound.

Karaoke of the Week: Take me home tonight

This has been one of those weeks. You know the kind… everything seems to be going wrong, when you can´t catch a break, for whatever reason, work, school, significant other, you find yourself down in the dumps and wanting to lay around in bed all day watching really bad daytime television. It´s definitely the pits, and when I´m feeling like this, I usually find the only way to drag myself out of that kind of pathetic low is by listening to some kind of peppy feel good music (usually that I can torture whoever is around me by singing along).


Enter this week´s featured karaoke.


 I happen to adore 80´s music, especially when I need a pick me up. It´s always full of energy. Even 80´s ballads make me happy, whether or not it´s because they are so cheesy you can´t help but laugh at them. But the best part about 80´s music is that it´s so darn great to sing along with, which, I´m sure the users of Red Karaoke can sympathize, always makes me feel good. So this week I found myself listening nonstop to some 80´s classics (Journey, Bon jovi and the like), but above all one song I couldn´t turn off, ´cause it just made me feel too good. Take Me Home Tonight has got to be the one song, no matter where I am, that I can´t help but sing along too… and therefore can´t help but feel downright pleased with life.



Take Me Home Tonight was released in 1986 by 80´s rocker Eddie Money. The single was pretty well received, reaching #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the #1 spot on the Mainstream Rock Tracks. It´s classic 80´s, not too many twists, a lively song about some guy trying to convince a girl that they are destined to spend the night together (apparently based on an actual old friend of the band who always needed a place to crash). In the original, there´s a fun little reference to The Ronette´s previous hit, Be My Baby, in the chorus when Money sings, ¨Just like Ronnie sang…¨ after which, Ronnie Spector actually sings, ¨Be my little baby.¨ Maybe nothing special as far as 80´s singles go, but it happens to be my favorite.


It´s not a huge challenge, but I offer Take Me Home Tonight up as the karaoke of the week, in hopes that recording this song will be as fun for Red Karaoke users as it is for me to sing. Heck, it´s been covered enough by artists from like Lovesick Radio, Hinder, Jamestown story and the list goes on… add your own recording to the list. Check out the forum thread and post your rendition there.


Top Karaokes of All Time

A little over a week ago, the US Karaoke Alliance released their Top 500 Karaoke Songs of All Time. Using information gathered over the last couple of years from over 1000 karaoke shows at over 30 bars, the USKA made this rather substantial list that ranges from classics like Johnny Cash´s Folsom Prison Blues (#21) to more recent sensations like Estelle´s American Boy (#313). Here´s a little review of what the USKA considers the Top 10 and what Red Karaoke thinks.


According to the USKA, Picture, a duet and the first country effort ever released by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow in 2001, is the number one song people are singing in karaoke bars all over the US. While I admit I´ve never been able to escape any karaoke venue without hearing some couple croon this sappy, country *ahem* hit, let´s just say I wouldn´t make it my number one. And Picture, with only 13 recordings of the single, wouldn´t be Red Karaoke´s number one karaoke either. Still, the fact is the song was Kid ´s biggest hit before All Summer Long dominated the charts last summer, and it still remains Crow´s second biggest US hit to date behind All I Wanna Do (a song I´d much rather hear). With a CMA award and several crowning glories on the Billboard Charts, whether I like it or not, I guess it makes some kind of sense that Picture is the most popular song people are choosing to torture unsuspecting audiences with.



Second place was also won by a country song, American Idol winner Carrie Underwood´s massive hit, Before he cheats. The single, more or less one of the best glorifications of revenge on a cheating boyfriend in existence, is Underwood´s most successful release to date as the third longest running top single of the Billboard Hot 100 and holding the CMA´s crown as 2007 Single of the Year. And while the lyrics alone make this a fun song to sing along with a group of your closest gal pals under the lights of a karaoke stage, it´s also a great showcase for anyone lucky enough to have vocal talent like Carrie Underwood.


Oh oh, those Summer Nights. Yes, the third ranking top karaoke song of the USA belongs to a duet I am only just a bit happier to hear than Picture. I really don´t have much against the popular Summer Nights, originally performed in the musical Grease by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. It´s a lighthearted group song (yay for group karaokes!), making it an obvious choice for karaoke parties, though it´s popularity on Red Karaoke doesn´t scream the third best karaoke in the US with only 17 recordings.


The #4 spot on the USKA´s Top 500 finally goes to a song I really feel deserves a top spot. Journey´s signature power ballad Don´t Stop believing has got to be one of the all time greatest karaoke songs. Maybe I´m biased since hearing this song causes me to become absorbed in nostalgic memories of my old favorite karaoke bar just walking distance from my university and my closest group of buddies bellowing into the microphone with stupid happy grins on their faces. But it just can´t be denied that by the time anyone has gotten through the first lyric ¨Just a small town girl…¨, no matter how awful their voice is, the whole crowd is belting out every word of this 80´s hit. Here on Red Karaoke, Don´t stop believing has been recorded 25 times, making it more popular on our site than any of the other top 10 karaokes selected by USKA, showing just what good taste our Red Karaoke users have.



Black Velvet, another song you can always expect to hear in any venue with a microphone up for grabs, is #5 on the list. The 1990 single is, in truth, a really fantastic and equally challenging song. While failed by most who attempt it in a karaoke bar, Black Velvet can be a true pleasure to hear when a person actually owns the sexy style of Alannah Myles. It´s been tried only 13 times on Red Karaoke, with a few successes well worth listening to.


Sixth place goes to the Redneck anthem of all time, known and loved by anyone who knows how to use ¨ya´ll¨ in a sentence, Garth Brook´s signature country hit, Friends in low places. There must be more karaoke bars in the South, because I can´t think of any other reason so many country songs are in the Top 10 of the Top Karaoke Songs of all time, and I sure can´t imagine walking into a karaoke club in New York City expecting to hear a bunch of suits singing along to ¨I´ve got friends in low places, where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away…¨



The USKA switches it up a little with their 7th most popular karaoke song, rock/reggae single Santeria by Sublime. I´m a little surprised by this choice, only recorded here on Red Karaoke 5 times in total. Not that I don´t love the song, or the equally entertaining video in the style of a western. It´s just that, I´ve been to my fair share of karaoke parties and clubs, and I am pretty sure the only time I ever heard Santeria was when some bleach blonde surfer type with a thousand yard stare and a way of uttering every sentence as slowly as humanly possible, then ending it with Dude, happened to wander into the karaoke bar looking for a lighter… needless to say, not very often. Maybe there are lots of karaoke bars on the west coast too?


Okay, the last three spots of the top 10 were allotted to songs almost as deserving as Don´t Stop Believing. Finally I feel like the USKA´s polling of karaoke venues around the nation gave me some results I could wrap my head around. Number 8 is Neil Diamond´s Sweet Caroline, another one of those karaokes that, no matter how grating the singer´s voice is, gets the whole audience clapping and singing in unison, and kinda makes me wish my name was Caroline too.



The number 9 top karaoke spot belongs to Love Shack, the B-52´s biggest hit and another one of my personal favorites. But it´s not just a popular karaoke tune. Love Shack was named as one of the 365 Songs of the Century in 2001 and as one of Rolling Stone´s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.


And last but not least, the 10th top karaoke song of all time, according to the USKA of course, is the rock anthem I love Rock and Roll, made oh so famous by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. It also happens to be a hit on Red Karaoke, as the second most popular of all the aforementioned karaokes with 20 total renditions (if you include the recordings under Britney Spears´ cover). The single I love Rock and Roll also won a spot on Rolling Stone´s 500 Greatest, along with a spot on Billboard´s Greatest. Another fun, well deserving karaoke of the Top 10.


So there you have the top 10 karaokes of all time, as collected by the US Karaoke Alliance based on people like you singing in clubs and bars all over the nation. Is your list any different? Mine sure would´ve been. Tell us what you would´ve chosen or share your own renditions of these top 10, here in Red Karaoke´s forum.

Karaoke of the week: Bette Davis Eyes

A few weeks ago, when searching the web for information about the budding musical career of my latest obsession, Leighton Meester, better known as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, I happened to stumble upon a recording she did some time ago of a song that, firstly, I had never heard before, and secondly, I immediately became enthralled with.


The song was Bette Davis Eyes, originally written in 1974 and performed by Jackie DeShannon. The single didn´t really get much recognition, though, until 1981 when blonde bombshell Kim Carnes recorded her own version, turning Bette Davis Eyes into the highest seller of the year. It spent 9 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Top 100 before being crowned at the Grammy´s as Song of the Year. Now Bette Davis Eyes holds reins as #12 on Billboard´s All Time Top 100 and has been covered from artists like my personal idol Leighton Meester to the Chipmunks. The song was even sampled by Akon in his song Angel Eyes.



Despite the 80´s hit´s apparent popularity, I really had no idea the song existed until chancing upon Meester´s haunting rendition. And by haunting, I mean the kind of haunting the woman this song describes does to men´s dreams. These lyrics, I imagine, describe the kind of man eater most men fall for, and most women fantasize about being, even if just for one night.


While, Meester´s voice may not have the same kind of raspy sexiness as Carnes version, I still prefer her silky vocals and the somewhat electronic feel of Meester´s cover. I believe it turns Bette Davis Eyes into something oh so sultry and seductive, still edgy enough to here in some upper east side lounge, the perfect theme song to a classy heartbreaker like Meester. And after youtubing the heck out of the song, I still haven´t found better.



So, without a doubt this week´s Karaoke of the Week is Bette Davis Eyes, originally made famous by Kim Carnes, however, indisputably owned by Leighton Meester. Agree? Disagree? Think you can do better? Tell me about it and post your own rendition of the single in the forum.


Lady Gaga: Changing the world one sequin at a time

Lady Gaga is taking over the world, making it a better place for the out of the ordinary ¨one sequin at a time.¨


The leak of her latest single Paparazzi´s seven minute mini movie may have angered Lady Gaga just a wee bit (she tweeted, ¨Stop leaking my ******* videos¨ in response to the earlier than planned release), but at least her fans can be sure from the outrageously controversial content that Gaga´s unique style has remained as nonconformist as the day she hit her first #1 spot with Just Dance in Australia. But while her singles Just Dance and Pokerface may have put Gaga on the map, her over the top fashion and incredible talent as a performer and songwriter have been around for awhile… she just wasn´t getting the recognition she deserved.



Lady Gaga, originally Stefani Germanotta, says she has been writing music and performing since she was a little girl, moving from restaurant tabletops at the age of four to the NYC underground club scene at 17. By the age of 20 she was signed and writing for major artists like the Pussycat Dolls, Fergie and Britney Spears. Now, at the age of 23, she has her first platinum album, The Fame, two number one singles, a grammy nomination, and more time in the public eye than most spanking new mega stars would know what to do with.


Not the case for Lady Gaga. From statement making performances on shows like Ellen Degeneres, fashion choices that have boosted the sale of hot pants everywhere, interviews that can´t be shown on this site, and even encounters with the police that have led Gaga to defend her right to be risqué on the streets of places like Moscow and Chicago, Gaga considers herself, ¨A role model for the ability to change culture.¨ Often referring to herself as eccentric, Lady Gaga, in an interview in Sydney, described her rise to worldwide fame in the last year as a great example of ¨The ability for a young woman who may not be the most popular girl in school, or the most beautiful, or the best at everything, to bust her arse and never give up and make something of herself.¨



Besides inspiring ugly ducklings all over the world to embrace their own individual inner swans, Lady Gaga has been making waves in the pop industry too. Gaga, who lists legends like David Bowie and Grace Jones as her idols, is one of few pop stars nowadays who is writing almost every bit of her own music. On top of that, Gaga is the inspiration for a handful of artists, including big shot Kanye West, and wanted for co-performances by practically everyone. Despite only being in the spotlight for a year, it seems Lady Gaga may be stealing the title pop princess from reigning musicians like Christina Aguilera, purely by staying true to her evolving herself. ¨I like to do something different every time I´m on TV,¨ Gaga told the Melbourne Herald Sun, ¨I think people get used to seeing the same thing from pop stars over and over again, as if we´re programmed. I like to keep it interesting for myself and for my fans.¨


When you add her influence in fashion and sex to the mix, it´s clear that Lady Gaga really might take over the world. ¨I think I´m changing what people think is sexy…¨ Lady Gaga said in her interview with Rolling Stone, which featured her on the cover of their Hot List issue. She separates herself from the cookie cutter mold of pop star or model, happier to be on a worst dressed list than not noticed at all. And when it comes to the topic of sex, whether she is encouraging rumors of bisexuality or describing exactly what she likes in a man, Lady Gaga beats out even Angelina Jolie in her wilder days with her downright blunt statements.



Still, in the end, it´s all about the music for Lady Gaga. Through every cutting edge couture, every scandalous video, every shocking interview, Gaga knows, ¨My true legacy will be the test of time, and whether I can sustain a space in pop culture and really make stuff that will have a general impact.¨


Check out Lady Gaga´s karaokes here on Red Karaoke.