This has been quite a year for karaoke, what with the World Championships in Finland, star celebrities like Sean Kingston and Kelly Clarkson using karaoke to help promote their newest albums, and now even the Black Eyed Peas have joined in the fun.



The Black Eyed Peas have just set two new World Guiness Records with their special Mile High Karaoke. 140 fans bidded on ebay for spots on a flight between Melbourne and Perth Australia for the chance to join the Black Eyed Peas as they attempted, and were succesful, in winning the World´s Highest Live Performance and also the Highest Recorded Track.



The record, previously held by Jamiroquai, was broken in classic karaoke party style as Fergie crooned along to Led Zeppelin´s Black Dog and tried to channel some Manilow with his own version of Copacabana.



But the Black Eyed Peas aren´t the only people breaking karaoke records this year. Finland also had their spot in the limelite when they broke the Guiness record for the World´s Longest Non-Stop Karaoke, beating China´s measly 145 hours with a wopping 240… not to mention the Finns already hold the record for Largest Number of Karaoke Singers at any given time, a massive 80,000.



Cheers to the Black Eyed Peas, the Finns and their crazy karaoke world records… maybe Red Karaoke will have to try and top that 240 hours one day.