Red Karaoke wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas this year! Once your done stuffing yourselves silly with a holiday roast and tearing up the presents under the Christmas tree, why not sing a carol with the family to celebrate the spirit. Or take a look at all the Christmas cheer we´ve already been spreading this Decemeber.


Check out the fun holiday challenges in the forum to see tons of amazing renditions of It´s beginning to look like Christmas, All I want for Christmas is you, and The Christmas Song.


Or stop by The Caroller´s Contest, the official 2009 Red Karaoke holiday contest. Today is the last day to sing one of 10 selected carols and have the chance to win an exclusive Red Karaoke t-shirt!


the twelve days of christmas私のレコーディングに投票してください


And as a very special Christmas treat, several users of Red Karaoke have gotten together to create a special Red Karaoke Christmas Carol Card for you and your families to enjoy. Special thanks to Sweetheart4sure, Lavinik, Solitaryman and Mid_night for making a special group karaoke of 12 days of Christmas for everyone to listen to and share with their family and friends.


So kick back and enjoy all that Red Karaoke has to offer this wonderful Christmas day, and don´t forget to get in the spirit and sing one of our many holiday karaokes.


Merry Christmas Red Karaoke!