The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

Last night was the 52nd Grammy Awards, which featured plenty of star powered highs and lows, wins and losses ranging from the expected to the undeserved, and a few amazing high lights that likely won´t be forgotten for many grammy nights to come. Join Red Karaoke as we take a look at the entire night amd share what we think of the annual awards ceremony.


Stephen Colbert, a nominee himself, started off the night with some ho hum jokes, but finally got to the good stuff when he announced Lady Gaga as the first act. Her intro into Poker face was different, but in my opinion, not different enough for the queen of crazy, and I found myself bored- that is, until she was lowered into her own personal "fame machine" and popped out with none other than Elton John. Their duo of Your song may not have topped on Gaga´s list of bewildering stunts, but in the end it was a nice change of pace to see her display some serious musical prowress on the piano, and to hear her unmechanized voice for once.



Lady gaga´s Pokerface was among the nominees for the first category, Song of the year, along with Kings of Leon´s Use Somebody, Maxwell´s Pretty Wings, Taylor Swift´s You belong with me, and of course, Beyonce´s Single Ladies. Beyonce, who was a 10 time nominee, had her first win of the night which got me wondering if Miss Sasha Fierce would be cleaning up and break her previous record for Grammy wins.


Greenday and the cast of the new show American Idiot, which I confess I don´t have any idea what it is about, did a mildly entertaining performance of 21 guns before Taylor Swift beat out the likes of George Straight, Keith Urban and Leeann Womack for Best Country Album and accepted her first grammy publicly, no Kanye to interupt her special moment this time.



Beyonce followed with a performance of If I were a boy which medlied into Alanis Morissette´s You oughta know, which I would´ve described as yet another demonstration by the vocal goddess Beyonce of why we are all mere mortals, except that I was too distracted by the artist´s crotch grab early on in the set. While I understand the context of the move, I wish the usually classy Beyonce would´ve saved it for her tour, I mean, this IS the Grammys afterall.


Pink was on next, and her mesmerizing acrobatical performance of Glitter in the air was not only one of the best parts of the night, it was probably the most exciting thing to happen on the show for the next hour. The singer looked beautiful and her voice was perfection, even when suspended upside down for three minutes. Pink said it best later on in the night, there is no excuse for lip singing after that.




Zac brown band nabbed the best new artist award, beating out my personal choice, Keri hilson, which was followed by the same old stage swarm by the Black eyed peas and a somewhat boring performance by Lady Antebellum of her pretty country ballad Need you now. Stephen colbert ended up winning the Best comedy album and Kings of Leon surprised by stealing Record of the year from any of the more likely nominees; Beyonce, BEPs, Gaga AND Taylor Swift (yay for KOL!).


Jaime Foxx roused the crowd a bit with Blame it on the girl, featuring T-Pain and a surprise appearance by Slash wish was mildly interesting. Greenday expectantly won Best rock album though I would´ve voted for Dave Matthews Band personally. The following two performances were equally memorable for completely opposite reasons.



Taylor Swift, nominated a wopping 8 times, performed not just one but three of the hits off her album Fearless as well as a duet with Stevie Nicks. Now, I´ve always had a tender spot in my heart for the bright eyed young songwriter, but the only thing that could´ve been worse than her performance last night on the Grammys would´ve been if she had beat Beyonce for Best Female vocalist. Swift´s a sweetheart and I couldnt´t be happier that she was honored with Album of the Year for her own original material on Fearless, but that performance was better suited for a middle school talent show, not the Grammys.


Now, the 3D Michael Jackson tribute that followed was memorable but in the positive meaning of the word. Lionel Richie introduced MJ´s Earth Song which featured a star studded backup including Celine Dione, Usher, Smokey Robinson and an interesting matchup of idol rivals Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson (who looked AMAZING). The performance was moving, but not as moving as Jackson´s son and daughter who accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award on their father´s behalf, receiving a standing ovation to their emotional speeches.



While we were promised an exciting remaining Grammy night, not even Bon Jovi´s first Grammy appearance in history was enough to make it interesting. The night creeped on every so slowly through a few more awards (best rap collaboration by Rhianna, Jay-z and Kanye), a few somewhat impressive performances (Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige right on par with Dave Matthews Band), and the final win (or upset in some books) Taylor Swift for Album of the year.

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