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Karaoke Challenge: No Woman No Cry

With summer right at our doorstep, I've found myself in the mood for music really meant for a ride to the beach and relaxing in the sun. This usually conjures up my desire to hear Bob Marley's raspy voice playing from my itunes, but this week I'd like to see how the users of Red Karaoke fair with my favorite summer tune, No woman no cry.


While I may personally think of Bob Marley as the perfect summer driving kind of music, No woman no cry isn't necessarily his most upbeat, carefree song, and I'd probably be better of listening to something like One love.



But while the first few verses of the 1974 release from Marley's album Natty Dread may muster up a feeling of sad nostalgia, the chorus of "No woman no cry" sung in Marley's native Jamaican Patois actually means, "No, woman, don't cry".


In the end, Marley's message of love and openness among man kind can be felt in every word of No woman no cry, which I'm sure the dozens upon dozens of artists, from John Mayer to Japanese pop artist Hikaru Utada, would agree.



Now it's your turn to sing your own version of Bob Marley's No woman no cry for this week's Karaoke Challenge. Post a link to your rendition in the forum and you could be featured in next week's newsletter and on the official Red Karaoke facebook page.

Artist Debut: Justin Bieber

Last year the world couldn't seem to get enough of teen sensation Miley Cyrus, but I guess she has surpassed the age limit, because now it's all about Justin Bieber. Just to show that we too at Red Karaoke are all for the Bieber mania, we've debuted his latest hit Baby as his first karaoke on the site, which you can also purchase in the Red Karaoke store. Read on about the "heart throbs" young but succesful career.


16 years old and already a platinum selling artist, Justin Bieber started out just like anyone here on Red Karaoke. Being a talented singer of R&B hits such as Ne yo's So Sick, Bieber's mother thought what better way to showcase her son's talent than sharing it on youtube. After successes like Owl City, we all know what viral fame can do for a person, and Bieber was no exception.



When searching for another video, scout Scooter Braun happened across one of Bieber's video and immediately saw the star potential of the young boy. Fast forward a few months and Braun is managing Bieber, the boy has landed none other than Usher as his personal R&B mentor, and he is auditioning succesfully for Island Records.



Besides having the home grown success of youtube to help build his fanbase, it doesn't hurt that young Bieber can still hit high notes that would make most girls his age jealous. Add his dimpled smile and Micheal Jackson like moves to the mix and it's no wonder pre teens everywhere are saying, Miley who?



Bieber's first hit, One time featuring Usher, reached the top thirty before his debut album My World was even finished being recorded, helping it's release make Bieber the highest debuting artist of the year until Susan Boyle popped up in December.



My world's singles including One less lonely girl, Love me and Favorite girl all reached the top 40, though it's the single Baby featuring Ludacris that really boosted Bieber's star power and has made him internationally recognized. 


Now you have a chance to sing Bieber's single Baby, or purchase it from the Red Karaoke Store.

Karaoke Challenge: Wild Horses

This week's challenge we'll slow things down a little bit with a hit from The Rolling Stones, one of their most haunting tunes, Wild Horses.


Wild Horses was written in 1971 for The Rolling Stones album Sticky Fingers as an emotional addition to an album which would later be named #63 on Rolling Stones Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.



Though the song was written in a group effort, the melody and actual title spawned by Keith Richards, many people associated the song with Mick Jagger's very public relationship with Marianne Faithful. Jagger himself has only said that he was "very inside this piece emotionally" and introduced Wild Horses in it's first live performance as simple, "a sad love song".


Wild Horses has become very popular among other artists, with covers by practically everyone including Neil Young, Guns N' Roses, Bush and Iron & Wine. Even Susan Boyle included a Wild Horses cover on her debut album I dreamed a dream, explaining, "How could you help but be drawn in by this haunting theme… One of my personal favourites and an emotional release."



Now it's your turn to take a stab at Wild Horses. Sing this Rolling Stones classic and post a link to your rendition here in the forum. You might just win a featured spot in next week's newsletter and the official Red Karaoke Facebook page.

New User Profile

After many, many weeks of work, today we have the pleasure of presenting to you the new user profile on Red Karaoke. As you will observe, the change is for the better and we hope that the improvements we have introduced will make everyone very happy. All of the new functions that we have added are the fruit of your suggestions, so to you we want to give thanks.


We invite you all to join us in this brief review that we have made over the most interesting addition such as the multimedia zone, the activity page, the selection of songs for the main profile page and the new section of Mp3 archives. But these are only a few. The best way to get to know the new profile is that each and every one of you explores your new profile and discover all the new options. As always, we would love to hear your feedback in the forum for the New User Profile. We hope you like it.


My activity

My activity is a personalized page that you can only access when you are logged into Red Karaoke. Here you can see not only your recent activity but also that of your favorites. Also, you can access a series of actions such as upload a video, see my messages, etc.




Multimedia zone

Show 4 recordings, 4 videos and 4 Mp3s that you have selected for the main page of your profile with the ability to play them without needing to change or open a new page. We have made it so that you can choose 4 files that you want to to show in this zone. In the case that you haven't selected a specific 4, the most recent 4 that you have recorded or added will be shown.




By default it will always show recordings. In the case that a user does not have recordings it will show the video tab, and if there are no videos, then the Mp3 tab. If you don't have any files, it won't show anything.


Status message

We now can show a message in our profile. This message will be seen in every page of the profile (recordings, videos, mp3s, favorite's list, etc.)



We can write a message from our profile, in the zone that is just above the principal photo or avatar. In order for the message that is written to be published in the above zone, you have to be logged in with your user name and password.




Also, other users can write messages using this same tool. In that case, the messages that are written will be published directly to the commentary zone of the profile.




Option to respond to messages

There now exists the option to respond to messages that you have written or that have been made by other users. In the same way that any user can leave us a comment in our profile, they can use this option to respond to our messages or to others.



Mp3 zone

With the new profile we are also giving a new option to upload your own Mp3s in order to share them with the Red Karaoke community. With these Mp3s you can make commentary and you can publish them on other social networks such as Facebook or in your own blogs.


But remember! It is not permitted to upload files from other artists. We are referring to attempts to upload Mp3s of a U2  or Madonna CD, which is NOT allowed. The Mp3s that your upload to your profile should be your own interpretations, or of other people but always and only with permission.


Option to select the recordings I want to put in the main page of my profile

We log into Red Karaoke, we enter into our profile and we click on the recordings link. Once we have entered we can click the edit button. This button only appears when we our accessing our own profiles, the rest of the users will never see it.




Once we have clicked the button "edit" it will open a new window in which we can select which recording we want to put on the main page of our profile, if we want the recording to receive votes or not, and finally, the choice of adding or modifying commentary on the recording. We can repeat this action for each one of the recordings we select.



In order to select videos or Mp3s for the main page of our profile the steps are exactly the same but are started from the Video or Mp3 page of the profile.


From this window you also have the option to modify the commentary of your recording and to mark the recording so that it only will receive comments and no votes.


10 Dance Songs to Sing To

Looking for something new to sing here on Red Karaoke? With the recent addition of Edward Maya's dance single Stereo love, a song which has taken the European clubbing scene by storm, I got to thinking about the great dance music that many of us Americans miss out on, mostly because here in the states clubbing takes on a different form and that kind of music just doesn't get any airplay on the radio.


The true shame is, most Americans don't realize that many dance songs aren't just a bunch of hard techno beats, but actually contain both pretty and fun lyrics that are great to sing along with.


So without further ado, here is a list of Red Karaoke's 10 Dance Songs to Sing To. These 10 songs are not necessarily the best of the best, nor should they all be completely unfamiliar to you. However, if you take the time to listen to and start singing any song on this list, I guarantee in a matter of mere minutes you'll be wanting to pump up the volume so the base echos in your ears and flip the light switch in your room like it's a strobe light, just to get that clubbing feeling while you bust out the lyrics to these dance songs.



Edward Maya – Stereo love



Many of us problem won't recognize this song unless we live in a really big city with tons of three story dance clubs, or unless we are from Europe. But Stereo Love, with it's contagious beats and beautiful vocals about heartbreak, is actually one of the most popular current dance songs these days. The first single from Romanian artist Edward Maya after he gained some international attention reaching fourth in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, Stereo Love received over 31 million youtube hits within 7 months of its release.


Oh yeah – in case you don't know what that is, the Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition for European countries to submit one artist's song to be performed live. Not only is it one of the longest running television programs in history, it's also one of the most watched non sporting events, aiding the participants and winners to gain international notoriety in the music industry.



Lucky Twice – Lucky



It's a lot less likely that anyone in the US has heard of the swedish pop duo Lucky Twice, much less their 2006 single Lucky, though if you take a moment to listen to the song, you may recognize it from a string of Abercrombie and Fitch adverts. I, however, was lucky enough to spend time in Spain the summer this song was released there and became popular. The first time I heard the bubbly lyrics about how we should remind ourselves every day how lucky we are, but in a much more lighthearted, bounce around the room kind of way, I couldn't stop singing Lucky for days.



Cascada- Everytime we touch



I don't know what kind of rock you would have to be living under to have never heard of Cascada or her single Everytime we touch, but this is probably one of the most recognizable dance songs in the US, for obvious reasons. Not only does it have ridiculously catchy lyrics that would do any pop song justice, instead of the usual pop melody, we are instead given the get your bottom out of your chair and move it like you just don't care dance beat that make singing and dancing to this song too much fun to pass up.



DJ Sammy – Heaven



Anybody who sings karaoke has probably at one time or another heard or sang a song by ballad superstar Bryan Adams. But next time, instead of singing the usual sappy, slow dance style of his hit Heaven, why not try duo DJ Sammy and Yanou's pumped up dance version of Heaven to add a little bit of excitement to the room. Prefer to keep it slow? There is even a candle light remix of DJ Sammy's Heaven, a cover of a cover that gives you plenty of variety to add to your karaoke-ing.



David Guetta – Love is gone



If you're not a house fan, you may not know who French DJ David Guetta is. You also may not have heard of his insanely popular single Love is gone, even though it's his second most popular song world wide, even crossing over into the US and breaking into the Billboard Top 100. However, when you start to sing Love is gone and a struck with a strange feeling of familiarity, that's because David Guetta helped produce the Black Eyed Peas single I gotta feeling, and sampled his own single for the track.



Cher – Believe



Okay, any list of dance songs to sing to has to include Cher because she's just too darn iconic, whether you love or hate her, to not add her in somewhere. Believe is just one of those songs that, though it may not be the biggest hit now or ever considered a classic, but when it comes on the radio, all I want to do is get up, dance around as if (and with hopes) no one is watching, and sing at the top of my lungs.



Eiffel 65 – Blue (Da Ba Dee)



Grammy nominated Italian trio Eiffel 65 may not sound familiar to you, nor their single Move your body which is a great dance song, but you have definitely heard their mega hit Blue (Da Ba Dee), which garnered enough fame to reach impressively into the Top 10 on the US Billboard charts, a feat rarely if ever accomplished by electro pop artists, much less Italian ones. Confused what I'm talking about? Then instead think of that song where the chorus, that was actually just a mixture of sounds similar to Da Ba Dee, sounded a lot like "I'm blue, if I were green I would die…" Still confused? Then just listen to the song and don't worry, you'll recognize it and be singing it for the rest of the week.



Kylie Minogue – In my arms



While every American's favorite Dance-Pop queen may be Madonna, I have always preferred Aussie beauty Kylie Minogue. There's just something about that gorgeous woman and her incredible voice, plus the way she puts a song together, that I can't get enough of. Her 2008 single In my arms is no exception in my book, though it didn't chart as well as her other hits Can't get you out of my head or Love at first sight. Well, who cares what the charts say? This is one amazing song to both sing and move your body to.



Kate Ryan – Ella elle l'a



For something really, really different, why not try a different language? Belgian born Kate Ryan was yet another competitor in the Eurovision song contest, whose dance pop hits have been dominating European charts and clubs since 2001. Ella elle l'a is no exception to Ryan's line of success, and though I know the song is a cover of an 80's tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, that's about it. But whether I understand French or not, singing along to Ella elle l'a to what I think are the lyrics is just as fun as it is dancing to it.



Bob Sinclair – Love generation



Finally we come to what I consider to be one of the all time greatest club hits, with some of the all time greats lyrics, Bob Sinclair's Love Generation. With lyrics that are positive and uplifting backed by a perky dance tune, not to mention the cutest music video ever, Love Generation gets everyone in European bars and clubs whistling or singing along.



If you haven't already listened to any of these songs, here's your chance to hear a great song that not only will get your body moving, but will also have you singing along by the second chorus. Check out other great dance songs here on Red Karaoke, or tell us your favorites in the forum.

Karaoke Challenge: I Want to Break Free

This week the challenge comes from one of karaoke's favorite musical groups to cover, Queen. No, it's not Bohemian Rhapsody (now there is an idea for a group karaoke), but I want to break free should be just as fun for everyone to sing.


I want to break free was written by Queen's bassist for their 1984 album The Works. While the single became a UK hit, it never got very far on the US charts, in a large part due to America's lack of humor at the time towards Queen's (quite hysterical in my opinion) parody video in which Mercury and his band dressed in drag and poked fun at a then popular British soap opera.



But despite little success back in the day for I want to break free in the US, if you haven't heard this song since you must be living under a rock. Nowadays the song is one of Queen's most recognized, often used commercially, most notably by Coca Cola during the release of their entertaining adverts for Coca Cola C2.



While it may seem like a simple enough song to sing, I want to break free should prove both an interesting and difficult challenge, but as always, very fun. Sing your own rendition and post it in the forum. You could win the chance to be featured in Red Karaoke's newsletter and on the official Red Karaoke facebook page.

Recording with Windows 7

For some time now, users with Windows 7 as their operating system have been reporting problems with their recordings. These reports have been things such as problems with synchronization between the music and voice, not hearing the microphone, and other things of this nature.


And the truth is that this time around these problems resulted because Java decided that Windows Vista and Windows 7 are very similar, and so identified Windows 7 as if it where Vista, thus creating the appearance that with the latest operating system from Windows there wouldn't be any problem with recording on Red Karaoke.


However, in the latest update, the peeps over at Java changed their tune and decided that Vista and Windows 7 are actually quite different. And since the case in Red Karaoke is that we have to identify the operating system in order to make a recording in one manner or another, we've had to update the Red Karaoke player, which will affect everyone.


This means the next time that you load the recording applet, a window will open asking for confirmation to use the player. The window will look like this:



All you need to do is accept. The system will load the applet and you will be able to record just as you have been able to in the past. The applet has not been changed and everything should function the same.


Robyn Rihanna Fenty, better known by her stage name Rihanna, is one of the most successful artists in recent popular music, recording twelve top 10 hits and winning three Grammy awards since her debuy album in 2005. Born on February 20, 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados, Rihanna began singing early in her childhood and continued through her adolescence, finding it helpful to deal with stress caused by her father’s drug addiction and unstable relationship with her mother.


She formed her first group in 2003 at age 15, which consisted of herself and two other girls in her class. The group was able to get an audition in front of veteran producer Evan Rogers, who was vacationing in Barbados. Rihanna’s superior talent became immediately apparent during her rendition of Destiny’s Child’s cover “Emotion.” Rogers arranged for Rihanna to travel back and forth between Barbados and his house in the states over the next year to arrange a demo recording, eventually leading to a full-time move in 2004.




Buy the mp3 backing track for "SOS" or others by Rihanna.




Her four-track demo impressed Def Jam records, which led to an audition in front of then-president Jay-Z. Again Rihanna’s potential was recognized and Jay-Z didn’t hesitate to sign Rihanna and begin work on her first album.


Her first single from the album “Pon de Replay” was released in August 2005, reaching #2 in both the US and the UK, and becoming a top ten hit in fifteen different countries.  The release of her debut album Music of the Sun followed later in the month, which would go on to sell over 2 million copies worldwide and earn gold certification in the US.



Buy the mp3 backing track for "Umbrella" or others by Rihanna.




A month after the release of her debut album Rihanna began work on her second album, while on tour alongside Gwen Stefani in support for Music of the Sun. In April 2006, less than a year after her debut, A Girl Like Me was released, reaching #5 on the Billboard 200. The album produced three top ten singles, including her first #1 hit, “SOS.”


Following several months of touring, Rihanna went back to work on her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, which saw its release in June 2007. Good Girl Gone Bad features a more upbeat dance-pop sound, moving away from earlier work influenced by reggae and dancehall music. The album was a huge commercial success, landing eight hit singles, including five peaking in the top 10, led by the #1 smash “Umbrella,” closely followed by “Don’t Stop the Music” which hit #3 and topped charts in several countries.


In a 2008 re-release of her third album, titled Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded, Rihanna landed two more #1 hits with “Take a Bow” and “Disturbia.” This success was complemented by another #1 hit, her collaboration with T.I. “Live Your Life.” At the ensuing Grammys, Rihanna received six nominations, winning the award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “Umbrella.”




Buy the mp3 backing track for "Take a Bow" or others by Rihanna.




 Rihanna was scheduled to perform at the 2009 Grammys, but dropped out for undisclosed reasons. It was later revealed that she had been involved in a physical dispute with her then-boyfriend, singer Chris Brown, which led to a felony assault charge.


Despite the media frenzy surrounding the incident, Rihanna pushed forward, landing another top ten hit with “Run This Town,” a collaboration with Jay-Z and Kanye West. The song would go on to win two Grammys at the 2010 awards ceremony.


In November 2009, she released her newest album Rated R to favorable critical reviews. The album debuted at #4 on the charts, accompanied by three more hit singles, including her sixth #1 hit, “Rude Boy.”


Buy the mp3 backing track for "Rude Boy" or others by Rihanna.


Check out the Red Karaoke Store! You can buy all of the mp3 backing tracks for Rihanna and much more!


Rude Boy – $1.95

Pon de Replay – $1.45

Don't Stop The Music – $1.45

Disturbia – $1.45

Shut Up and Drive – $1.45


More Information:

Rihanna's Official Website

Rihanna on Facebook

Rihanna on Twitter

Karaoke Challenge: Should I stay or should I go

Sometimes for fun I take a look at “On this day in history” sites. Well it turns out on this day in particular The Clash released the self titled debut album way back in 1977. I wonder if they had even the faintest idea the kind of rock influences they would become? Well, to honor The Clash on this day, this week’s karaoke challenge will be one of their better known hits, Should I stay or should I go.


Should I stay or should I go came a few years after The Clash’s debut, becoming their first and only number 1 hit in the UK. With mixed reviews of their previous work, Combat Rock contained not only the radio friendly Should I stay or should I go, but also The Clash’s most successful song in the US, Rock the Casbah.



Should I stay or should I go has gained plenty of commercial popularity, as well as being covered by dozens of artists ranging from Kylie Minogue to Weezer.


Now it’s your turn to sing The Clash’s hit Should I stay or should I go. Post your rendition in the forum and you could win a feature in the Red Karaoke Newsletter and on Red Karaoke’s official facebook page.

The Ins and Outs of the Popular Ranking

With all the debate going on in the forums over RKBot scores and ranking, I thought I'd take the opportunity to direct your attention towards a different route on the Red Karaoke road to fame. It seems everyone keeps forgetting we have an equally awesome and exciting ranking, the Popular Ranking. So I'm here to shed a little light on how much fun the Popular Ranking can be and why you should take it off the backburner.


First, I'd like to dispell the idea that the Popular Ranking is people who JUST get voted up because they have a lot of friends on Red Karaoke. I stress the "just" because, of course people in the Popular Ranking have lots of friends, but those people who are ranked high ALSO have lots of talent, work very hard to network and they make an effort to get their recordings heard. Without getting involved in Red Karaoke, it will be hard for you to get far in EITHER ranking.




So how do you get your recordings heard?


Get involved! Red Karaoke was created with the purpose of being a social network, so get out there and socialize! If you are really concerned with improving your ranking, you can't do it without utilizing all the different tools we created for you to make yourself known within the site. The best part of all the effort you will have to put in? It all turns out to be great fun and lead to great friendships!


Here are some example of how to get involved and meet people on Red Karaoke, and in the process, improve your Popular Ranking:




The Forum


The forum is without a doubt the best way to get yourself heard on Red Karaoke. We have sections for everything from RK related topics, sharing your recordings, requesting new karaokes to holiday discussions. Many regulars on RK frequent the forums to find new recordings, share their points of view and really enjoy the company of other members on the site.


Users have created special threads within the forums to share their recordings. These are fun games that make networking fun and usually build great friendships. Why not try one of these fun themes: Acapella Versions, Follow my last letter, or the 4.50 Bucket.


Contests and Competitions


On Red Karaoke we periodically hold contest and competitions following a specific theme. Usually the reward is recognition in the Red Karaoke blog, the Red Karaoke newsletter, and/or the Red Karaoke facebook page, along with actual prizes some times. But the really cool thing is, even if you don't win, you're recording gets a lot of attention when you enter it into a contest, which is just one more way to get more votes and comments.



An easy contest everyone should check out is the weekly Karaoke Challenge, hosted and judged by everyone's favorite administrator ;) Each week I pick a song and challenge users to sing their own rendition and share it in the forum. Even if you don't win the highlight in the newsletter, entries into the Karaoke challenge always get lots of attention from other users, particularly the Red Karaoke regulars.




Another cool way to get in touch with other members of Red Karaoke is to use the Chatroom. Not only can you have random conversations about whatever you like, you can organize meet ups ahead of time to plan out fun things like duets or group karaokes or to discuss anything Red Karaoke related. Be sure to check out the We're Online thread in the forum to let other people know when you are hanging out in the chatroom or to see who else is looking to converse.



Share your recordings


One of the awesome parts about Red Karaoke is the ability to share your recordings and videos anywhere you like. Just like Youtube, you can embed your recordings in websites and on profiles like Myspace or you can send the videos via e-mail to your friends and family and invite people to come back and vote for you. Also, we recently made an agreement with the oh so popular Facebook so that when you post your videos there, they appear as embedded videos that play WITHIN the site. Just one more incredible tool to improve your popularity.


Comment and vote


As simple as it sounds, many people forget that in order to recieve, we must first give. We all love to be the center of attention, so take the time to let someone else have the spotlight by listening to their voice, letting them know what you think, and more often than not, the favor will be returned. There truly is no better way to make friends on Red Karaoke and increase traffic to your own recordings than by giving honest, thoughtful comments and votes to other members of the site.




Sing and have fun!


And last but not least, no matter how involved you get, you aren't going to get anywhere unless you sing and have fun! Sing anything and everything. Sing your favorite karaokes until you get them perfect. Try something new everyday; acapella, an unfamiliar genre, your favorite movie's theme song, whatever! If you put yourself out there creatively and with enthusiasm, you'll feel a return in your ranking improvement and your enjoyment of the site.


So, don't get too tied up with the RKBot, he's just doing his job ;) Instead try all these fun ways to enjoy Red Karaoke and at the same time improve your position on the Popular Ranking. With a little bit of effot and a whole lot of fun, you'll forget about rankings when all your new friends are telling you what a beautiful voice you have.

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