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It seems Disney might be doing a live action remake of Sleeping Beauty with an evil twist – the whole story is meant to be from the perspective of Aurora's evil stepmother, Maleficent. The exciting news that the collaboration would include not only Angelina Jolie but possibly Tim Burton as well got me thinking about how fun it would be for Disney to do live action remakes of all their titles (a la Alice in Wonderland). 


Then again, Disney might have trouble filling the big shoes of it's previous animated film considering how closely many of us hold the originals in our hearts.


So, as a throwback to our childhood, I wanted to list my favorite Disney karaokes we have here on Red Karaoke. Keep reading for RK's Top 10 Disney songs.


A whole new world

A whole new worldVote for my rendition!

First on my list is one of Disney's most romantic songs, Aladdin's ode to Jasmine A whole new world. Disney knows it best, nothing is more romantic than a guy who wants to share the 7 wonders of the world with you.


Bare necessities

Bare NecessitiesVote for my rendition!

Balu from The Jungle Book is one of those unforgettable characters from Disney that brings a smile to your face, and his theme song Bare necessities is the perfect reminder for us not to take the simple things for granted and to enjoy the little moments in life.


It's a small world

I don't know anyone who had never used the phrase, It's a small world in reference to some sort of odd, coincidental situation where they feel like even people half way around the world feel like our neighbors.


Go the distance

Go The DistanceVote for my rendition!

Some people may argue the Hercules isn't classic Disney, but I love the song Go the distance and it's message of giving life everything you have.


Part of your world

Part of your worldVote for my rendition!

Raise your hand if you know a little girl who loves going to the beach and sitting on some rocks singing Part of your world and pretending she is Ariel. I'm raising my hand because I certainly couldn't resist singing this song every chance I got when I was a little girl.


Whistle while you work

The seven dwarfs knew how to make a hard work day go by, just whistle a little tune and the time will pass without you even noticing!


Friend like me

Friend Like MeVote for my rendition!

I think other Red Karaoke users could agree with me, Friend like me is one of the best, and hardest, Disney karaokes we have here on the site – it was even a challenge song last year. It's hard to do as good a job as Robin Williams, but I love listening to anyone give this fun song a try.


Spoonful of sugar

I think we all wished we had a nanny like Mary Poppins when we were little. She would sing to us A spoonful of sugar while we had to take icky cough syrup and bring smiles to our faces. I wonder if I'll have this catchy song stuck in my head for the rest of my day?


Hakuna matata

Hakuna MatataVote for my rendition!

I think  I most vividly remember going to see Lion King in the movie theatres when I was a kid. I remember how excited I was throughout the previews and how every song in this incredible Disney movie gave me goosebumps. And after that, I remember using Timon and Pumba's catchphrase Hakuna matata whenever I could.


A dream is a wish your heart makes

a dream is a wish your heart makesVote for my rendition!

And last but not least on my list is a real classic, Cinderella's A dream is a wish your heart makes. What a beautiful and sweet sentiment, and so true to Disney's original message of making dreams and wishes come true.


Get in touch with your inner child by singing any one of the Disney songs listed her, or check out all the other Disney karaokes we have. Don't forget to share your rendition with the rest of us in the forums!

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