Month: August 2010

Album Feature: Enrique’s Euphoria

One of this summer's catchiest radio hits has been Enrique Iglesias' newest single I like it from his latest album Euphoria. Join Red Karaoke as we take a look at the newest work from this Spanish heart throb.



I like it was the first English single from Euphoria which, featuring latino hip hop artist PitBull and sampling Lionel Richie's All night long, was a great showing of Enrique Iglesias' effort to fuse together all the highlights of his music with a new sound in this latest album. Not only is Euphoria the first bilingual album of Iglesias' career, pitching together his Spanish and English, it also puts a lot of energy into combining the romantic sentiment of his Religious experience days with the dance energy of today's biggest pop songs.



Take for instance the first Spanish single from Euphoria, Cuando me enamoro, featuring Juan Luis Guerra, a sweet nod to first love that pulls all the same heart strings as singles like Hero. Then listen as Iglesias slyly moves into subtle combinations of dance and the lovey dovey stuff with songs like Heartbeat, then throws us for a loop with songs purely meant for late night clubbing like I like it and Dirty Dancer featuring Usher.



The fusion of Iglesias' language and styles has already been successful with Euphoria debuting at number 10 on the billboard charts, the second highest new entry of the year so far. Cuando me enamoro also made the number 1 spot on the Latin Charts, giving Enrique his 25th number 1 latin single, and I like it, one of the highest radio played songs of the summer, topped out at number 4.



You can sing Enrique Iglesias' newest hits here on Red Karaoke, or shop for his high quality Mp3 backing tracks in the Red Karaoke Store.

Karaoke Challenge: Moondance

Since Summer is winding down and Autumn is knocking on our door, this week the Karaoke Challenge is a song that captures the feeling and beauty of fall weather, Van Morrison's classic about his favorite season, Moondance.



Moondance, written for the same titled album by Van Morrison in 1970, was one of his most successful jazz compositions and has become one of the most influential songs in pop and jazz music because of its swinging beat and saxophone solo.



The sophisticated song was described as "one of those rare songs that manages to implant itself on the collective consciousness of popular music, passing into the hallowed territory of a standard, a classic." A statement which was proved when Moondance was featured on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll and many other lists that reiterate that point.



Moondance has since become one of Morrison's most performed live songs and has also been convered by dozens of artists including a popular version by Michael Buble and a soundtrack rendition by Johnathan Rhys Meyers in the Disney film August Rush.



Sing your own rendition of Moondance and share it in this week's Karaoke Challenge. You could win a feature in next week's newsletter and on the official Red Karaoke

Karaoke Challenge: Anyway you want it

Every person has their own go to karaoke song that they always love to sing. This week's challenge is actually a personal favorite, so I am excited to hear the users of Red Karaoke sing their own rendition of Journey's fun Anyway you want it.



Anyway you want it was a 1980 single released by Journey for their album Departure and then again in 2008 for Revelation. After some time touring with the rock group Thin Lizzy, frontman Steve Perry and guitarist Neil Schon wrote Anyway you want it, recognizing their tourmates as a heavy influence in the style and rhyme scheme.



Anyway you want it, a concert staple for Journey, has since become one of the band's most popular songs, reaching the 23rd spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and named the 80th best rock song of all time by VH1. Heck, the song was even covered in Glee!



Now its your turn to sing Anyway you want it for this week's challenge and have the chance to be featured in next week's newsletter! Post a link to your rendition in the challenge forum and you may also be featured on Red Karaoke's official facebook page.

Top 10 Breakup Songs to Sing to

This week an internet video of a man singing Carrie Underwood's single Before He Cheats has surfaced, becoming an overnight hit due to the little man's embittered and, albeit not all together in tune, extremely spirited and entertaining interpretation of one of the best breakup songs ever. This got me to thinking about how singing about a breakup, particularly a bad one, is a very cathartic way to move on from the mess.



In honor of karaoke as a heartache cure, here is RK's Top Ten Breakup Songs to Sing to, because no matter if it's country, soul or pop, nothing says "I'm better off without you" than a good round of karaoke.



Cry me a river


The first song on our list is a sexy song from Justin Timberlake, Cry me a river, rumored to be about Britney Spears foolish hookup after their detachment, which ended in her own heartache. Definitely a winning song choice for those handsome fellows out there who know their better off alone.



Give me one reason


Next is a soulful song for those of you who are willing to give that man or woman one more shot at giving you a good enough reason to stick around. Singing Give me one reason by Tracy Chapman will definitely get the message across.



Goodbye to you


For those of you who prefer pop, why not sing goodbye to that loser and that mess of a relationship through the words of Michelle Branch and her single, Goodbye to you.



Hit em up style (Oops)


This next song is for those ladies who have a man who really deserves some getting back at. Not only can you sing this song to channel your revenge, you can then go out and do exactly what the lyrics suggest, in perfect Hit em up style.



The sign


The sign by Ace of Base is a break up song with a lighter note, but still has that same message of realizing the breakup that seems like a pity today, may be a blessing tomorrow.



There you go


Are you a girl with a bit more attitude and a boyfriend who needs to get his act in line? Then try belting out your frustrations with Pink's early hit, There you go.



You're so vain


Every one knows the words to Carly Simon's classic, You're so vain, and they're the perfect song to sing on karaoke night when you need to show that ex a little biting attitude.



How do you like me now


While Carrie Underwood may hold the title for best girl breakup song with Before he cheats, Toby Keith has a good song for the guys when it comes to showing your ex just have far you've gotten with his song How do you like me now.



Goodbye earl


Long before Carrie Underwood ever won American Idol, the Dixie chicks were taking over country with their own version of leave 'em in the dirt songs like Goodbye Earl, a great song about teaching bad husbands a good lesson.




Bye bye bye


And last but not least on our list is the N'Sync hit Bye bye bye, a great choice, particularly if you are a group of young brokenhearted girls who need something fun to move on from the boys who've done the breaking.



These are our top ten songs to sing when you need to get all that negative energy out after a bad break up, definitely a great way to move on. Did you like our choices, or would you have a different list for you ten moving on songs? Let us know in the forum or share a rendition of one of these great karaokes.

Karaoke Challenge: Rainbow Connection

This week's karaoke challenge is more of a fun one this week, a wistful tune even a frog can sin, the Muppet's classis, Rainbow Connection.



Rainbow Connection was written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher in 1979 for The Muppets Movie as a sweet solo by Kermit the frog, and the "unlikely radio hit" has since become synonymous for the spirit of Jim Henson and all his muppet pals.



Rainbow Connection won an academy award and was also nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe, and has gone on to become a popular song for charities. It has also been covered by dozens of artists like Willie Nelson, Sarah Mclaughlan and Justin Timberlake.



Now you can sing Rainbow connection in this week's challenge and perhaps be featured in next week's newsletter and on the official Red Karaoke facebook page. Just post a link to your rendition in the forum and you could win!

How to select the microphone as your recording device

  With the launch of the new Red Karaoke MP3 and VIP services, we have created a new recording applet that functions relatively the same as the previous recorder, but with a few key differences.



The biggest difference with the new karaoke recorder is that when recording with Mp3s, as you are now able to do in MP3 and VIP, instead of using the stereo mixer (or whatever it may be called on your own computer), this new karaoke player uses the microphone as the recording device.



As many of you will probably have the stereo mixer selected as your default recording device, you will need to make sure your microphone is the correctly identified and activated recording device, but ONLY when you are planning to record with Mp3s.


This tutorial will give you step by step instructions on how to activate your microphone as your default recording device.



Step 1


Right click on the volume icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. A menu of options will open and you must click on the option, "Recording devices".




Step 2


You will probably have the stereo mixer selected. It could have some other name based on your computer's software, but it's icon looks like a computer chip. Also, if it is selected as the active recording device it will have a green check over its icon.


Right click on the stereo mixer and select the option to disable it.



Make sure the other options to show deactivated devices are also selected, so that you will see all your available choices for recording devices.



Step 3


Now you have to activate the microphone you are going to use. If it is not activated it may not appear unless you right click on the menu and select the options to show disabled and deactivated devices.


As you can see in the below images, my computer has a built in microphone, which is the "Microphone array". Yours may too, which you can choose to select as your default microphone or may already be selected as your default



However, if you have a USB or other kind of attachable microphone, you want to disable the "Microphone array" and activate the mic icon that says "Microphone/Line in"next to it. Right click on the microphone and select enable, the green check will appear.




Final Step


Finally, you may want to change the levels of your microphone from your computer. Do this by clicking in properties (see above image) and then selecting levels. There you can adjust the volume of your microphone.




And one final thing to remember! You need your microphone to record with the Mp3s, but you still must use the stereo mixer when you record with regular .kar files!


RK World Tour: Bob Marley

Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley was a Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician whose music and lifestyle have had a widespread and lasting impact on modern culture that continues today, nearly thirty years after his death.  Still the world’s most recognizable and popular reggae artist, Marley was a key factor in spreading Jamaican music and Rastafarianism around the world.


Marley was born on February 6, 1945 in Nine Mile, Saint Ann, Jamaica to Norval Sinclair Marley, a British-Jamaican Royal Marine captain, and Cedella Booker, and young Afro-Jamaican who primarily raised him. Although he was born of mixed-racial heritage, Marley often associated himself with his black origins, which he displayed through his music about racial oppression.



Buy the mp3 backing track for "I Shot the Sheriff" or others by Bob Marley.



By the age of 14 Marley dropped out of school to focus on a musical career, originally playing with local singer Joe Higgs and friend Neville “Bunny” Livingston (Bunny Wailer) who also sang and played percussion. Through Higgs, Marley was introduced to Peter Tosh (then McIntosh) who soon joined Bob and Bunny performing on street corners around Jamaica’s Trenchtown slum.  He made his first recordings with local producer Leslie Kong in 1961, but failed to receive any commercial recognition.


In 1963, after a few years of development and coaching by Higgs, the trio of Marley, Wailer, and Tosh were joined by Junior Braithwaite, Beverley Kelso, and Cherry Smith to make a ska and rocksteady group. The group went through a series of name alterations before settling on The Wailers. They gained the attention of record producer Coxsone Dodd, who gave the group a contract, paying them on a song by song basis. They released their first album, The Wailing Wailers, in 1965.



Buy the mp3 backing track for "Could You Be Loved" or others by Bob Marley



In 1966 Braithwaite, Kelso, and Smith parted with the group, leaving the original three to continue working together.  At this time Marley married Rita Anderson, who would later become one of the Bob’s backup singers, called the I Threes. From the mid-60’s to early 70’s Marley became involved in the Rastafarian movement in Jamaica, which had a profound influence on his music and reggae as a whole. During the same period The Wailers attempted to refine and commercialize their sound, putting out a series of records with moderate commercial success until eventually releasing their major-label debut album with Island Records in 1973, titled Catch a Fire. The album sold well and gained critical acclaim, later being placed on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, along with 4 others by Marley.


The Wailers followed the next year with the release of Burnin’. After the ensuing tour the trio would go separate ways to pursue solo careers. The same year Eric Clapton covered one of the album’s songs, “I Shot the Sheriff,” landing a #1 hit and in turn propelling the Marley name to international fame.


After the split, Marley continued to use the band’s name, recording as Bob Marley and the Wailers. With a new backup group, Marley released Natty Dread in 1975, which contained “No Woman, No Cry,” his first international hit. The next year saw the release of Rastaman Vibration, Marley’s breakthrough success in the US. The album reached #8 on the Billboard 200, although it did not land a hit single.



Buy the mp3 backing track for "No Woman, No Cry" or others by Bob Marley



On December 3, 1976, two days before Marley was scheduled to play a free concert called “Smile Jamaica” to promote peace between warring factions in his home country, he, his wife, and his manager were attacked and injured by unknown gunmen. Marley defied the attackers and went on stage anyway, and had to be supported by a Jamaican group Zap Pow, as the rest of The Wailers remained in hiding. After the show Marley left for England and would not return for a year and a half.


While in England, Marley recorded his next album, Exodus, which came out in the summer of 1977. The record contained the four UK hits “Exodus,” “Waiting in Vain,” “Jamming,” and “One Love,” and remained on British charts for 56 weeks. 1978 saw the release of Kaya, composed of songs recorded alongside those from Exodus. For the release of the album, Marley returned to Jamaica to top the bill at the One Love Peace Concert, another event organized to relieve pressure in the politically tense country. Although Marley managed to join the hands of opposing party leaders onstage during his performance, little was done to stop the ongoing violence.



Buy the mp3 backing track for "Redemption Song" or others by Bob Marley



In 1979, Marley followed with Survival, a stronger and more political album than the mellow Kaya. It contained a song “Zimbabwe” about the struggle against colonial rule in then Rhodesia, which led to an invitation to play at Zimbabwe’s independence celebrations in 1980. Later that year, Marley released Uprising, which carried a religious tone influenced by his faith in Rastafarianism, featuring classic Marley tunes “Redemption Song” and “Could You Be Loved.”


At this time Marley’s health began to deteriorate, as the cancer that had been found in his foot three years earlier spread throughout his body, causing him to cancel the Uprising tour and attempt to recover. Marley decided to return to Jamaica after nearly a year of battling the disease, but due to a rapid decline in his condition was forced to land in Miami, where he died on May 11, 1981 at age 36. His last words were reported to be “Money can’t buy life” said to his son Ziggy. He had been awarded the Jamaican Order of Merit a month before his death, and received a full state funeral in his home country.


Marley’s success continued after his death, with 1983’s Confrontation, produced from unreleased material, and 1984’s Legend, a compilation of some of Marley’s finest work. Legend would go on to become the best-selling reggae album of all time, certified diamond in the US. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994, and awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement award in 2001. He is survived by his wife Rita and eleven children, many of which have also pursued musical careers.



Buy the mp3 backing track for "One Love" or others by Bob Marley.


Check out the Red Karaoke Store! You can buy all of the mp3 backing tracks for Bob Marley and much more!


 Waiting in Vain – $1.45

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Bob Marley Official Website

Karaoke Challenge: Cryin’

This week's challenge is a classic pop rock song about the all to familiar trials of love by one of the bands who does it best. That's right, it's Aerosmith's hit, Cryin'.



Cryin' was the fourth single off of Aerosmith's 1993 album, Get a grip, and the song that brought both them, and Alicia Silverstone, some serious main stream attention. Not only did Cryin' spend 20 weeks at the top of the charts, the video featuring Silverstone rebelling against a bad boyfriend was one of the most requested from MTV at the time, garnering Steven Tyler's group several music video awards.



Whether or not you like Aerosmith, there is no denying that Steven Tyler has got himself a set of pipes that would be hard to imitate. That's why this week's challenge should be a real competition – but don't shy away, give Cryin' a try, post your rendition in the forum and you might win a feature in next week's newsletter and on the official red karaoke facebook page.

New Song Page!

Coinciding with the launch of the premium services of Red Karaoke, we have also made a new song page available in which there are several new features and in which the content has been reorganized.



As you can see now there are two buttons to sing, one that says “Sing this karaoke” and another “Sing Mp3 karaoke”. The red button (sing this karaoke) has the same function as before, that is to say, it will load the recording applet. This is what you will use if you are using Red Karaoke free. With this option you can record with the .kar file.



The other button, which is orange (Sing mp3 karaoke) is only accessible by the premium clients (VIP or MP3). Depending whether you are one or the other, when you click this button, it will open an applet for premium recording. This applet uses the Mp3 song.



In the additional image you can see the detail of the recording applet for Mp3. As you can see, there are only two buttons, one to active/deactivate the webcam and the other to record. Also, there is the new feature of adjusting the volume of the recording directly in this application. That control is below the webcam image.



Returning to the new song page, aside from the options to record there is also other information.



Information about the song, including who made it famous, the composer, the style, the user that has uploaded it, etc.The lyrics. In the new page the song lyrics will be more dynamic. You will be able to see them in the lower part of the page with a larger size than in the old song page.



Recordings of this song. The highest rated recording will be shown (it will be in the first place) and will continue with the recording in chronological order.



And finally, a memory for nostalgia. Here is an image of the old song page so that its memory is not forgotten.


At last! Sing with Mp3s on Red Karaoke!

If you like singing with high quality Mp3 karaokes, or if you want to improve your recordings with the best audio and image or with sound effects, or even if you want a profile free of any adds, you now have the chance: you could have this and much more with Red Karaoke MP3 and Red Karaoke VIP, the premium services that will allow you to enjoy online karaoke exactly how you have always wanted to.



It has been 14 months of hard work and investment. Work in investigation and development, and investments in personnel, time, equipment and high quality content. It has been a huge effort that today brings to light the premium services of Red Karaoke: The MP3 and VIP services, created to cover the needs of the most demanding singers and in response to the requests the members themselves have sent us.



Almost since our beginning some users have asked for the ability to sing with a higher quality of sound, to sing with high quality Mp3 karaoke with real instrumentation. But this type of service is very expensive to offer, besides which our recording technology was not prepared for this type of file. So at the time we decided to focus on the development of recordings with MIDI and KAR files, for their lesser cost of production, to have a better catalogue of selections and for their versatility during recording (different synthesizers, changing of tone, silencing tracks, etc.) In the end, after more than a year, we decided to take on the challenge: we wanted to offer our members what they asked for, the ability to sing with Mp3.



Red Karaoke Mp3: The Best


And so the Red Karaoke MP3 service was born, whose main advantage (though not the only one) is the ability to sing online with the entire catalogue of instrumental Mp3 tracks available in the Red Karaoke Store, more than 30,000 tracks (that will soon be 40,000) to choose from. We wanted this possibility to be available to the most people possible, and that the price wouldn’t be a limitation for anyone, so we created a simple services without added costs. This has allowed us to offer this service for only $4.90 a month (or $1.95 to try for a day), a bit more than a package of cigarettes and a but less than a hamburger meal.



Red Karaoke VIP: The Exceptional


But as we all know there are users who want more, so we created a second service with even more to offer. One that includes everything offered by Red Karaoke MP3, as well as higher quality audio and video in the recordings, a user profile and recordings without advertisements of any kind, a larger storage of private messages, no limits on the size of video and Mp3s that can also be uploaded in higher quality, detailed information in the RKBot evaluations in order to improve recordings (which will be available in a few days) and even access to a private forum exclusively for VIPs. In summary: We will offer the best service of online karaoke in the world, a service that is truly VIP. The price of this unique service of the highest quality is $7.50 a month (or $2.95 to try it for 24 hours), a bit more than a package of cigarettes or a drink from a bar.



New recording technology


But these new services don’t arrive alone. The come with a new recording technology that, we hope, will solve all the recording problems that those using Macintosh or operating systems like Windows Vista or Windows 7 have had. Through more than 1000 tests on more than 50 different computers, we have created a definitive solution. A new system of recording that, inside of a few days, will be available as well in the free services, so that all members of the page can enjoy recording without problems.



In the case of the MP3 and VIP users, the new recording system will incorporate two important advantages: the possibility of regulating the volume of the microphone (or the voice) from the actual karaoke player for recording, and the incorporation of sound effects that can be applied to the recording once saved in Red Karaoke. The bad part is that those user who record with Mp3 karaoke will not have the option (at least for the moment) to change the tones or silence tracks: you gain a lot with high quality, but you lose a bit of versatility with MP3.



And finally, these new services will create certain changes in the search results of our search engine: now it will show with a series of icons what type of karaoke it is, whether it is KAR, Mp3, both or neither. And of course, we have also created an important change in the karaoke files in order to in order to offer the service to every kind of user, and we have tried to offer a design that is cleaner, more practical, that we hope you like.



As always, we are open to your comments, critiques and suggestions for improvement in our forum. Our objective from now on is to continue improving all of our services, both the free service as well as the new MP3 and VIP, so that we can all enjoy the best online karaoke.



You can learn more about what the MP3 and VIP services offer here.