This week was a great one for Glee fans. Not only did we get to see special musical promos featuring our favorite Gleeks as well as an entire Superbowl Special, but there was also a brand new valentine’s Day episode on Tuesday as well! Join Red Karaoke as we recap the music of Glee’s “Silly love songs” and sing your own renditions of these great songs!


Schuester’s challenge this episode for the young gleeks was, of course, to sing about love. The first performance came from lady’s man Puck who, spending all his time trying to win the affections of one of the tough as nails Lauren, shared his love for Fat bottomed girl by singing about it through Queen’s infamous song on the subject. While Puck may have been coming from the right place and the rest of the glee members dug the song, Lauren was less than impressed and remained so for most of the episode.



But while Puck was striking out, it seems all is perfect between the Artie/Britney and April/Michael pairings. Artie and Michael gave the most fun and perfect performance of the night to demonstrate their love with Artie singing PYT: Pretty young thing by Michael Jackson and Michael doing what he does best, dancing. In return, Tina sang a less than stellar My Funny Valentine, breaking down into sobs about halfway through due to an overload of emotion which was only mildly frightening.



Even more frightening was Blaine’s rejection after bravely enlisting the help of his fellow Warblers, including the enamored Kurt, to help him win the heart of the Gap employee he’s been pining after. In flash mob style the Warblers bombarded the crushes workplace in song and dance while Blaine belted Robin Thicke’s When I get you alone. I think most would’ve fallen for the whole scenario, but not Blaine’s crush. Instead he just got fired and told Blaine he was too old for the high school singer. Luckily, this left room for Kurt to make his own brave move and admit his long time growing feelings for Blaine.



And while it was great to see dedicated love songs and tricky love triangles, it was even better to see the last two performances of the night, Katy Perry’s Firework sung by Rachel and PYT: Pretty young thing by Michael Jackson
My Funny Valentine
When I get you alone by Robin Thicke
Firework by Katy Perry
Silly love songs by Paul McCartney