Glee Recap: The Comeback

This weeks Glee episode “The Comeback” featured the theme of anthems (something we certainly know about here on Red Karaoke), a serious case of spreading Bieber fever, and a few songs worth taking a look at.


Everyone at McKinley high from Rachel to Sam and even Sue are feeling a little bit on the lackluster, which seems like the perfect time for Schuester to announce his “Anthem” themed week, Sue to join the Gleeks as an honorary member and initiates Sam’s exploration of the swagger of Bieber Fever in order to win back the affection of his lady.



Cue Sam’s transformation into a blonder Bieber and his heart melting performance of the young artist’s hit song Baby. Just like all the Gleeks, you may have started out cringing, but by the end of his performance it was hard not to feel a little more in love with Sam.



The other guys of Glee were certainly convinced and joined Sam’s one man solo act, The Bieber Experience, to form a new quartet and performed Somebody to love, another Bieber hit and without a doubt the best performance of the night.


Sue meanwhile was pitting diva against diva as Rachel and Mercedes faced off singing Take me or leave me from Rent. The performance was of course very talented, if not somewhat misguided (where is the anthem in this song?) and even though both ladies possess way more skill then the never sung before Lauren Zizes, I think her spirited choice and rendition of I know what boys like definitely topped their diva off.



And last but not least, after performing My Chemical Romance’s Sing as suggested by Sue, the New Directions decided to star the number as part of their regionals selections. Rachel brought up the very valid point that the song just wasn’t good enough, then dropped the bomb that they should write their own numbers, with very little public support behind her.


All in all, as much as we love Glee, it was a humdrum episode with mediocre performances. We want to here our own singing stars here in the Red Karaoke community show these Gleeks how its really done! Record your own version of these numbers here on RK:


Baby by Justin Bieber
Somebody to love by Justin Bieber
Take me or leave me from Rent
I know what boys like

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