We’ve just launched online the new registration which, among other things, will allow you to connect your Facebook account with your Red Karaoke account. The principle novelty of this features is that those users who are still not registered on Red Karaoke can do so by using their Facebook information. And thanks to your information on Facebook, you will be able to access all of the features on Red Karaoke that come with registering: recording, voting, commenting, posting messages in the forum, etc.


How do I register on Red Karaoke using Facebook.


In the Red Karaoke heading we have included a Facebook logo.



When you click on this button, it will open a little window which will ask you a series of permissions. Click the accept button until all of the steps have completed. This window will appear when you have your Facebook open. The button will detect your account and ask for permission to link with us.



In the case that you don’t have your own Facebook page open, a window will appear that will ask you for your Facebook e-mail and password.



In the last step you will be asked to give your desired user name and password for Red Karaoke. It will then check to see if the Facebook e-mail is already registered. If you are already registered in Red Karaoke, you will have to enter your Red Karaoke user name and password and in this way the two accounts will remain linked.



If you don’t have Red Karaoke user name, you will need to enter a user name as will as password. This name will be the one you use on Red Karaoke as your permanent user name, and will be used in your profile, your recordings, forum messages, etc. As you will see in the image, there are other options, for example you can use your Facebook photo as your Red Karaoke avatar.


New registration.


We have also renovated the registration, making it better and simplifying it greatly compare to before, requiring much less information and making it much faster. With the new registration all you have to do is fill out a form and your become a registered user on Red Karaoke. Fro the registration page you can also access the Facebook registration.