Month: March 2011

New recording system with Flash!


Today we are going to post about the new Flash Player of Red Karaoke, a new recording system for mp3 karaokes that comes with a mountain of advantages: faster uploads, controls for audio voice and for music, configuration assistance, option to sing with full screen, synchronization tool, etc… if you like, you can learn about all of the new features and even try singing with the new system for free.


But let's go ahead and take you through all the new details and advantages right here:


Audio Controls


With the new player you can control separately the volume of the music and the volume of your voice in order to get the perfect recording. Also, while you are recording, you can modify the volume of the microphone in order to avoid noises when you aren't singer and be able to have absolute control at any moment of the volume of your voice.




Configuration Assistant


Your webcam, microphone and other recording devices will all be configured automatically. The configuration will remain saved, though you can change it whenever you like. This way you don't have to figure out how to configure everything on your computer, everything is done in the recording system of Red Karaoke, and you can test it out as much as you like until you 100% satisfied. Easier and faster!




Full Screen  & Party Mode



With the new system you can sing with full screen, whether you record with webcam or not. This function is really great, and can be really useful for singing further away from the PC and allow you to make better videos, and above all, to have karaoke parties in your house. Try it and you'll see, you'll love it!





Synchronization Tool


You can synchronize your voice with the music in case something is a little bit off.


Option to record with or without webcam and sound effects


By clicking the button in the bottom left corner of the video screen you can deactivate your webcam if you just want to make an audio recording. This isn't new, but its much easier and faster too. And,  just like in the MP3 and VIP services before, you can include sound effects in your recording like reverb or echo.




Complete stability and express uploading!!


Another one of the amazing advantages of this new recording system is the stability of the Flash technology in comparison to Java, which will allow you to avoid more errors and problems that occurred with the old player. It's perfect with recording no matter what type of operating system you use, including Windows Vista and Windows 7, Macs, etc… and finally, one of the advantages we like best: express uploading, that will allow you to make many more recordings 70% faster than with the Java system, which will permit you to make many more recording in less time and enjoy Red Karaoke even more.


This new player can only be used with Mp3 karaokes, which is to say, it can only be used by VIP and MP3 users. For technical reasons it cannot be used with Midis and Kar, so with the free service the traditional Java recorder will continue being used.


For some reason if a VIP or MP3 user prefers to use the Java system, it will still be available to record with Mp3, the same as it has been until now. Also, we have created a free trial with one song so that everyone can see how the new Flash Player works: you can try it for free here, and learn about all the new features and advantages.


Remember that if you like the new recording system you can subscribe to the VIP services for just $2.95, with plans for every wallet size. ;)


We hope you enjoy this new recording system, and if you like, please let us know all your impressions, questions and comments in the forum!

Change the key of Mp3 karaokes

Now you can sing and buy Red Karaoke Mp3s with the option to change their key. After many weeks of hard work we have finished the brand new tool that allows you to modify the original tone of the mp3 karaoke, and gives you the ability lower or raise the original key.


The key change of the mp3 karaoke will affect both making recordings as well as downloading the mp3 karaoke after purchasing it, a very important feature we will go into detail about at the end of this post.


Raise or lower the key.



On each song page we have a button that allows you to lower or raise the key. This + or – is in relation to the original key of the karaoke.


When we lower or raise the key, the 30 second demo of the song will reload, signifying that the key change has been applied to the song. At this point we can download the karaoke (after purchasing) or sing it with Virtua Sing or with the VIP flash recorder. The recording will be made using the karaoke with the modified key.


Before recording or beginning the purchasing process, we definitely recommend listening to the karaoke and its adjusted key after modifying it. For this the demo is a great tool.


The New Store


On top of all of this, with the key change tool comes a major change for the Red Karaoke Store, which from today on is 100% integrated with Red Karaoke. This will make the purchasing process of backing tracks much easier for those users already registered on Red Karaoke. If you already have a user name, you can already make shop in the store.


In this post we explain how the new Red Karaoke store for backing tracks works.

How the new Red Karaoke Store works

Coinciding with the launch of the key change tool, we have made some important modifications to the Red Karaoke store for backing tracks. The principal change is that the old store is no longer necessary in order to purchase mp3 karaokes, since from now on it is completely integrated as a part of Red Karaoke.


This means, among other things, that you no longer have to register in the store, but you can shop using just your Red Karaoke user name and password. Those that are already registered in the old store won’t be able to use that in order to shop on Red Karaoke.


How the new Red Karaoke store works.


From now on, each page song will show a button that allows you to download the backing track.



Clicking this button will open a screen in which you will be shown your shopping cart, with the backing tracks you have selected and the option to continue shipping or to finalize your payment.



If you select the option to “Continue shopping”, you will be shown to a search in which you can enter and find the backing tracks you want to purchase. If you select the option to “Finalize payment”, you will have to accept the Condition and terms and you will be shown to the payment gateway, we you will have to enter either your debit/credit card information or your Paypal information, according to the payment method you select.


How to download purchases once you have completed the payment.


Once you have completed and finalized the payment, you will be sent an e-mail with the links you will need in order to start downloading your backing tracks. Another option is to go to your own user profile on Red Karaoke. In the right hand side of your profile you will find the options to access the list of karaokes you have purchased.



When you click on this button, it will open a screen with a list of your completed purchases:



And upon clicking the button “Download the mp3″, you will be shown a window in which you can select the option to “Save” and select the file on your computer in which the mp3 backing track will be stored.


What if you are registered in the old store? Will you lose your downloads?


From today on in the old store,, the option to purchase will now longer work, but the option to download will continue functioning. Anyone who wishes to download the mp3s they have already purchased in the old store will continue being able to do so the same as before. We will keep the old store open for a long enough period of time so that everyone will have the chance to finish downloading their old mp3s.

Discover and download: Bad boy by Cascada

If you enjoy a night out dancing, you may have heard of the German dance group Cascada and some of their most famous hits like Every time we touch or their recent chart topper Evacuate the dance floor. Well, this week we added one of Cascada’s original singles, a song we think you’ll enjoy singing just as much as their trance covers and other dance hits.


Cascada was formed in the mid 2000s by three young artists, the lead singer Natalie Horler and the DJs Yanou and DJ Manian. After working together on various other projects they released their debut single (you may have heard Miracle) which was followed quickly by Bad Boy, today’s discover and download.



Though Bad Boy was not the official world wide second single, replaced by the popular Every time we touch, the single did help Cascada gain the attention of an American dance label and help lead to their eventual US club success.


Bad Boy is, like all of Cascada’s hits, an energetic dance mix filled with fun lyrics about fun love that makes you want to get up out of your chair as you sing. Now you can enjoy Bad Boy, and many others from Cascada, here on Red Karaoke with kar, mp3 or Virtua Sing, or download the instrumental from The Red Karaoke Store and take the track with you anywhere!

Artist Feature: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Today marks the 63rd birthday of musical writing legend Andrew Lloyd Webber, perhaps the most commercially succesful composer in history. Join us as we take a look at Webber’s impressive career and our favorites written by him.


London born and raised, Webber had the fortune of having a composer father and pianist mother, giving him a very musical upbringing. At the tender age of nine he composed his first suite, he eventually continue his musical training and interest in musical theatre at the Royal College of Music.



Webber’s first succesful commission was his work for Colet Cort which resulted in Joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat. Working with Tim Rice on Joseph, the duo turned the musical into an exciting success and eventually worked on several songs that became part of yet another biblically based musical, Jesus Christ Superstar.



In the seventies, Webber and Rice collaborated on the huge project Evita, the musical based on the life of Eva Peron. Don’t cry for me argentina, sung by Elaine Page in the starring role, became a smash number one single.


But perhaps the most infamous of all of Webber’s writing came with his 1980′s musical Cats and its incessant theme song, Memory. The popularity of this musical and webber’s writing was so grand the musical was the longest running in Broadway history, that is, until another of Webber’s musicals broke the record.



Phantom of the Opera produced many award winning hits for Webber, such as Music of the night, adding to his other accolades for songs such as Don’t cry for me Argentine from Evita and Any dream will do from Joseph.


Let’s celebrate this incredible composer’s birthday by honoring his incredible career. Browse through our collection and sing any one of these songs written by Andrew Lloyd Weber here on Red Karaoke in mp3 quality or with Virtua Sing.

New on RK: Lady Gaga’s Born this way

Within five days of its February 11th release, Lady Gaga’s lead single from her upcoming album of the same name, Born this way, became the fastest selling itunes single in history, selling over one million copies to “Little Monsters” all over the world. Read about this record breaking single from the Lady known for breaking music boundaries and sing Born this way, new on Red Karaoke, now.


The hype for Lady Gaga’s 2011 studio album Born this way was nothing to laugh at, with Gaga giving soundbites and teasers to reporters, through facebook and of course twitter, describing her work for the album as “the greatest album of this decade.”



Preparing for the monumental release of the album, Lady Gaga debuted its lead single and our newest Red Karaoke production, Born this way, at the MTV music awards. Singing the chorus, “I’m beautiful in my way, ’cause God makes no mistakes; I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way.”, it was clear the single was a club ready anthem as most of Gaga’s hits are, drawing inspiration from the likes of Madonna and TLC and recycling it into a classic Lady Gaga monster of a song.


Since its release, Born this way has charted at the number one spot in 15 countries, the nineteenth song in US Billboard history to chart at number 1. Red Karaoke invites you to become inspired by Lady Gaga and find your own inner monster, singing true to yourself with the newest addition to the RK catalogue, Born this way.

10 Songs to Sing on International Womens Day

Happy International Women’s Day to all the ladies out there in our Red Karaoke community. Today the world celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. It’s even a national holiday in countries like Russia and Bulgaria! Well, here on RK we like to celebrate our favorite holidays in song, so join us as we browse 10 great songs to sing in celebration of being a woman!



Starting off the list with a bang is the ultimate anthem for empowered women, Respect by the original diva herself, Aretha Franklin. This signature R&B hit from the late sixties was actually written for the artist Otis Redding, but Aretha showed she was ahead of her time when she covered the single and turned it into one of the most recognized women power songs in history.


Express yourself

Another undeniable icon of women empowerment since the day she rolled around MTV’s stage in a torn up wedding gown, Madonna’s hit nineties single Express yourself is an energizing reminder for women to “go for second best” and to speak up for what they need and want, all in all a perfect anthem for International Women’s Day.


Just a girl

Following in the footsteps of Madonna comes yet another blonde bombshell ready to sing for the strength of women. But even in her No Doubt days, Gwen Stephani had a clear idea of the struggles women faced when treated like powerless girls and expressed her frustration through the sarcastically rich single Just a girl, which flew to the tops of the charts and became THE anthem for nineties teen girls everywhere.



As far as women power songs go, its hard to avoid the theme of bad break ups and the cliche of angry me hating women. But what makes Christina Aguilera’s hit single Fighter different is that instead of being just angry, Aguilera sings about the strength a woman can find in leaving the worst of relationships and moving on to be a better person.


Independant Woman

When the remake of the Charlie’s Angels film came out, women everywhere were excited about seeing the popular trio of crime fighting women updated on the big screen. Even more exciting was the lead single off the soundtrack, the modern anthem to single women everywhere, Independant Women, by noneother than of the leading women in music at the time, Destiny’s Child.


I will survive

Getting back to the classics, no list of woman power songs can stand without the disco hit by Gloria Gaynor, I will survive, not only one of the biggest seventies disco singles in history, but also THE epitome of the power of women to come back from a bad breakup and “survive” without a man.


Girls just wanna have fun

When it comes to fun songs about girl power, its hard to find any that aren’t completely serious, but on a scale of 1 to 10, Girls just wanna have fun by Cyndie Lauper is probably a 100 when it comes to reminding everyone that girls want, and deserve, to have just as much fun as everyone else.


I am woman

In 1975, The United Nations declared the year “National Woman’s Year” and chose as the year’s anthem one of the earliest and most well know anthems of women every where, I am woman, the first major hit from Helen Reddy. Even today, featured in films such as “Sex and the City 2″ there is no denying the legacy of this anthem.


I’m every woman

From two of music’s leading women come an anthem that speaks to women everywhere, binding them together, I’m every woman. Whether it’s the 70s version from Chaka khan or Whitney Houston’s more modern remix, both women capture the strength of women coming together perfectly in this empowering single.


Man I feel like a woman

We’ve covered ever anthem from disco to pop, but don’t think we’d leave out the biggest girl power song from one of country’s lovliest ladies, Shania Twain’s fun and energetic hit Man I feel like a woman.


There’s no better way to spend International woman’s day then gathering up a bunch of girlfriends and belting out any one of these amazing anthems. Share a rendition of your favorite women power song in the forums and let us know what you think!

RK Fave Five: Phil Collins

With the announcement of Phil Collins‘ retirement, the music world faces a departure that will leave a huge hole to fill since Collins’ pop career and legacy is anything but amazing. From his work with the groups Genesis to his well known solo music, Collins has had a triumphant time at the top of the charts. Join Red Karaoke as we look at five of our favorite Phil Collins singles and share your own rendition of these hits.


Against all odds

First on our list is one of the first major hits from Collins and our personal favorite, Against all odds, written for the movie of the same name then later appearing on “Face Value” the album that was considered Collins’ divorce album. Though it may be one of the most hauntingly heartbreaking tunes we’ve heard, there is no denying the power behind this grammy nominated tune that has even been covered by the likes of current artists like The Postal Service.



The catchy tune Sussudio is as fun to sing as it is to say the title. Randomly put together by Collins in the studio, the made up word took on the song’s story of a boy’s stutter while telling a girl he had a crush. The magic and fun of the unforgettable track took the radio by storm and is one of the most fun singles from Collins to date.


A groovy kind of love

Known not just for writing top pop hits but also recreating them, Collins cover of A groovy kind of love, the 1988 chart topping version, is our third fave from him. Not only was the cover one of the best done of the single, it charted at number one in both the US and UK and earned Collins a Grammy nomination for Best male pop performance.


Another day in paradise

The lead single from Phil Collins number one album, Another day in paradise, makes the fourth spot on our list and breaks from the traditional pop genre of Collins’ usual style. A number one hit worldwide and the most successful song of his career, Collins’ sang to bring attention to the plight of the homeless, earning himself many accolades in the process.


You’ll be in my heart

And finally, though it wasn’t a chart topper, after the release of Disney’s popular film Tarzan, Phil Collins sweet and romantic theme for the film, You’ll be in my heart was a nonstop force on the radio.


You can sing these great hits and many more from Phil Collins on Red Karaoke with our amazing mp3 flash player… or create your own mini Phil Collins in 3D and sing with Virtua Sing!

New on RK: Grenade by Bruno Mars

This week Red Karaoke is bringing you some brand new karaokes straight from the top of the charts, including the emotional pop/r&b ballad Grenade by one of RK’s favorite new artists, Bruno Mars.


Bruno Mars wrote Grenade along with his buddy Benny Blanco, both inspired by similar lyrical content to write their own heartbreak theme song, which led to the second single from Mars’ debut studio album Doo waps & hooligans and also his third single to reach number 1 on the music charts,
“cementing his position as one of 2010′s top new artists” according to many critics.



Mars has mentioned the song as one of his own favorites, describing it as “a heartbreaking, heartbreak song, and I think everyone can relate to that. You’re so in love with this woman and you don’t understand, ‘What am I doing wrong? What am I not giving to you? I’ll go as far as putting as putting a bullet in my brain for you, and why can’t I get that kind of love in return?’”


And with the song at the top of the charts, its apparent that both critic and fans alike can relate to Bruno Mars’ emotional musical trip. Now you too can harmonize along with Grenade here on Red Karaoke, or check out this and other hits from Bruno Mars in the Red Karaoke Store.