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Make the most of your Red Karaoke experience!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

With all the new additions in the last couple of months and our growing community, we wanted to take the time to say welcome to all the great new members, and to see how everyone whose been with us so long is doing here at Red Karaoke. There have been a lot of big changes this year, lots of fun new features, so just in case you missed something, here is a great guide to getting started and to making the most of your Red Karaoke experience.


First and foremost, find all the help you need setting up your computer to record and with your own personalized settings in the help section and the tutorials forum, which is full of people just like you who can help you with the most individualized problem. Or just send the administrator a private message with your question and we’ll be glad to get you an answer as soon as possible!


One of the best resources on Red Karaoke is without a doubt the Red Karaoke blog, where we share all of our newest features, information on fun contests and blogs about our favorite artists and music. Check out the blog on our Mp3 Flash Recording System, and the Red Karaoke services page to get all the details on our free service, our VIP services and the latest feature, Virtua Sing!


What is Virtua Sing, you might ask… for more details on the recording system where you can create your own avatar and sing on a personalized stage, check out the blog on Virtua Sing and see step by steps on how to create your own stage there too.


And if you dying to take that karaoke with you everywhere, now you can purchase your favorite mp3 instrumental backing tracks from us and download them to your computer, smart phone, CD or even us them with gaming consoles. You can even change the key of the track before you purchase it, whether you are just singing with the adjusted key or want to download it in the new key!


These are just some of our great features, but there is more coming. Already in Spain you can access Red Karaoke as a facebook application and on your television, an exciting new way to use Red karaoke that will be coming to the US soon! The best way to make sure you don’t miss anything is to like us on facebook, check out the blog and the forum often and to just be an active member of our great community!


For now, let us know what you like and don’t like, what you need and how we can help you make the most of your Red Karaoke experience!

RK Fave Five: Travis Tritt

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

This week we added some fresh music from one of America’s most beloved country artists, Travis Tritt. With over fifteen top ten singles and five number one hits, there is no doubt Tritt is a legend among his fellow country musicians, and of course his fans. Join us as we share our five favorite Tritt karaokes to sing along with here on Red Karaoke.


Country Club



With the lead single off his debut album of the same name, Country Club, spending twenty six weeks in the top of the country charts, it seemed Tritt was destined for greatness. With a classic voice and perfect story telling skills, the easy likability of Tritt’s earliest hit makes it the first on our list of favorites.


Here’s a quarter, Call someone who cares



Next on our list is one of Tritt’s most popular songs, Here’s a quarter, Call someone who cares, the lead single off his 1991 album “It’s all about to change” and one of his top five singles from the album. This classic country break up song inspires fans to often throw quarters at Tritt when performing, but there’s probably no danger of that here on Red Karaoke ;)





Also from his 1991 album was Tritt’s second number one single in the US, Anymore. Anymore gave Tritt his first international number one spot in Canada.


Can I trust you with my heart


Can I trust you with my heart was Travis Tritt’s third number one single and another one of our sentimental favorites.


It’s a great day to be alive



Last but certainly not least is the upbeat song It’s a great day to be alive, definitely a favorite here on Red Karaoke and among Tritt’s truest fans. Though it was originally recorded by Jon Randall, Tritt’s version peaked at the number two spot on the country charts and even crossed over onto the hot 100.


You can sing all of these great Travis Tritt singles or any of his other country classics here on Red Karaoke, or shop for the backing tracks to take with you anywhere.

RK Debut: Tinie Tempah

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

This week Red Karaoke has the pleasure of adding a brand new artist from overseas to its catalogue, the hip hop artist Tinie Tempah. Join us as we take a look at this artist’s budding career and our newest karaoke, Written in the stars.


Seemingly from out of nowhere, Tinie Tempah appeared on the scene in with the market appearance of the Sony PSP, which featured Tempah’s single “Listen to the vibe” in its popular racing game Wipeout Pure. The popularity of that single led to Tempah’s first European tour and enough success for him to get his career going.


This success led Tinie Tempah to work in founding the recording label Disturbing London, primarily to help promote his own music as well as sign other young and emerging artist. But after a scout saw Tempah perform in 2009, he was sought after and signed by the Parlophone Label.



It was at this point that Tempah began touring and promoting his first album, Disc-overy, in the US. His first single Pass out was already a hit in the UK, debuting at the number 1 spot in 2010, with his second single Frisky debuting at the number 2 spot and his popularity soaring after opening for Rihanna in four of her european tour dates.


It wasn’t until Tinie Tempah released Written in the stars that he was able to break into the popular US markets, charting in the Top 10 of the Billboard pop charts and giving him his biggest selling single. With the success of Written in the stars, Tempah was a shoo in for the Brit award for Brest British Breakthrough Act and Best British Single.



Now you can discover Tinie Tempah’s hit Written in the Stars and sing it yourself here on Red Karaoke.

New on RK: Judas by Lady Gaga

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

There’s no doubt you’ve heard it on the radio or been equally shocked by its outlandish video on MTV, but now we’re bringing you even more Lady Gaga in karaoke form as we welcome her newest single to our catalogue, Judas.


The second single from her highly anticipated album Born this way, Judas is yet another stop on Lady Gaga’s out of this world crazy train of music. What Lady Gaga calls a story of unrequited love, we see as yet another dark and over the top mega dance hit that we just can’t get out of our heads.



With the same base as Poker Face or Bad Romance, Judas has everything you’d expect from Gaga, complete with a controversial music video, condemned even before its release by the Catholic League for its religious imagery and Gaga’s impersonation of Magdalene.


But what certain groups don’t like, the critics seem to love. Lady Gaga has received dozens of reviews raving for the new single that leans on her strengths as a musician and yet takes the music somewhere new. And though the single has only climbed to the number 17 spot so far, it’s sure to work its way into the top ten soon.


Now you can sing Judas here on Red Karaoke, or check out any one of Lady Gaga’s other amazing ground breaking karaokes.

Artist Feature: Adele

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

There’s no doubt you’ve heard the latest chart topper from British songbird Adele, whether you listen to it on the radio, were one of millions to download the single making it a top 10 debut or maybe you even heard the “New Directions” rendition on Glee last night. However you heard it, we too are obsessed with this gorgeous singer from Northern London, and her newest addition to our Red Karaoke catalogue, Rolling in the deep.


Born in Northern London to a single mother, Adele started training her lungs for a future singing career at the tender age of four. Often sighting Spice Girls as a youthful inspiration, Adele used to dress up and impersonate the famous British girl group at dinner parties, sharing her passion for singing with everyone. At the age of 11 she moved to West Norwood, the subject of her hit single Hometown Glory which she wrote at 16, and shared sudy sessions with the likes of other British singers like Leona Lewis. Through her high school projects she recorded the demo which she later put on Myspace and gained notice from the group XL Recordings.



After signing with XL Recordings Adele released the lead single from her debut album 19, Chasing Pavements, two weeks before releasing the album itself, helping her to debut in the number one spot in the UK. After the incredible success of 19, Adele was the first recipient of the Brit Awards Critic’s Choice and was the number 1 breakthrough act of 2008 predicted by BBC.


Adele joined with Colombia records to venture into the US markets through tours and releases, which at first gained little momentum. But after appearing in one of the most successful episodes of Saturday Night Live, due to Sarah Palin’s guest hosting, and performing Chasing Pavements and Cold Shoulder, Adele’s album 19 topped the US iTunes downloads. In 2008, Adele’s almost fated US career ended in her winning the Grammy’s for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.



In 2011 Adele released her second studio album, 21, which debuted at number 1 in the UK, as well as its lead single Someone like you. In British history, the only other artists to have simultaneous number 1 singles and albums were the Beatles in 1964, not to mention, 21 ended up surpassing Madonna’s record for longest running number 1 album.


The gospel inspired revenge single Rolling in the deep debuted as the lead single and at the number 1 spot in the US, helping Adele to achieve the most sales of any artist in 2011. The single is without a doubt an incredible hit, spending weeks in the top five and having already been covered by other contemporaries such as Mike Posner and the cast of Glee.



Now you can sing your own version of Rolling in the deep, or any of Adele’s other amazing hits here on Red Karaoke.

New on RK: On the floor by J. Lo

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

With J. Lo’s latest club crazed single On the floor gaining momentum on the radio, in the clubs and on the charts, its only natural that we are happy to add it to our arsenal of chart topping hits available for your singing pleasure here on Red Karaoke. Join us as we take a look at J. Lo’s latest music and her new hit On the floor, now on RK.


As no stranger to hard work and success when it comes to music, new ventures and even her personal life, its no wonder that Jennifer Lopez’s seventh studio album, Love? turns out to be her most personal. With years if insight put into a project that began in 2009 and culminated in its release this April, Love? debuted in the Top 10 and it’s lead single On the floor is J. Lo’s biggest in eight years.



On the floor, an up tempo club ready mix featuring fellow Boricua Pitbull, is an evolution of J. Lo’s sound while also being a throwback to her earliest hits including Waiting for tonight and If you had my love. On the floor’s sound, both fresh yet still loyal to her fan base, allowed the single to debut in the top ten, reaching the top ten in most countries and making it to the number one spot in fifteen.


Now you can sing On the floor here on Red Karaoke, and keep an eye out for J. Lo’s next big single on RK.

Create your own stages in Virtua Sing

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

As our second great new feature, we present the brand new option to personalize your stages on Virtua Sing, so that you can be the one to decide where and with whom you are going to sing. It’s as simple as uploading an image from your own computer, and you get your own personally chosen stage.


How do you do it? Simple, you just need to follow these steps:


1. Select the option “Change scene”



2. Select the last option “Customize”



3. A window will open which informs you of the image requirements. You will have to click the button “Upload image” and choose one from your computer.



4. And voila! Now you have a completely personalized stage of your own choosing that is ready to sing on!


Sing in the shower with Virtua Sing

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Confession time! How many of you like to belt out a few tunes in the shower? Truth be told, we’re betting more than one person here loves singing in the shower. Whether you’re any good or not, it just seems like it’s necessary to add a little music to the daily routine.


Well then, naturally, it should be possible to sing in the shower with Virtua Sing, the recording system with 3D avatars on Red Karaoke. We’ll share the simple steps to do so:


1. Choose the option to “Change stage”



2. Search through all of our choices and choose #7, “Shower”



3. And, as you can see, you’re ready to sing in the shower!


Fixed Bugs: Frozen webcam recordings

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Lately we’ve been busy solving some small problems that you have been reporting to us that have been driving us a bit bonkers, due to all of all the time it has taken the technicians to be able to reproduce the problem, the first step in solving it. But with a lot of effort and hard work, we’ve finally found the reason behind the problem and a solution.


We are talking about webcam recordings that have their images cut off or frozen. The problem occurred when at a certain point in the recording, the image no longer saved and resulted in recordings with an audio of 4′, for example, but the time of the video was of course slower, which ended in the image being frozen and no longer recording.


    Why did this bug happen?

The easiest and fastest explanation was that the problem was (is, in reality) that the webcam has a very high quality of image and the internet connection is not so good, and there becomes a moment in the connection which does not support the image (which we save in high quality and very large).


At this point, our recordings system gave priority to the audio and the image was frozen, which is why in some recordings the image was recorded up to the point that it froze in order to be able to save the audio recording.


But with the problem found, we can apply the solution. If you find yourself in this situation, that you have a good webcam and a bad connection, you can continue making your video recordings, but now there will be no frozen videos because now it will be saved locally and uploaded once you have finished the recording.


With all of this we hope this problem is completely resolved. If at some point you find the same issue occurring, let us know so that we can continue revising it. And just a small note, the error only occurred with the flash player, whether it was the VIP users or those that are using their two free recordings.

RK Fave Five: James Brown

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Known as “The Godfather of Soul”, there is possibly no man from the 20th century more iconic than James Brown. Whether its feverish dance steps or his distinct vocal sound, Brown is a legend among legendary musicians and has become on of the most sampled and covered artists in musical history. Join Red Karaoke as we share our five favorite James Brown singles to get up and sing to.


Papa’s got a brand new bag



Our first favorite from James Brown is one of his first top ten singles in the early days of funk music, and the first showing of what would become Brown’s signature style Papa’s got a brand new bag. Brown’s fast paced anthem for movers on the dance floor has been on The Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest songs of all time since 2004 and remains ranked within the top 100.


I got you (I feel good)



Better known as I feel good, I got you is one of Brown’s most iconic hits and without a doubt a staple among funk and r&b fans, becoming Brown’s highest charting single at the number three spot and has gained spots on every top 100 rock and dance song list out there.


It’s a man’s man’s man’s world



The first duet of our favorite’s is the soulful ballad, It’s a man’s man’s man’s world, which describes the unbalanced relationship between the sexes, but then attributes all the productivity of men as impossible with out the love of a woman. Flamatory subject matter that helped this single reach the top.


Get up (I feel like being a) Sex Machine



Sometimes just known as Sex Machine, this fun single is yet another iconic hit from Brown that gets everybody on the floor and has been featured in dozens of movies, television shows and commercials, as well as on Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest songs of all time.


Please please please



And last but certainly not least on our list, is James Brown’s first professional recording and the first staple in his live act, Please please please, an R&B classic rooted in southern gospel about a man begging for his woman to stay.


You can sing these hits and many more from James Brown all on Red Karaoke in mp3, kar or on Virtua Sing!