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Who sang it better? Somebody to love

Seventies rock doesn’t get more classic than Queen, and Queen doesn’t get more signature than songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and Somebody to love. In fact, Queen is one of the most popular artist choices among karaoke fans. But what about the celebrities and other musical artists who cover their hits? This week, RK brings you a brand new installment of Who sang it better, and this time we’re looking at the Queen hit Somebody to love.



Somebody to love, like it’s predecessor mega-hit Bohemian Rhapsody, is a complexly layered cake of vocal tracks and harmonies, meant to harness the sound of a gospel choir, creating a rock ballad about faith, love and desperation. Without a doubt, Somebody to love is a favorite of any Queen fan, considered one of their greatest hits… but what about the covers?



Certain leading ladies have covered the moving rock song for their respective film roles. The late Brittany Murphy sang Somebody to love for the insta-classic, Happy Feet, as the love interest Gloria’s signature song, and her feminine twist on the single was astounding. Anne Hathaway also sang Somebody to love for the less famous, but equally as cute, Ella Enchanted, but her vocals didn’t quite measure up to the classic in our opinion.



Then, of course, there is the group rendition of Somebody to love by none other than the incredibly talented cast of Glee, which may or may not blow every other cover of Somebody to love out of the water. But that’s what we think… we want to hear your opinion! Follow this link to the forums, vote in our poll, and tell us what version you think is the best… or sing your own and challenge the professionals!

Artist Feature: Blake Shelton

With 10 years of country stardom under his belt, including seven studio albums, nine number one singles, and a coaching spot on reality singing show The Voice, Blake Shelton is one of Red Karaoke’s favorite all American artists. Join us as we take a look at his ten year career in the spotlight and his newest karaoke on RK, Honey Bee.


Oklahoma born and raised, Shelton began singing and strumming guitar at the tender age of 12, and by age 16 had won his state’s Denbo Diamond Award. The following year, Shelton moved himself to Nashville to pursue his dreams of stardom and within several years signed to Giant Records.



Though he was slated to sing the future hit I wanna talk about me, trouble arose and Toby Keith got the hit instead. Shelton dissolved his contract and began working with Warner Bros. Records, releasing his golden debut album named after himself and the lead single, Austin, which stuck to the number one spot for five weeks.



The six albums following his debut brought Shelton seventeen charted singles, including nine number one hits, plenty of award nominations, and six country music awards in 2010 and 2011 for Hillbilly Bone and Who are you when I’m not looking.


  2011 will surely see even more accolades for country star Shelton, whose July release of Honey Bee became the fastest certified gold single by any male country star in Billboard history. You can channel Shelton's down home sound singing Honey Bee, and tons of other Blake Shelton hits, here on Red Karaoke.

Karaoke Battle USA: The Premiere

You have to be living under a rock here on Red Karaoke if you haven’t heard of Karaoke Battle USA, the new ABC reality series that will chronicle to American karaoke-ers as the sing their way to the World Karaoke Championships. The six episode series finally premiered last Friday with lots of ups and downs and plenty of singing to go around. Join Red Karaoke as we review some high lights.


Here at Red Karaoke we were excited to here that Brian Scott, though unknown to many is well known as a previews World Karaoke Champion, was one of three hosts, joined by ex-N’Sync member Joey Fatone, a big surprise, and journalist Joe Levy. But the production of the show has been teaming with experts since day one, all with their own opinion on what makes a karaoke champion, so make sure to check out the behind the scenes videos on the creating of the show and what the judges think…



Though apparently, choosing the “best of the west” was a harder task than the judges foresaw, as they admitted to ABC about choosing the two contestants to go on. In the end, music teacher Sammy Vijarro, also known as Sam Jam due to his dance moves, and business consultant Meredith McHenry, one of our favorites for her soulful rendition of It’s a man’s man’s world, got the pass. You can see their individual bios and performances here and here.


There were many other surprising choices and singers that wowed, like the fun and talented Corey Janecek and his oh so interesting choice to perform a single by Cher. All in all, the show was a huge success in our eyes and we can’t wait until the next installment. What do you think about Karaoke Battle USA? Tell us here in the forums or on facebook, and make sure to stop by Karaoke Battle USA’s facebook as well.

Artist Feature: Coldplay

As the summer tour circuit winds down, Coldplay’s jaw dropping performances of their latest single Every tear drop is waterfall and sneak peaks from their soon to be released album are fresh on everybody’s mind. Join Red Karaoke as we take a look at Coldplay’s incredible career starting with their 2000 hit yellow up to their chart topping first release from their 6th studio album, new on Red Karaoke.


Formed in 1996, Coldplay consists of lead singer Chris Martin, Johnny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Phil Harvey and Will Champion, the last of which joined right before settling on the name they would become famous by and releasing 500 copies of their first EP, Safety.



Coldplay released two more EPs, Brothers and Sisters and The Blue Room, gaining the notice of different labels and producers, as well as dealing with some inner group turmoil, which concluded with a pact between all the members to fire anyone who might use hard drugs and also to share all profits equally. Finally, in 1999, they were ready to record their first studio album.


In 1999, Shiver, the first single from their studio album Shiver, charted in the UK top 40 and sparked some interest for the British singers. Then, in 2000, Coldplay saw a major breakthrough with the release of their single Yellow, cracking the top 5, and paving the way for Parachutes to debut in the number 1 spot on the UK charts, and win the Mercury Music Prize and Grammy for Alternative group.



2002′s A rush of blood to the head spawned several hits including The Scientist, Clocks and In my place, all of which helped lead to Coldplay being named Rolling Stone’s best artist of the year, as well as the accolades for best Alternative group and Record of the year at the 2003 and 2004 grammies.


x&Y, Coldplay’s third studio album and 2005 release, became one of the fastest selling albums in the UK and spawned the hits Fix you and Speed of sound. The album began to draw more negative criticisms of the band, as well as comparisons between U2 and Coldplay.



Viva la vida was Coldplay’s latest album and success, the lead single of which became Coldplay’s first billboard top single based on internet downloads alone. The album itself once again won Coldplay honors for fastest selling album in UK history, as well as handufuls of awards including grammies and BRIT awards.


As you gear up for Coldplay’s upcoming album, enjoying singing their many hits, including Every tear drop is a waterfall, here on Red Karaoke.

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