Month: November 2011

Artist Feature: Randy Newman

Randy Newman celebrates 68 years of life under the sun, and so we are celebrating his incredible career of comical songs and heart warming film scores. Join us as we take a look at the man behind both the satire and sweetness, Randy Newman.


Though born in LA, Randy Newman spent his early years growing up in New Orleans and then back in California, surrounded by uncles and cousins that were all well known film composers. With music in the family, its no wonder Newman began writing and recording his own songs at just 17, but with little success, he decided to focus on song writing and arranging music.


Many of Newman’s early successes were performed by the likes of Cilla Black and Gene Pitney and he also spent a few years in the 60s as part of the group Harpers Bizarre, helping them achieve a few top 40s, and maintaining a close relationship with them over the years.



In ’68, Newman released Randy Newman, his debut album which received critical success. Though it never even entered the top 200 albums, some of the industries most well known artists, from Dusty Springfield to Nina Simone, covered many of his hits, including I think it’s going to rain today, which became an early standard.


12 songs, Newman’s second album achieved similar notoriety, though it was Randy Newman Live that cemented his cult following and his first break into the Billboard Top 200 albums.



It was around this time that, as Newman produced more and more successful but equally controversial studio albums (just read a little bit about the drama surrounding his hit Short People), that Newman also began composing for films. While Newman has written music for everything from the musical Ragtime to ¡Three Amigos! starring Steve Martin, his work for Disney Pixar films is what has truly made him shy in all of the public’s eyes.


Every score for a Pixar film by Newman has earned at least an Academy Award nomination, and finally won an Oscar for the single If I didn’t have you written for Monster’s Inc. Newman also has written for television, and won an Emmy for the theme song to Monk, It’s a jungle out there.



Enjoy singing hit songs by Randy Newman like the Toy Story classic You’ve got a friend in me right here on Red Karaoke, or buy the mp3 versions to download and take with you anywhere.

RK 5 Fave Songs to Sing on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of our Red Karaoke family! While you may have all the festivities leading up to the main turkey carving planned, we’ve got what you need to keep the whole family entertained after they’ve slept off their food comas… Red Karaoke’s Five Favorite Songs to Sing on Thanksgiving Day! We’ve got something for everyone, so keep reading!



What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong


A holiday classic, Louis Armstrong’s What a wonderful world is the perfect, heartfelt song to sing with family and friends to show appreciation for all of life’s marvelous gifts. As sweet and meaningful as a prayer set to music, we can’t think of any better song to sing on a day dedicated to gratitude.



We are family by Sister Sledge


But if you’re looking to up the energy for your Turkey Day festivities, Sister Sledge’s dance hit We are family is the perfect upbeat theme song for Mom, Dad and the kids to shake their groove things to as they sing the lyrics practically everyone knows by heart. And if there is one thing you can’t do without on Thanks giving (besides the turkey), its family.



Thank you by Dido


Some Thanksgiving celebrations out there are between that young couple who is just starting their own traditions after newly being married and maybe moving far away from their old family and friends. As this loving duo creates their own special way to celebrate Thanksgiving day, we think the perfect addition to the day is dedicating and singing Dido’s sweet Thank you to one another.



Isn’t she lovely by Stevie Wonder


Mom and pops alike will love singing Isn’t she lovely, Stevie Wonder’s anthem dedicated to daughters around the world, just to show how much they are grateful for their own beautiful children on Thanks giving day… and just maybe to see how embarrassed their kids get with the sentimental gesture. It’s okay, that’s what the holidays are made for!



Thank you for the music by Abba


And last but not least, as loyal and beloved members of Red Karaoke, you’ve got to say Thank you for the music, Abba style of course! In fact, the Red Karaoke Team is singing this song all year ’round, because without the music, we wouldn’t have this wonderful community of singers!


What are you waiting for? Grab the kids, your husband and the neighbors, and liven up your Thanksgiving Day celebrations with a karaoke party! Sing one of these great Thanksgiving themed songs, or browse through our enormous catalogue of karaokes to find your own perfect theme for this special day!

Artist Feature: LMFAO

Growing fast in popularity as each one of their “party rock anthems” climbs the charts, LMFAO is a group that’s hard to ignore, and Red Karaoke has joined the throng of fans that can’t get enough of the electro pop beats. Join us as we take a look at this California born and raised duo here in the Red Karaoke blog.


Hailing from Los Angeles, LMFAO is composed of would be modern renassaince DJs and family members, Redfoo Gordy and SkyBlue. The two, though able to do everything from rap to dance to produce, signed onto Interscope records in 2008 to pursue their more musical talents.



LMFAO released there Party Rock EP on iTunes in July of that same year and their full album a few days afterwards. The album reached the 33rd spot on the Billboard singles charts but charted number 2 on the Dance charts, with rave reviews from critics such as the LA Times, calling their album “14 virtually interchangeable odes to night life.”


Their first single, the cleaned up version called I’m in Miami Trick, did all right on the radio and charts, but got them no where near the success of the remix of their single Let the Bass Kick, which became the theme song for a Kardishian MTV show, or Get Crazy which was used in Jersey Shore.



In 2010 LMFAO were featured on a David Guetta international hit, Gettin over you, helping their second album, Sorry for party rocking, and its lead single, Party Rock Anthem, become the most successful single of their career. Party rock anthem peaked at number one in the US and over ten other countries, matched only by the success of their third single, Sexy and I know it, which reached number one worldwide on the iTunes chart and is a new karaoke to RK’s catalogue.


While LMFAO gets busy on producing another album full of dance hits set to be released in 2012, you can enjoy singing some of their current most popular singles here on RK, or download the instrumental mp3s from LMFAO to take with you anywhere. Either way, enjoy LMFAO when ever and where ever you want with Red Karaoke.

RK Fave Five: Bonnie Raitt

At the ripe age of 62, celebrating her birthday today, and with more than 30 years of music under her belt, there’s no doubt that Bonnie Raitt is a country classic, and one of Red Karaoke’s favorites when it comes to country, folk and rock and roll. Join us as we share our five favorite go-to karaokes from this country queen.



Something to talk about


Without a doubt, first on any Bonnie Raitt list has to be her hit single Something to talk about, which also happened to be the theme song of a movie by the same name. Written in the 90s, Something to talk about won Raitt dozens of accolades, becoming one of her most well known numbers to date and our favorite to sing.



I can’t make you love me


Slightly more mellow, but nearly as iconic, second on our list is the soulfully sad ballad I can’t make you love me, Raitt’s song from the early 90s that became what Rolling Stone calls one of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time., and one of the most covered singles from artists like George Michael to Bon Iver, and now Red Karaoke-ers a plenty.



Nick of time


The lead single from Raitt’s same titled album, and considered one of her major breakthrough singles, next on our list is Nick of time. Nearly 20 years after her initial debut, the album and recording were surprise chart toppers, and helped her achieve similar Grammy success to the early nineties.



Love sneakin’ up on you


Another hit from her early nineties successes, Love sneakin’ up on you is one of those light hearted singles, reminiscent of Something to talk about that you can’t help but love singing along to.



Love has no pride


And last but night least, yet another love filled song from Raitt (a reoccurring theme for that queen of country), Love has no pride is another Red Karaoke favorite, particularly performed with another beloved artist of ours, Elvis Costello.


Sing any one of these wonderful Bonnie Raitt songs, or check out what else she has available on Red Karaoke to sing along with or download.

RK Debut: Hugh Laurie

Fans of the hit television show House M.D. may already have an idea about starring actor Hugh Laurie’s musical talent from the show, but even they might be surprised and pleased to find his debut single Police Dog Blues debuting in our own karaoke community. Join us as we take a look at the musical side of this amazing actor.


Hugh Laurie, like fame, is no stranger to the sound of any instrument, having been trained in piano since the age of six, and with skills at the guitar, drums, saxophone and harmonica.



Laurie went on to display much of his musical ability in several movies and shows, including A Bit of Fry & Laurie and Jeeves and Wooster and as host of Saturday Night Live. His most notable televised music moments are on episodes of House, where he has played classic rock ‘n roll instruments like the Gibson Flying V and Les Paul guitars. His staunch character also happens to have a Hammond B-3 organ in his home and on one episode performed the introduction to Procol Harum’s classic Whiter Shade of Pale.



But Laurie’s musical talents are not just a side show to his acting career. He is a vocalist and keyboardist for a Los Angeles charity rock group and, following Meat Loaf’s appearance on House, Laurie played piano as a special guest on the song If I Can’t Have You from Meat Loaf’s 2010 album Hang Cool Teddy Bear.



Now, Hugh Laurie has taken his skills and put them into a debut blues album called Let Them Talk, of which the first single, Police Dog Blues is available for you to jam out to on Red Karaoke. Enjoy singing Police Dog Blues as you wait for more music from RK debut artist Hugh Laurie.

Who sang it best: Love song

With all the excitement this week, you didn’t think we’d forget about fun stuff like our Who sang it best? game, where you get to read about/listen to one of our favorite songs sang about six different ways and then – you guessed it – tell us who you think sang it best! This week we are slowing it down with romantic ballad Love song – trust us, you’ll want to keep reading to see all the amazing singers you get to choose from when you decide Who sang it best!?



Though you may recognize Love Song as being the hit single from American reggae style rock band 311, featured in the too fun for words chick flick 50 First Dates, this beach themed remake of the romantic song was not the first, nor the last.



The original Love song, or should we say Lovesong, was penned by noneother than frontman of British alternative rock band The Cure. Not exactly a routine number from these contemporary rockers, a fact which is marked by its overwhelming success stateside as The Cure’s only top ten hit, you’ll love the story behind the creation of the sweet song. Robert Smith, The Cure’s creative genius, originally wrote the ballad as a wedding gift for his long time fiance… never knowing it would be the single that brought The Cure to the top of the Billboard charts, and a favorite among amateurs and professionals alike.



But 311 isn’t the only well known artist to make their mark with Lovesong, numerous artists ranging from Death Cab to Cutie, Anberlin, A Perfect Circle and Good Charlotte have recorded their own versions of Lovesong… even Adele went so far as to include her rendition on her album 21, much to the pleasure of this Red Karaoke-er – her version gets my vote!


lovesongVote for my rendition!


Speaking of Red Karaoke-ers, the stars aren’t the only ones brave enough to sing Lovesong… Red Karaoke member Xrisxs went for it and, with his own guitar and sweet vocals, nailed The Cure’s alternative hit.


Lovesong is such a popular hit, there are almost too many incredible versions to choose from – that’s why we are leaving it up to you. Take a listen to all these beautiful renditions of Lovesong and then tell us in the forums – Who sang it best?!

The Red Karaoke mobile application has arrived!

We are happy to present the Red Karaoke application for smartphones and tablets. If you have an Android mobile phone, iPhone or Ipad, from today on you will be able to access Red Karaoke from your mobile phone, so that you can take the fun with you wherever you go!


Download the application for free


The Red Karaoke mobile application is totally free. Also, once the application is installed on your smartphone you can sing up to 20 Mp3 quality karaokes for free. You can access them through the section/karaokes / free karaokes and see all the fun that you can have with just your phone.


In order to download the application, click on one of the following links:


If you have an iPhone you can access the application here:


If you have an Android you can access the application here:


With your Red Karaoke account


Once you have installed the application on your mobile phone you do not need to create a new account. You can log in with your Red Karaoke user name and password to begin enjoying the application. Also, if you are a VIP user, you will have unlimited access to all of the features of the application without having to pay a penny more.


The users that do not have a VIP accout will have access to 20 free karaokes in Mp3 and to their personlized information on Red Karaoke, voting and commenting, etc. And anyone, whether registered or not on Red Karaoke, can play recording by any of the Red Karaoke community.


What more does the Red Karaoke application offer?


The application allows you to sing and record at full screen with iPhone Retina Display, the greatest resolution available.
Key change tool.
It’s not necessary to have a mic or headphones in order to record, making your mobile phone the perfect tool for singing in a group or at parties.
The application allows you to save your recordings locally (on your phone) and/or upload them to Red Karaoke.
You can publish you recordings to Facebook and Twitter.
… and many more advantages.


What are you waiting for? Download the Red Karaoke mobile application today and take the fun with you wherever you go.




On top of the launch of our mobile application, we have redesigned the Red Karaoke homepage: and the Karaoke page: and we have created a new community page:


We hope that you love all of these new changes, and that from now own you can enjoy Red Karaoke even more. As always, we hope for your feedback, comments, and suggestions.