Month: December 2011

RKs Fave Five: Taylor Swift

Billboard’s 2011 Woman of the Year, the young and talented Taylor Swift, celebrates 22 years under the sun. And considering that since the age of 17, Swift has one every kind of accolade you possibly can as a celebrity musician, including being the youngest CMA Entertainer of the Year to ever win and being named by Rolling Stone as one of their Queens of Pop, Swift has got plenty celebrate this birthday. In honor of a Red Karaoke favorite, we too want to celebrate the shining star the is Taylor Swift by sharing our personal karaokes of choice when it comes to Swift.



Tim Mcgraw


Tim Mcgraw was the breakthrough single about every country girl’s favorite country singer and first love… the kind of musical writing that would make Taylor Swift one of the world’s most successful young singer-songwriters in music history and made us adore her youthful innocence.



Love story


As one of the most popular pop singles on the radio – and on Red Karaoke too – its no wonder that once you here Swift’s mega hit Love story, there’s no way you are going to get it out of your head… might as well sing along!



You belong with me


Showing her spunky side,in You belong with me, Swift sings about getting one over on the popular girl in school – all in the name of true love of course. Even coming from a devious angle, Swift can’t help but win over the hearts of her fans.





Just like all of the rest of her songs, Taylor Swift’s Fifteen is autobiographical, describing her experience as a freshman in high school. Thousands of adoring fans, whether young or old, can enjoy this simple theme and remember their own days as a nervous freshman as they listen to Swift’s words.





Last but not least, Mine shows Swift’s slightly more mature side, though fans never need worry, she will always stay true to her roots of autobiographical songs of love learned and lost.


With so many karaokes from Taylor Swift, its hard to choose just five, so browse through them all and enjoy singing your own favorites right here on Red Karaoke.

Happy holiday ideas with Red Karaoke

Christmas is less than a week away and Santa is busy checking off his list of who is naughty and nice. But while you work on checking off your holiday list, don't forget all the ways Red Karaoke can help you have a very Merry Christmas! Need some ideas? Well just keep reading for all the ways you can celebrate this joyous time of year with Red Karaoke.


Send a singing season's greeting


One of the best things about Red Karaoke is that you can share your holiday recordings whenever and wherever you want… especially now that we have the Red Karaoke facebook application and 30 free holiday themed karaokes in all of our Red Karaoke applications! So whether you are VIP or have a free membership, you can sing all of your favorite carols and classics, then send them by e-mail, embed the recording on your blog, or send the recordings via facebook to your friends and families so that they receive your special singing season's greeting as a surprise on their own facebook walls. It's the fastest and funnest way to share the holiday spirit with everyone this Christmas.


Give the gift of VIP


This year why not share the wonderful VIP experience with one of your Red Karaoke friends who really loves to sing? Using this option from our Premium Services page allows you to purchase as much VIP time for any Red Karaoke member that you want, as a special holiday treat. They will receive a special notice so that they know about their new VIP status and all of the great features that go along with it. What better way to show your Red Karaoke friends you care?!


Download our holiday Mp3s


Another great idea is shopping for some of our high quality mp3s and downloading them for any one of your special holiday occasions. Planning a Christmas karaoke party? Need some great background music for opening gifts Christmas morning or dinner with the family? Then why not pick out your favorite instrumental mp3s to download and create a CD with them! These mp3s are great for singing along with friends and family, and also happen to be amazing background music for all of the season's special moments.


Forum fun for the holidays


Last but not least, here at Red Karaoke, we really love building our community of loving and friendly singers. And for the holidays, we invite you all to come to the special thread created for this 2011 Holiday Season, to share your own holiday traditions, your best and favorite Christmas renditions, and just enjoy some good old seasonal cheer.


We are grateful to each and every one of our Red Karaoke members, new and old, for being a part of the Red Karaoke family, and we look forward to celebrating this Red Karaoke holiday season with you. We hope you enjoy the many ways that you can celebrate the holidays on Red Karaoke, and look forward to hearing your spirited voices this Christmas.

New on RK: Love you like a love song

We like to bring you the freshest music to sing along to each and every week, and this week we are keeping it particularly NEW by bringing you the latest hit that has taken the charts by storm, from one of pop music’s youngest but fastest rising stars, Selena Gomez. Join us as we take a look at the career of young Gomez and her single Love you like a love song, new on Red Karaoke.


Fresh faced and bubbly, its no surprise Selena Gomez started her rise to fame with appearances on children’s television shows like Barney and is a well known actress from the Disney channel. Texas born and raised, the young star began her career in front of the camera at age 7 when she was cast in Barney, which was followed by several minor appearances as well.


It wasn’t until 2004 until she was scouted by Disney for the show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, as well as landing a recurring role on the hit show Hannah Montana. Finally in 2007, Gomez landed the starring role of Disney’s show Wizards of Waverly Place, which helped her start films such as a Cinderalla spin off, The Princess Protection Program and eventually the film Ramona and Beezus.



At this time, Gomez began capitalizing on her Disney stardom, performing musical numbers such as a recording of Cruella de Vil for the re-release of 101 Dalmations, and Fly to your heart for the Disney Tinkerbell movie. She also recorded music for her Wizards show and other Disney series.


2009 saw the formation of Selena Gomez & the Scene, a teen pop band which is led by Gomez herself. Their debut album, Kiss & Tell was released in September of 2009 and certified gold the following year. Though their second album also was successful, it wasn’t until the single Who Says was released from their third studio album that they began seriously charting and gaining radio airplay.


We happen to be huge fans of Love you like a love song, and its music video which features a Japanese karaoke setup (awesome!) and her cute little boy toy and another Red Karaoke favorite, Justin Bieber… what’s not to love?



Now you can sing the newest hit from Selena Gomez, Love you like a love song, in high quality mp3 here on Red Karaoke. Or download any one of her instrumental tracks to take with you anywhere!

RKs Fave 5 Not So Obvious Holiday Karaokes

With Christmas right around the corner, many are finishing their Christmas shopping, preparing their kitchens for feasts and gathering with family for all of their favorite traditional fun and laughter. Of course, we'll all be singing our favorite Christmas carols filled with images of decked out trees and snow covered lanes, but there are many themes perfect for the holidays that may not fit the average, classic Christmas carol. As we celebrate with our families, why not try singing one of RK's Fave Five Not So Obvious Holiday Karaokes – all of which are still filled with plenty of love and good tidings!



What a wonderful world


Okay. Perhaps our first choice is actually a fairly obvious holiday song – considering it has nearly the same title as one of Christmas's most classic movie choices It's a wonderful life- but what can we say? Every holiday occasion should be filled with crowds and crowds of people singing What a wonderful world to their neighbors, friends and family, because what better time than Christmas to acknowledge what a wonderful world it truly is.



Love is all around


For those that have seen the more modern holiday classic that is Love Actually, once again, Love is all around may seem like an obvious choice for the holidays, considering that a large portion of the film's plot is centered around a washed up musicians re-make of Love is all around into Christmas is all around… but we happen to love both the movie's cheesy re-wording, as well as the original. And at a time when we surround ourselves with the many different loves of our lives, its the perfect song it sing.



All you need is love


For some, particularly in a day and age when the economy is taking its toll on many, Christmas is a hard time with much less abundance than some of us may remember when we were young. That's why The Beatles classic All you need is love is one of our favorite less obvious holiday songs, because even when you don't have much to give, a lot of times, all a person really needs… is love!



Seasons of love


Since many of us here are big time musical fans, we decided our list should include one of the Broadway's more well known numbers, Seasons of love. While not strictly speaking of the holiday season, once again, the theme of love and time passing, as well as the musicals many different themes of acceptance and friendship, seem perfect for musical lovers to sing along with this Christmas.



I'd like to teach the world to sing


And last, but certainly not least, the sweet little ditty that Coca Cola made famous, I'd like to teach the world to sing. Not only is the song filled with well wishes for the entire world (and world peace is a classic holiday theme), but this song also captures a gift Red Karaoke hopes to give everyone all year long – the freedom to sing!


Whatever holiday traditions you celebrate, we hope our little list of not so obvious holiday karaokes has opened up your mind as you consider what special songs to sing this season. And don't forget to share your holiday renditions, obvious or not, in the 2011 Holiday Season Forum for all of our Red Karaoke family to enjoy!

New & improved RK Mobile App with a little holiday bonus

Now you can get the Red Karaoke application for smart phones with a holiday twist. If you’ve got an Android phone, an iPhone or an iPad and want to enjoy Red Karaoke where ever you are this holiday season, download the application – featuring brand new improvements that you can read more about below:


  • Christmas decorations. We’ve dressed up the the application for the holiday season, making it that much more fun for you, your family and friends.
  • 30 more karaokes, free. In the karaoke section/ free karaokes, you will find 50 free karaoke in total. During the holiday season, you can sing up to 30 Christmas carols on top of the 20 free karaokes that were already available. All of this, free, with you Red Karaoke username and password.
  • Delete recordings from your telephone. You can now deleted recordings from your telephone. We want to take a moment to remind everyone that your username and password are the same on the website as they are for the mobile application, for the TV application and for Facebook, so whatever you do in one site, goes for every site… so you can have all of the control of your account in the palm of your hand!
  • Improvements in performance.


    Don’t wait any longer. Download the free application and this holiday season you can enjoy the best of Christmas singing carols with your friends and family. Find it in the Apple Store or in the Android Market.


    To download it, click on one of the following links:


    If you have an iPhone, click here to install it:



    If you have an Android, click here to install it:



    Red Karaoke, now on your TV!

    Now you can enjoy the Red Karaoke application for Panasonic televisions, other tvs and other devices (Blurays, etc.) that have the VIERA Connect system! The application is available to everyone, save users in Europe and Japan, but will be available there soon. Thanks to this Red Karaoke application, you can turn your living room into a karaoke party and enjoy the thousands of karaokes that are available from us!



    If you are a Red Karaoke VIP member, you have access to more than 45,000 karaokes, all of your own recordings and personalized content, no matter if you are accessing it through your smartphone, through the internet or on the Red Karaoke Application for facebook.



    If you are not a VIP member, you can sing the free songs and play all of the recordings that have been made within the community. In this version, you can only play the karaokes… the option to record is currently not available.



    So if you are thinking of finally springing for that new television and you’ve got a thing for karaoke, don’t think twice and get a Panasonic TV with the Viera Connect system… that way you can enjoy singing at home with all of your friends and family!

    Who sang it best? Santa Claus is Coming to Town

    It’s time for yet another blog where we ask you, Who sang it best? This time, we have a very special holiday song picked out, none other than the children’s classic, Santa Claus is coming to town. But with a classic comes many, many (many) artists who have all done different and wonderful versions of this kid’s carol. So read on and listen to a few of our favorite renditions, then let us know in the forum, Who sang it best?!



    In 1934, for the first time ever on a popular radio show, the world was introduced to what would become one of the most well known children’s Christmas carols ever, Santa Claus is coming to town. The song was written by little know musician John Frederick Coots. It became an insta-hit with more than 100,000 orders for its sheet music, and was recorded first for the charts by Harry Reser and Tom Stacks.



    Don’t know those artists? That’s okay… with hundreds of musicians from Michael Buble to Andrea Bocelli having covered this Christmas standard, your bound to find your own favorite version. We happen to be partial to the Jackson 5 version, thanks to the group’s youthful vocals, but we also got a kick out of the newest rendition of Santa Claus is coming to town from Justin Bieber.



    Of course with so many modern artists like Mariah Carey and Faith Hill singing the song, sometimes you just want to go back to the classic – and by that, we mean the version of Santa Claus is coming to town that spawned its own children’s feature film around that theme.



    Well, there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of version to choose from… so tell us in the forums, Who sang Santa Claus is coming to town the best?