This year we are bringing back the Red Karaoke World Tour, where every couple of weeks you can read a feature on a cool, new artist and their karaokes that you should check out – but from around the globe! This week we are headed East and checking out the jazz stylings of Japanese transplant, Juju and her English cover now on RK, Lullaby of birdland.


Though Juju may currently reside in New York City, she spent her early years day dreaming of becoming a jazz musician in the far away city of Kyoto, Japan. Since the age of 12 Juju became involved in the music scene, and was brave enough to travel to New York City alone to pursue her dream once she turned 18.


Once in New York, Juju found her musical influences growing from Jazz to Hip hop, latin music, R&B and soul and was able to find avenues to pursue her singing. In 2001, Juju began being featured in a number of works by other artists and in 2002, provided music for the foreign film Kyōki no Sakura.



2004 saw the debut of Juju’s first single Hikaru no Naka e, as well as the beginning of her popularity in Japan. When her third single, Kiseki wo Nozomu nara, was released, it topped the USEN charts and remained on the chart for a record length of 22 weeks, though she still had not gained the popularity she hoped for.


Then, in August 23, 2008, with the release of Kimi no Subete ni, a collaboration with Spontania, Juju received her big break, with the single receiving over 2.5 million downloads. Again, on November 26, 2008, another collaboration with Spontania named Sunao ni Naretara earned her even more fame, with the song receiving 2.2 million downloads.



Now you can sing Juju’s English cover, Lullaby of birdland, featured in the Japanese drama Doctors, here on Red Karaoke. Enjoy the jazzy quality and beautiful lyrics of Juju’s karaokes and let yourself travel the world with just one song.