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A letter from our CEO: Important Changes in Red Karaoke

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

In just a short time, our project, our baby Red Karaoke, will complete its fifth year since its creation. Five years which for us, its creators, has been filled with happiness in the form of visitors, users, clients, recognition, and moreover your kindness in the many grateful messages we have received over the years.


But the path has also been filled with blood, sweat and tears; many dedicated hours and weekends, much time that could have been spent with our loved ones gone forever, all to move forward with one major goal: to offer the world the best service for singing. And the best service for us means the best technology, the easiest service to use, with the largest catalogue possible and the price as affordable as possible.


With the goal of offering the best, we have made one or two mistakes along the way. But to have been the first to invent online karaoke, to have been the first to create a social network for singing, the first to allow recording with video or offer a tool for adjusting the key… its only natural there were some errors on the road to innovation.


In our objective to create a better and more competitive product, and to make Red Karaoke your home and more efficient, we have launched many services and products that have not worked out as we hoped. Perhaps it was because they were not at the heart of our project, but the bottom line is that they have not been successful and are barely used. Others are special features created clearly for specific purposes, and now don’t make much sense when other sites do it better. Others, simply put, don’t make sense in the community that Red Karaoke is today.


The services we are talking about are the blogs, the chat, the section for uploading videos, and the section for uploading Mp3s. The blogs and chat are used very rarely, and there are better services on the web for chatting and blogging. The video section also is not used that often, and with Youtube or Vimeo its a bit silly for us to offer something that is so much lower in comparison to their standards. And finally, the Mp3 section, although it is a bit more popular, it really isn’t used by the majority of users. On top of which, with the new laws on copyrights and such, this section creates potential danger for Red Karaoke: if someone tries to upload an illegal Mp3, we could be held responsible for committing an infraction and our website could be shut down for violating content rights.


Aside from all of these reasons, the work of maintaining all of these services costs us a lot of money and a lot of our technical team’s time. These are resources we do not have, because as a business we continue losing money, even today, and these resources could be used instead to develop new improvements and create new services focused at the heart of our project: karaoke, and having on of the greatest catalogues and tools for singing. We believe that there is much to improve on, both on the website and in our mobile applications, our TV applications, etc..


With all of this in mind, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to close the chat, blogs and the sections for uploading videos and Mp3s. The closings will happen over the next few days and weeks, step by step. In any case, we will continue informing you as each step in the process occurs so that you will have the chance to save your content.


We hope that you can understand our decision, that you see it for what it is: the better of the Red Karaoke, with the objective of continuing to offer you the best service for singing. At the end of the day, its best if we can dedicate ourselves to what we do best: great online karaoke.


Miguel A. Diez Ferreira, Founder and CEO of Red Karaoke

Red Karaoke reviews the 54th Grammy Awards

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

As usual, the Grammy Award ceremonies was filled with fashion fierceness and flops, surprising song choices, plenty of tribute performances and loads of more exciting highs and lows. While some were memorable for the good (Adele took home a whopping 6 awards), some will without a doubt go down in Grammy recollection for the bad (there were almost no words for Nicki Minaj’s shocking display), and we’re here to share with you Red Karaoke’s take on the whole night…


The Nominations


It was no shock to us that the British song bird and musical genius behind Rolling in the deep and Someone like you, Adele, received six nominations for everything from pop album to specific performances, but we were surprised by Taylor Swift’s usual high number of nominations being riddled down to a mere 3 possible wins, along side R&B diva Beyonce and her sole two nominations.



Meanwhile, Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne surprised with seven and five nominations respectively, and one of our favorites, Bruno Mars, was nominated six times due to the success of his hit Grenade and the album Doo Wopps and Hooligans.



The Fashion


While we may not be considered fashionistas in our little karaoke community, we couldn’t help but not the incredible looks of some of our favorite artists as they arrived at the 54th Grammy Awards. While Nicki Minaj tried to hard to channel Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift looked too grown up for her tween fans, we thought one of our favorite pop singers Katy Perry looked the appropriate mix of funky and classy, while Rihanna went the other direction and channeled her sexy side. Yes these singers know how to dress… maybe we should try channeling their looks in one of our recordings? ;)


The Performances


This year the music industry lost a few remarkable voices, and last night the Grammy Awards did an excellent job of remembering each of them – including two unbelievable tributes that stood out above the crowd. First and foremost, Jennifer Hudson not only gave an emotional showing that the late Whitney Houston would’ve been proud of, she may have given the star a run for her money on the classic ballad I will always love you.



Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt weren’t far behind though, with their own beautiful tribute, instead to Etta James, an indisputable “great lady of music”.



But these stars didn’t really surprise, since we’re used to their usual mind blowing performances. The real shockers came from the young Taylor Swift and the misguided Nicki Minaj. Now, we love Taylor Swift, but her record of performing well at award shows isn’t necessarily sparkling, which is why her perfect performance of her award winning Mean was such a pleasure to finally see on the award stage. Too bad we couldn’t say the same for Nicki Minaj, whose over the top and down right offensive performance has facebookers and tweeters blowing up over the scandal. Can there be an award show without drama?



The Winners and the Losers


Well, you’ve probably already heard that Adele“>Adele walked away with all six of the awards she was nominated for. Most of the of the winners, like Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters and Amy Winehouse, were no suprise either… but what we were really wondering was… where were Bruno Mars awards?

Who sang it better: Landslide

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

At last! Another round of Red Karaoke’s fun, forum game, Who sang it better? Where you get to decide between the originals, the remakes and the cover artists. This week, we are featuring a classic and a Red Karaoke favorite, Landslide.



Landslide was Stevie Nick’s first original contribution as the new singer with Fleetwood Mac back in 1975, along with her other well known hit, Rhiannon. Nicks has described the single as being about a personal crossroads, describing as she wrote the song, “looking out at the Rocky Mountains pondering the avalanche of everything that had come crashing down on us … at that moment, my life truly felt like a landslide in many ways.”



Little did the group know, Landslide would not only become a hit for Fleetwood Mac, but also for two very different bands. In 1994, the alternative rock group Smashing Pumpkins redid Landslide as a haunting acoustic ballad, become one of the groups most beloved tracks and receiving the seal of approval from Nicks herself, who said about the rock group’s cover, “Over this song, there’s been this incredible connection … he reached out … I believe that my poetry is really meant for everyone, no matter what age.”



Then in 2002, country girl group The Dixie Chicks infused a little bit of Southern charm into Landslide, reaching the Top 10 of both the Country AND the Pop charts. Now it seems like everyone has taken their shots at recording the hit, from Glee’s Naya Rivera along with Gwyneth Paltrow and Heather Morris, to Miley Cyrus… even rock group Paramore did their own rendition.



Now we want you to tell us, of all these great renditions of Landslide, Who sang it best?! Tell us in the forum… or if you think you can do better, SING it and SHARE your rendition!

RKs Fave Five: Shakira

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Believe it or not, the Colombian goddess that is Shakira turned 35 today and since we happen to adore Shakira and her hip shaking songs, we can’t help but talk about the “loca” Latina – and our favorite karaokes by her. Join us as we take a look at our five favorite songs by Shakira here on Red Karaoke.



Whenever wherever


First on our list has to be, without a doubt, the song that brought Shakira to the ears and eyes of stateside fans, Whenever Wherever. With the combination of her deeply unique voice, those mesmerizing dance moves a and quirky-ness that isn’t commonly used to describe most American artists in conjunction with the term sexy, there was no doubt that Shakira was destined to be as big an icon in the US as she was South of the equator.



Underneath your clothes


Already the fantasy of most men with a pulse, Shakira took it up a notch with her ballad Underneath your clothes, an ode to what she deserves from a man, and what every man wishes they could give her. But yet again, Shakira managed to combine sex appeal with sweet affection, showing up all the other belly baring pop artists of the time with her twist on a chart topper.



Hips don’t lie


Before she ever sang the words, fans everywhere knew there was something special about the way Shakira shook her hips, but she described it perfectly in her hit Hips don’t lie. The sensational hit, which was featured in films, requested in clubs and dominated the radio the summer it came out, is still one of Shakira’s most recognizable and fun hits today.



La tortura


As if one hot Spanish singer wasn’t enough, with Shakira’s Spanish single La tortura introduced us Americans to none other than the swoon worthy Alejandro Sanz. No, we didn’t all necessarily understand what they were singing about… but does that necessarily matter? Didn’t think so.



She wolf


And last but not least, one of Shakira’s more recent chart toppers and definitely another example of her oddball hotness, the can’t get enough of it single She wolf. Whether its on the radio or in the club, or singing it right here on Red Karaoke, we cannot get enough of this fun song.


Those are just five of our favorite singles from Shakira, but there are plenty more to choose from. Record your own rendition of your favorite Shakira karaoke and share the rendition in the forum or on facebook!

Weddings + Karaoke = Marryoke?

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

It might be a silly question, but we are going to ask it anyways. Do you love karaoke? (duh) What about weddings? Well, if your answer was yes to both questions, then you are going to love the latest trend in wedding videography… Marryokes. Intrigued? Then keep reading.


Marryoke is exactly what it sounds like, a musical union between Marriages and Karaokes. This latest trend within the wedding industry involves everyone from the bride to wedding guests and caterers miming and performing a song of their choice – whether its the Black Eyed Peas or Lou Reed. The footage is usually shot on the wedding day and, once filmed, edited together so that it appears as if the participants are performing the song themselves.



What’s the story behind the latest way to add something new to your wedding festivities? Well the ceremonial forcing of guests to lip sing to couple’s favorites songs (even if its Party Rock Anthem) seems to date as far back as… 2008 or 2009? Probably in the United Kingdom… though battling wedding planners, of course try to lay claim to the fad that has skyrocketed their businesses, particularly with online outlets like Youtube and Vimeo allowing their productions to gain thousands of views and likes.



Wherever and whenever it started, it seems to have taken weddings – and Youtube – by storm. Watching these videos, it’s hard not to smile, laugh, and maybe even sing along, but its hard to imagine having a camera man ask you to lip sing the words to Moves like Jagger while you walk down the aisle.


So, karaoke lovers, what do you think of having a lip sync karaoke of your favorite tune on your special day? Something you’d love to remember the occasion with, or a big nuisance? Tell us what you think here, or on Red Karaoke’s Facebook page!