In just a short time, our project, our baby Red Karaoke, will complete its fifth year since its creation. Five years which for us, its creators, has been filled with happiness in the form of visitors, users, clients, recognition, and moreover your kindness in the many grateful messages we have received over the years.


But the path has also been filled with blood, sweat and tears; many dedicated hours and weekends, much time that could have been spent with our loved ones gone forever, all to move forward with one major goal: to offer the world the best service for singing. And the best service for us means the best technology, the easiest service to use, with the largest catalogue possible and the price as affordable as possible.


With the goal of offering the best, we have made one or two mistakes along the way. But to have been the first to invent online karaoke, to have been the first to create a social network for singing, the first to allow recording with video or offer a tool for adjusting the key… its only natural there were some errors on the road to innovation.


In our objective to create a better and more competitive product, and to make Red Karaoke your home and more efficient, we have launched many services and products that have not worked out as we hoped. Perhaps it was because they were not at the heart of our project, but the bottom line is that they have not been successful and are barely used. Others are special features created clearly for specific purposes, and now don’t make much sense when other sites do it better. Others, simply put, don’t make sense in the community that Red Karaoke is today.


The services we are talking about are the blogs, the chat, the section for uploading videos, and the section for uploading Mp3s. The blogs and chat are used very rarely, and there are better services on the web for chatting and blogging. The video section also is not used that often, and with Youtube or Vimeo its a bit silly for us to offer something that is so much lower in comparison to their standards. And finally, the Mp3 section, although it is a bit more popular, it really isn’t used by the majority of users. On top of which, with the new laws on copyrights and such, this section creates potential danger for Red Karaoke: if someone tries to upload an illegal Mp3, we could be held responsible for committing an infraction and our website could be shut down for violating content rights.


Aside from all of these reasons, the work of maintaining all of these services costs us a lot of money and a lot of our technical team’s time. These are resources we do not have, because as a business we continue losing money, even today, and these resources could be used instead to develop new improvements and create new services focused at the heart of our project: karaoke, and having on of the greatest catalogues and tools for singing. We believe that there is much to improve on, both on the website and in our mobile applications, our TV applications, etc..


With all of this in mind, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to close the chat, blogs and the sections for uploading videos and Mp3s. The closings will happen over the next few days and weeks, step by step. In any case, we will continue informing you as each step in the process occurs so that you will have the chance to save your content.


We hope that you can understand our decision, that you see it for what it is: the better of the Red Karaoke, with the objective of continuing to offer you the best service for singing. At the end of the day, its best if we can dedicate ourselves to what we do best: great online karaoke.


Miguel A. Diez Ferreira, Founder and CEO of Red Karaoke