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Weekend karaoke inspired by music news

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

TGIF! We’re always excited about an impending weekend of karaoke filled fun, and knowing that every one of you is just as excited, we are here to provide you with some excellent selections for your weekend karaoke routines – whether here with us on Red Karaoke or out on the town – this week inspired by music in the news!


Friday is a night for celebrating, and celebrating goes best with a good dance song. So we recommend the hit Danza Kuduro, the chart topping single from Don Omar, who himself is celebrating an eight award sweep at the Billboard Latin awards. The Puerto Rican hip hop artist will surely party hardy in honor of his winnings, and you can too singing Danza Kuduro this weekend on Red Karaoke.



If you’re feeling a bit more low key, can we recommend the single that made Bob Marley an international household name, No woman no cry, in honor of the release of Marley, a new documentary by the same director of incredible films Touching the void and The last king of Scotland. Honor this musical icon as well as the film be recording your own rendition of one of his many hits.



Those of you spending the weekend at home with the special man or woman in your life might enjoy taking a gander at John Mayer’s newest music video that was released this week, Shadow Days. Even stuck at home you can share in the feeling of adventure it exudes, before crooning Your body is a wonderland to each other right here on Red Karaoke.



And last but not least, in honor of the latest version of Broadway’s hit family musical Annie and its newest leading 11 year old lady, a little something for the whole family to enjoy and sing along to, Tomorrow.



Whatever you’re doing this weekend, there is always time to sing, and on Red Karaoke, there is plenty to choose from. So enjoy one of these great suggestions, or find your own in our expansive karaoke catalogue!

Red Karaoke Debut: Birdy

Friday, April 27th, 2012

The UK has had its share of incredible musicians doing incredible things this year, from Adele’s incredible showing at the Grammys to Coldplay’s mind blowing hits, and we’ve been bringing the best of them to Red Karaoke. Now, we’re happy to add a brand new UK artist and an indie songstress to the RK ranks, Birdy.


Winning one of the UK’s greatest music competitions at the age of 12 is no big deal when your mother is a renowned concert pianist and you started the writing music at the age of five, as is the case for Jasmine van den Bogaerde, better known by her current stage name Birdy.



After winning Open Mic UK, Birdy went on to be signed by Good Soldier Songs Ltd, run by Christian Tattersfield, chairman of Warner Bros. Music UK and the label 14th Floor Records, who helped her release her first single at the age of 11 in 2011, a cover of Bon Iver’s indie record Skinny Love.


Not only was Birdy’s cover of Skinny Love featured in the popular show Vampire Diaries, her rendition of The XX’s single Shelter and one of Red Karaoke’s newest addition as also featured on the show.



With the release of her debut album last fall, a handful of won awards, and a song contributed to the soundtrack to The Hunger Games, Birdy’s popularity is just now taking flight… so be sure to be the first to record Birdy’s newest RK single, Shelter.

RKs Five Fave Rodgers and Hammerstein Karaokes

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

As a community of plain old music lovers, its no surprise we happen to also be big lovers of Broadway musicals as well, and when it comes to classical musicals, there is no denying the magic of Rodgers and Hammerstein. Join us as we take a look at Red Karaoke’s five favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein karaokes to sing along with, and make sure to sing your own rendition of these great masterpieces.


Oh what a beautiful mornin’


As the opening number from Oklahoma!, its easy to recognize this Broadway classic, but what makes Oh what a beautiful mornin’ especially unique is its status as the first ever a cappella opening to any musical. Are you brave enough to sing this one without music?


If I loved you


The perfect theme song for shy lovers, If I loved you is the famous musical number from Carousel in which the characters of Billy Bigelow and Julie Jordan sing this song as they hesitantly declare their love for one another. Perhaps this is the perfect song for you to dedicate to that secret crush of yours…


Younger than springtime


The jazz standard and classic from South Pacific, Younger than springtime is a Red Karaoke favorite for its endearing lyrics that perfectly evoke that feeling of first love. The hardest part is choosing our favorite rendition of this wonderful ballad, from Frank Sinatra to Matthew Morrison of Glee, though maybe yours will top our list ;)


Hello young lovers


Can you tell we are suckers for love songs? If not, our next Rodgers and Hammerstein favorite is yet another truly beautiful song about both enduring and youthful romance, Hello young lovers, from the incredible classic and Red Karaoke favorite The King and I.


Climb ev’ry mountain


And last but certainly not least, a very hard pick considering all of the amazing choices there are in our last featured Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, The Sound of Music. We ended up choosing a little something inspirational with Climb ev’ry mountain, the gorgeous song that perfectly shares our desire to take every step towards attaining one’s dreams.


Check out all of these great Rodgers and Hammerstein classics, or share your own favorites here, in the Red Karaoke forums or post a rendition on the official Red Karaoke facebook page.

New releases on RK: Drake, Katy Perry, Nicki and more

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

This week we have loads of new mp3s and karaokes for you to sing along with, including the biggest hits of the moment and a few more adventurous tracks for those that are feeling brave… whether your a Katy Perry fan or prefer something a little more indie from Birdy, we’ve got something for everyone.



Pop fans will be pleased to see that Katy Perry’s newest single and Top 10 hit Part of me is here and waiting for a singer to slam it out of the park – but what we really want to know is, what do you think of the crazy music video Katy recorded this time around?



And speaking of crazy videos, Starships by Nicki Minaj really takes the cake. In fact, we think it would be awesome to see some Red Karaoke-ers layer on the bright colors and makeup for their own video recording of this chart rising single.



On the other hand, if you’d like to take the crazy down a notch, you could always find a friend and sing Drake’s newest release Take Care, which features the incredible Rihanna, as a duet and really blow the other Red Karaoke-ers out of the water. But if you can’t find anybody to sing with, just give last week’s release from Rihanna, Man Down a whirl on your own.



Not feeling the radio hits this week? That’s okay, we’ve got something very special for those of you who want a little something more unique. Another British song bird (get it?) Birdy has arrived to the Red Karaoke catalogue with her indie pop cover, Shelter. Can you rival this overseas talent with your own rendition?


Check out these great new karaokes in our catalogue, or browse through all of our different categories to find your own perfect song to sing.

Closing of Services

Monday, April 16th, 2012

As we already announced a few weeks ago, we have begun closing some services Red Karaoke had offered previously so that we may focus on what we do best, which is providing the best online karaoke service and the best karaoke applications for mobiles and SmartTVs.


Just over a month ago we removed the ability to create new blogs, upload new Mp3s and videos for the reasons that we mentioned, and today we have proceeded with closing those sections permanently. If you try typing in any Red Karaoke Url of these services, you will be redirected to our homepage.


We of course continue working on many new fronts with the sole goal of providing you with the best karaoke in the world. This week we have updated our Android application, which includes features optimized for Tablets and for Samsung devices.


But this is only one of many improvements that will continue to come in the next few weeks. We’ll have loads to tell you about including new recording tools in the application, new themes, etc. etc. And in just a few months you’ll see a whole new redesign of Red Karaoke.


Make sure to stay on top of our all the new features so that you don’t miss a beat.

RKs Fave Five Singing Scenes

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

After a certain awesome Youtube video of a bus full of people imitating their favorite sing along scene from a movie surfaced, we here at Red Karaoke got to thinking about some of our favorite singing scenes in movies… you know, those awesome moments in non-musicals when the entire cast – or even just a few amazing actors – get together and sing the song that everyone knows the words to? Well, here’s a little inspiration for your own group karaoke or duet in the form of our five favorite singing scenes.



Tiny Dancer in Almost Famous


One of music’s favorite films, Almost Famous, tells the story of a young journalist following a band in order to write for Rolling Stone Magazine… and while the entire film tells an incredible story about each character, our favorite scene – and the inspiration for this blog – is the memorable moment on the tour bus when the weary group begins singing along with Elton John’s unmatched hit Tiny Dancer, becoming a musical moment no one could forget.



I say a little prayer in My best friend’s wedding


In one of Cameron Diaz and Julia Robert’s earliest and most endearing films, the two actresses play women in love with the same man. However, Robert’s attempt to make her love interest jealous backfires, as she is subjected to an embarrassing display of affection – and of course – group singing of the upbeat I say a little prayer in what would become the favorite of all chick flick’s sweetest unexpected musical numbers… ever.



Bennie and the jets in 27 Dresses


And speaking of great chick flick moments, here at RK we couldn’t have loved the scene in which a drenched and drunk Katherine Heigl and James Marsden argue about the oh so confusing words to the catchy tune Bennie and the jets, and then proceed to lead the entire bar in a hilarious rendition of the Elton John favorite.



Can’t take my eyes off of you in 10 Things I hate about you


However, when it comes to musical movie moments that have taken our breath away, it’s hard to top Heath Ledger winning his love – and us – over with a very public rendition of the very romantic Can’t take my eyes off of you in one of every teen girl’s favorite films 10 Things I hate about you.



I feel pretty in Anger management


And last, but certainly not least, to lighten up the mood, we have Adam Sandler’s comical yet brilliant accented crooning of the West Side Story classic, I feel pretty, as part of his anger management therapy. The best part? Jack Nicholson’s perfectly timed la la las ;)


Here’s your chance to show us here at Red Karaoke what you’ve got by singing your own group karaoke or duet to one of these movie inspired songs – and give these famous actors a run for their money!

Weekend Karaoke Inspired by the Movies

Friday, April 6th, 2012

The weekend has finally arrived – which means its time to dust off the dancing shoes, dress to the nines and join all your friends at your favorite karaoke locale. And even if you’re staying in this weekend, there’s one thing you can’t go without this weekend and we both know it – karaoke. And here in lies the dilemma – with all the choices out there, what should we (and by we, I mean you) sing this weekend? Well, don’t worry. Red Karaoke is here with some excellent karaoke selections inspired by none other than the big screen releases of the weekend ;)



Everyone, us included, is in a tizzy over the re-release of the biggest blockbuster hit of all time, Titanic, in oh so thrilling 3D. And in all its Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet young love glory, we wouldn’t be surprised if women everywhere go home after crying their eyes out to dust off their old CD collections and find their scratched up copies of Celine Dionne’s My heart will go on, you know, only one of the world’s best selling singles of all time. We urge you, get this karaoke pick in before the crowd, so that you can be the first – not the fifteenth – to go up on stage and belt this so cheesy you’ve got to love it classic pop hit.



If you’re favorite love stories are more of the fairytale variety than the epic kind, then you must be equally pleased at the highly anticipated release of Mirror Mirror, a comical rewriting of the classic Snow White story starring the newly minted actress and daughter of the somewhat legendary Phil Collins. While this version may not feature the beautiful musical numbers that the original Disney’s Snow White may have, there’s no reason why you can’t revisit every single one of those classic tunes, including our favorite I’m Wishing right here on Red Karaoke.



Now, if you are looking for a little less obvious of a Snow White inspired choice when you get on stage at Friday’s karaoke night, why not try Killer Queen instead. There’s not a person in a karaoke bar who doesn’t love some Queen, and its perfect for dedicating to that sinister evil stepmother obsessed with her reflection. Speaking of Queen, go ahead and add We are the champions to the karaoke rotation, inspired by none other than Katniss and District 12 of Hunger Games, a sure to be crowd pleaser when you sing in honor of the “Girl on fire”.



Now, don’t think we’ve forgotten you comedy lovers who grew up in the nineties and the release of what is sure to bring back fond memories of “band camp” jokes and Shannon Elizabeth obsessions, American Reunion. You guys can keep it simple in your song selection, and pick any one of your favorite nineties bands to cover this weekend, whether its Blink 182, Third Eye Blind, or Semisonic – there are plenty of choices here on Red Karaoke.


Now there are no excuses. Go forth, sing your favorite karaokes inspired by the movies, and report back to us with excellent recordings and fun stories of karaoke mayhem this weekend.

A Beatles Moment in Music History

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

The Beatles have been known for many historic accomplishments in the music world, from being the best selling musical group of all time to having more number one singles than any other artists, to having some of the fastest selling singles and records of all time… in fact, The Fab Four have so many world records under their belts its hard to be surprised by any of them – except for perhaps, the incredible feat The Beatles accomplished on this week in 1964…


While Beatlemania had already taken over the UK by 1963, with the boys already having become used to their names being screamed at the top of fainting women’s lungs, The Beatles and their long locks hadn’t quite reached stateside yet due to contract disputes over release of their highly popularized UK singles. But once the floodgates were opened, US success came rushing in as track after track was in high demand from the four smiling chaps leading to what was known as the “British Invasion” of the airwaves, record sales… and the charts.



This sudden availability of The Beatles hits in the United States led to an incredible feat in the music industry that had never been accomplished, one that any artist today would swoon at the chance to top, yet likely there will never exist conditions for anyone to do it again… The Beatles held EACH of the top five positions on the Billboard singles chart (never mind that they also happened to have seven other singles along with them in the charts).



Please please me, holding The Beatles’ fifth spot on the charts, was the boys’ first release in the United States, originally written by John Lennon with heavy influence from George Martin, and was called “The Record That Started Beatlemania”, eventually peaking at number 3 on the charts and going on to be number 184 by Rolling Stones 500 Greatest songs of all time.



After The Beatles blew up stateside, all of the contract disputes fell to the wayside as managers rushed to release more of their songs, including I want to hold your hand, which became the group’s first American number one and eventually the boys’ greatest selling single worldwide, though it held the fourth spot in their historic Billboard lineup.



Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, She loves you held the number three spot during this momentous week in Beatles history, and was the first song by The Beatles to be heard by a substantial number of Americans, helping it gain Uncut magazine’s title as the third biggest song that changed the world in October 2005.



The Beatles cover of Twist and shout held the second spot as Beatlemania spread among American teens, and was the only million-selling Beatles single that was a cover record, as well as the only Beatles cover single to reach the Top 10 on a national record chart. The song only failed to hit #1 because of The Beatles number one hit at the same time…



Can’t buy me love gained The Beatles many accolades and accomplishments, including creating the biggest jump in the charts to the number one spot at the time, giving The Beatles three consecutive number one singles, and of course… Can’t buy me love held the number one spot the week The Beatles did the impossible and possessed each of Billboard’s top five spots at one time.


There is no denying the epicness of The Beatles many accomplishments, so just enjoy singing these historic singles, or any one of The Beatles’ other amazing songs here on Red Karaoke – its way easier than trying to list all of The Fab Four’s incredible moments in music history ;)