The Beatles have been known for many historic accomplishments in the music world, from being the best selling musical group of all time to having more number one singles than any other artists, to having some of the fastest selling singles and records of all time… in fact, The Fab Four have so many world records under their belts its hard to be surprised by any of them – except for perhaps, the incredible feat The Beatles accomplished on this week in 1964…


While Beatlemania had already taken over the UK by 1963, with the boys already having become used to their names being screamed at the top of fainting women’s lungs, The Beatles and their long locks hadn’t quite reached stateside yet due to contract disputes over release of their highly popularized UK singles. But once the floodgates were opened, US success came rushing in as track after track was in high demand from the four smiling chaps leading to what was known as the “British Invasion” of the airwaves, record sales… and the charts.



This sudden availability of The Beatles hits in the United States led to an incredible feat in the music industry that had never been accomplished, one that any artist today would swoon at the chance to top, yet likely there will never exist conditions for anyone to do it again… The Beatles held EACH of the top five positions on the Billboard singles chart (never mind that they also happened to have seven other singles along with them in the charts).



Please please me, holding The Beatles’ fifth spot on the charts, was the boys’ first release in the United States, originally written by John Lennon with heavy influence from George Martin, and was called “The Record That Started Beatlemania”, eventually peaking at number 3 on the charts and going on to be number 184 by Rolling Stones 500 Greatest songs of all time.



After The Beatles blew up stateside, all of the contract disputes fell to the wayside as managers rushed to release more of their songs, including I want to hold your hand, which became the group’s first American number one and eventually the boys’ greatest selling single worldwide, though it held the fourth spot in their historic Billboard lineup.



Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, She loves you held the number three spot during this momentous week in Beatles history, and was the first song by The Beatles to be heard by a substantial number of Americans, helping it gain Uncut magazine’s title as the third biggest song that changed the world in October 2005.



The Beatles cover of Twist and shout held the second spot as Beatlemania spread among American teens, and was the only million-selling Beatles single that was a cover record, as well as the only Beatles cover single to reach the Top 10 on a national record chart. The song only failed to hit #1 because of The Beatles number one hit at the same time…



Can’t buy me love gained The Beatles many accolades and accomplishments, including creating the biggest jump in the charts to the number one spot at the time, giving The Beatles three consecutive number one singles, and of course… Can’t buy me love held the number one spot the week The Beatles did the impossible and possessed each of Billboard’s top five spots at one time.


There is no denying the epicness of The Beatles many accomplishments, so just enjoy singing these historic singles, or any one of The Beatles’ other amazing songs here on Red Karaoke – its way easier than trying to list all of The Fab Four’s incredible moments in music history ;)