The weekend has finally arrived – which means its time to dust off the dancing shoes, dress to the nines and join all your friends at your favorite karaoke locale. And even if you’re staying in this weekend, there’s one thing you can’t go without this weekend and we both know it – karaoke. And here in lies the dilemma – with all the choices out there, what should we (and by we, I mean you) sing this weekend? Well, don’t worry. Red Karaoke is here with some excellent karaoke selections inspired by none other than the big screen releases of the weekend ;)



Everyone, us included, is in a tizzy over the re-release of the biggest blockbuster hit of all time, Titanic, in oh so thrilling 3D. And in all its Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet young love glory, we wouldn’t be surprised if women everywhere go home after crying their eyes out to dust off their old CD collections and find their scratched up copies of Celine Dionne’s My heart will go on, you know, only one of the world’s best selling singles of all time. We urge you, get this karaoke pick in before the crowd, so that you can be the first – not the fifteenth – to go up on stage and belt this so cheesy you’ve got to love it classic pop hit.



If you’re favorite love stories are more of the fairytale variety than the epic kind, then you must be equally pleased at the highly anticipated release of Mirror Mirror, a comical rewriting of the classic Snow White story starring the newly minted actress and daughter of the somewhat legendary Phil Collins. While this version may not feature the beautiful musical numbers that the original Disney’s Snow White may have, there’s no reason why you can’t revisit every single one of those classic tunes, including our favorite I’m Wishing right here on Red Karaoke.



Now, if you are looking for a little less obvious of a Snow White inspired choice when you get on stage at Friday’s karaoke night, why not try Killer Queen instead. There’s not a person in a karaoke bar who doesn’t love some Queen, and its perfect for dedicating to that sinister evil stepmother obsessed with her reflection. Speaking of Queen, go ahead and add We are the champions to the karaoke rotation, inspired by none other than Katniss and District 12 of Hunger Games, a sure to be crowd pleaser when you sing in honor of the “Girl on fire”.



Now, don’t think we’ve forgotten you comedy lovers who grew up in the nineties and the release of what is sure to bring back fond memories of “band camp” jokes and Shannon Elizabeth obsessions, American Reunion. You guys can keep it simple in your song selection, and pick any one of your favorite nineties bands to cover this weekend, whether its Blink 182, Third Eye Blind, or Semisonic – there are plenty of choices here on Red Karaoke.


Now there are no excuses. Go forth, sing your favorite karaokes inspired by the movies, and report back to us with excellent recordings and fun stories of karaoke mayhem this weekend.