RKs Fave Five Singing Scenes

After a certain awesome Youtube video of a bus full of people imitating their favorite sing along scene from a movie surfaced, we here at Red Karaoke got to thinking about some of our favorite singing scenes in movies… you know, those awesome moments in non-musicals when the entire cast – or even just a few amazing actors – get together and sing the song that everyone knows the words to? Well, here’s a little inspiration for your own group karaoke or duet in the form of our five favorite singing scenes.



Tiny Dancer in Almost Famous


One of music’s favorite films, Almost Famous, tells the story of a young journalist following a band in order to write for Rolling Stone Magazine… and while the entire film tells an incredible story about each character, our favorite scene – and the inspiration for this blog – is the memorable moment on the tour bus when the weary group begins singing along with Elton John’s unmatched hit Tiny Dancer, becoming a musical moment no one could forget.



I say a little prayer in My best friend’s wedding


In one of Cameron Diaz and Julia Robert’s earliest and most endearing films, the two actresses play women in love with the same man. However, Robert’s attempt to make her love interest jealous backfires, as she is subjected to an embarrassing display of affection – and of course – group singing of the upbeat I say a little prayer in what would become the favorite of all chick flick’s sweetest unexpected musical numbers… ever.



Bennie and the jets in 27 Dresses


And speaking of great chick flick moments, here at RK we couldn’t have loved the scene in which a drenched and drunk Katherine Heigl and James Marsden argue about the oh so confusing words to the catchy tune Bennie and the jets, and then proceed to lead the entire bar in a hilarious rendition of the Elton John favorite.



Can’t take my eyes off of you in 10 Things I hate about you


However, when it comes to musical movie moments that have taken our breath away, it’s hard to top Heath Ledger winning his love – and us – over with a very public rendition of the very romantic Can’t take my eyes off of you in one of every teen girl’s favorite films 10 Things I hate about you.



I feel pretty in Anger management


And last, but certainly not least, to lighten up the mood, we have Adam Sandler’s comical yet brilliant accented crooning of the West Side Story classic, I feel pretty, as part of his anger management therapy. The best part? Jack Nicholson’s perfectly timed la la las ;)


Here’s your chance to show us here at Red Karaoke what you’ve got by singing your own group karaoke or duet to one of these movie inspired songs – and give these famous actors a run for their money!

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