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Behind the musical: Les Misérables

With the release of the newest trailer for Les Misérables, and the likes of Broadway veteran Hugh Jackman and Mamma Mia! star Amanda Seyfried running across the screen while Anne Hathaway’s beautiful voice rumbles I dreamed a dream in the background, the gut wrenching preview has us just as excited about this remake of the insanely popular musical as its original. Join Red Karaoke as we take a short look at the history behind this wonderful piece of Broadway legend, in hopes of quelling or anticipation for the new Les Misérables’s December release.



Based on the novel widely considered one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century by Victor Hugo, Les Misérables the musical tells many different stories of struggle for redemption and revolution. From ladies of the night to student revolutionaries, all of Hugo’s varying revolutionary points of view are represented in this stage delight.


i dreamed a dreamVote for my rendition!


The musical opened in 1985 at the Barbican Centre in London to critical reviews that were highly negative, and literary scholars condemned the project for converting classic literature into a mere musical. Yet the public disagreed and the box office received record orders and sold out, helping Les Misérables to become the second longest-running musical in the world after The Fantasticks, the second longest-running West End show after The Mousetrap (and currently still the longest running aside from Phantom of the Opera), and the third longest-running show in Broadway history.


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Les Misérables has received dozens of accolades, including nominations for 12 Tony Awards, eight of which it won, including Best Musical and Best Original Score. It also won first in a BBC pole naming it the “Nation’s Number One Essential Musical” in June 2005.


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In January of 2010, Les Misérables played its ten-thousandth performance in London and on October 4rd of the same year the show celebrated its 25th anniversary with three productions running in the same city: the original show at London’s West End; the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary touring production at the original home of the show, the Barbican Centre; and the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary concert at London’s O2 Arena.



If you are as big of a fan of Les Misérables as we are, you can enjoy singing all of the musical’s wonderful songs here on Red Karaoke while you wait for the release of the film adaptation. Don’t forget to tell us what you think of the latest Les Misérables trailer here, in our forum on facebook.

Honoring Memorial Day with Red Karaoke

Today many of us are happy to be celebrating a long weekend and a day off from school or work, but many of us are also taking this Memorial Day to do just what this holiday was intended for, honoring the memory of those who have fallen in the past while serving the USA. Join Red Karaoke as we take a look at five songs that can help you remember loved ones past and present who have given their all for our country.



We’ll start this list off with the heartbreaking I will remember you by Sarah McLachlan. We think this is the perfect song filled with that beautiful sentiment of longing that so many can relate to. Not only that, but McLachlan is one of those timeless artists that is the most perfect for any age.



We need we had to include a patriotic choice in our list, considering that though Memorial Day honors all fallen soliders, it is still a uniquely American holiday. We thought that the classic God bless the USA, sharing that incredible sentiment “And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free.
And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.”



But Memorial Day can be a time to remember all those who we’ve lost, especially during such hard to think about events as 9/11, which brings us to another patriotic and thought provoking songs, Where were you, which asks you to remember your feelings that difficult day, a day which we all shared.



Although Tears in heaven was written by Eric Clapton for his son who he tragically lost, it is another one of those heart wrenching songs that brings back memories of all those we’ve lost whether family or friends, and we think its the perfect tunes to sing in honor of the soldiers we’ve lost.



Last but certainly not least, Letters from home is a beautiful country song to leave you with in hopes that we can all take time not only to remember the fallen, but those who are serving presently as well.


5 Karaoke Movie Scenes to Inspire your Weekend


The work week is done, school is out, and most everyone can look forward to a long weekend of fun (hopefully) in the sun! Whatever your plans are for this holiday weekend, here at Red Karaoke we want to make sure you enjoy just a little karaoke fun – and we’ve got the perfect karaoke movie scenes to inspire you to take the stage – whether its at the bar or right in your own living room.


Perhaps one of the most iconic karaoke movie scenes ever, Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray prove in their film Lost in Translation that karaoke isn’t just for laughs and killer pipes – its also a chance to fall in love… even if that love is of the forbidden kind. We happen to adore Johansson’s flawless performance of The Pretender’s Brass in Pocket, and Murray’s More than this wasn’t bad either. So don that pink wig and enjoy a round of 80′s – who knows – you might meet your soul mate ;)



Then again, our next karaoke movie scene might just go to show that although you may fall in love at the karaoke bar, you might be just as likely to end up alone and inebriated singing your own sorrows. Luckily, 500 days of summer starts off on a somewhat brighter note, and with a particularly impressive performance from its star Joseph Gordon Levitt of Here comes your man by indie rock group The Pixies. Let’s pretend all of our karaoke nights start – and end – like this!



If there is one thing we’re willing to take here at Red Karaoke, its a dare. And apparently so is Hillary Swank in her film P.S. I love you. After a crowd pleasing performance from hunky Irish Gerard Butler of Mustang Sally, he dares his lovely wife and wallflower Swank to match his performance. And while we would probably accept just like Swank, we’re pretty sure our version of Prince’s Get it off would end up the same way. At least if your singing at home with Red Karaoke you don’t have to worry about dangerous microphone chords :D



Repeat after us. Karaoke is not a weapon of war. Especially between women, which Julia Roberts learns in My Best Friend’s Wedding after ambushing bride to be Cameron Diaz in a karaoke bar with the hopes of embarrassing her and sending Durmot Mulroney back into her arms. But as we all know, even if your rendition of I just don’t know what to do with myself is as bad as Diaz’s, everyone will still love you for trying.



Now, if you are as bad off of a singer as the guy at the beginning of this clip for Rush Hour, we’ll still love you for trying, but you might be just as happy to have Chris Tucker jump on stage and help you out with the lyrics and dance moves to pull off the oh so difficult Michael Jackson hit Don’t stop till you get enough. Hey, with practice on Red Karaoke, maybe you can start showing people how its done!



We hope you enjoyed this fun karaoke movies scenes, but what we really hope is that they inspired you to pick up that mic and enjoy singing your own favorite songs, whether its with Red Karaoke’s iPhone or Android apps, an awesome mp3 recording with VIP, or in your awesome karaoke party hosted with Red Karaoke’s SmartTV apps. Whatever your karaoke pleasure, Red Karaoke’s here to help your practice and perfect that karaoke routine.

Red Karaoke Debut: Emeli Sandé

Thursdays at Red Karaoke always mean tons of new mp3 productions for you to enjoy singing online, with our amazing apps, or even to download and take with you anywhere – and today is no exception. This week we have a great new bunch of songs, including a brand new collection of mp3s from the up and coming UK artist Emeli Sandé. Join us as we take a look at this bright star that is rapidly headed stateside.


Like most young people, Emeli Sandé grew up wanting to become a famous musician and songwriter, and unlike most people, she had the talent – particularly for song writing to back it up. But also unlike most teens, probably due to the fact that her father was a teacher, Sandé valued her finishing her education above jetting off with the manager she was able to get at 16.



“Adrian really respects that I want to get an education behind me.” Sandé has said of her manager Adrian Sykes who waited patiently since the young lady was 16 after hearing her at a radio contest called Rapology. “He also knows my parents are keen that I finish university.” Which Sandé almost did, finishing four years of medical study at the University of Glasgow before leaving to at last pursue music.


After Sandé’s sister recorded her playing piano, she won Trevor Nelson’s BBC Urban Music competition, but was locked out of a record deal by the show’s producer. Still, the exposure allowed Sandé to meet up with producer Khahid Khan aka Naughty Boy to begin writing tracks for artists the likes of Professor Green, Devlin, Cheryl Cole and Tinie Tempah.



Soon after, Sandé was signed with EMI Records and began working on her debut album, Our Version of Events. The album itself garnered highly positive reviews, from fans to critics, and it was even revealed that she is one of Simon Cowell’s favorite song-writers due to her writing songs for Leona Lewis and Susan Boyle.


The lead single Heaven was popular enough, but that was nothing compared to Sandé’s success after being featured on Professor Green’s hit Read all about it which reached the number one spot on the UK charts, helping her third single from the album Next to me to become a global hit.



Emeli Sandé’s popularity is rising fast, and soon she will be all over the radio and charts here in the US as well. Enjoy telling your friends you knew about her first, and even recorded her hits Heaven, Next to me and Read all about right here on Red Karaoke.

Discover and Download: Milow

Country and hip hop fans alike may be interested in our first Discover and download feature (in quite some time may we add) on the Belgian artist Milow, know for his interesting take on a common club hit. Join us as we take a look at what makes Milow worth sitting up, taking notice and downloading right now.


Jonathan Vandenbroeck, known by his much easier to pronounce stage name, Milow, was born and raised in Belgium, near the town of Werchter, famous for its Rock Werchter festival, one of the biggest annual rock music festivals in Europe. But music was also big in Milow’s own household, full of instruments and guitar and piano lessons, making Milow’s ambition to one day perform at Werchter one day that much easier to work towards.


Milow became what is known as DIY artist, releasing his first album The Bigger Picture on his own label and promoting it himself. Though he received praise, it was quite a struggle to gain notoriety, and his national breakthrough didn’t come until the release of You Don’t Know, the first of many collaborations with producer Jo Francken. After a slow start, You Don’t Know became one of the biggest hits in Belgium in 2007, peaking at 3 in the Ultratop 50 single charts.



Milow’s European break through came in September 2008 when he released a cover version of Ayo Technology. Originally a club sensation by Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, the sexually charged lyrics and video helped Milow’s odd singer-songwriter version become an internet sensation, even receiving praise from Perez Hilton as “Better than the original.”



Milow’s most recent album North and South was received with huge success in Europe, helping Milow to earn the MIA awards in 2011 for Best Live Act, Best Male Solo Artist and Best Pop Act, and help garner a US management contract to help boost his popularity stateside. And with singles like Milow’s Little in the middle, a sweet song with a country vibe and an odd music video, his success may be guaranteed.



Check out the songs Ayo technology and Little in the middle by Milow, now available on Red Karaoke in high quality mp3 to sing in the community, with our apps or to download and take with you anywhere.

Red Karaoke Caption Contest: Play on Facebook and win VIP

This week we’re giving you a brand new opportunity to find out what its like to be VIP – totally free! Read all the details below and then make your way over to Red Karaoke’s Official Facebook Page for the chance to upgrade your Red Karaoke experience without paying a cent!


See that funny picture? Join in the Red Karaoke Caption Contest by heading to our facebook page and commenting on the exact same image with a funny caption about singing or karaoke.


Details on how to enter and win:

1. Comment by Friday, May 27th by midnight PST with your funny caption about singing or karaoke on this image on facebook.
2. Share the image on facebook and ask friends to like your caption and help you win!
3. The most clever caption with the most likes by May 27th will win a free one week VIP subscription that allows them to enjoy unlimited access to 45,000+ high quality mp3 karaokes.


Read more about all the perks of the prize here!


The winner will be chosen and announced by May 1st. Not only will the winner become VIP for one week, but the winner’s caption will also be featured here on our Facebook page, in the Red Karaoke newsletter, and on Red Karaoke’s Twitter!


So what are you waiting for? Go to the Red Karaoke Facebook Page and join in the chance to enjoy every perk of VIP without paying a cent!

New releases on RK: Sean Paul, Madonna, and more

Here at Red Karaoke we like to treat our community to special surprises, and this week has been no exception. Since we’re always saying how much we work on expanding our ever growing karaoke catalogue, we thought this week we’d treat you to not just a handful of new songs, but a whopping 25 new mp3s to record with here on the website or with our newly innovated iPhone and iPad app! Join us as we take a look at a few of these brand new options, and make sure to check out the rest of the new releases in the Red Karaoke catalogue.



We’re a big fan of the chart toppers, and we know you are too, so you’ll be pleased to find a few new hits from Madonna, including Girl gone wild and the crazy single featuring hip hop/pop newbie Nicki Minaj, Give me all your luvin’. And in case that’s not enough of an upbeat, club vibe for you, we’ve also added some new Sean Paul, She doesn’t mind and Got 2 luv U.



However, if you’re in more of a low key mood, we’ve got a lovely tune, Go to the river, from indie artist Yael Naim, known for her hit New soul which was used in an Apple commercial. And just to add to your serious side, Adele’s mega hit and as usual heart break anthem Set fire to the rain is also awaiting in our catalogue for you to set vocals to.



From Roberta Flack to Katy Perry, we’re bringing you something new to sing every Thursday. So don’t miss a beat and check out the New Releases today so you can be the first to sing all of these great hits!

Artist Feature: Adam Lambert

This week we are happy to announce the release of dozens of new karaokes in our catalogue, including, much to our pleasure, Better than I know myself, the lead single from Adam Lambert’s just released sophomore album, Trespassing. Join us as we take a look at the rise of this impressive and unique singer, and sing his songs right here on Red Karaoke.



Raised in California, Adam Lambert dreamed of becoming a performer after enjoying parts in amateur productions from You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown to Fiddler on the roof, as well as singing at his family’s synagogue, and with his school’s jazz band. Though Lambert planned to attend college in Orange County, shortly after he enrolled, his passion for music overcame him and he left school to pursue a performing career in LA. “I just decided that what I really wanted to do was try to work in the real entertainment world,” Lambert has said. “Life is all about taking risks to get what you want.”


Lambert auditioned for the eighth season of American Idol, having told media that the decision was affected by his recreational use of certain substances and his realization that, “we all have our own power, and that whatever I wanted to do, I had to make happen.” In his initial auditions, Lambert performed Crazy, Rock with you and Bohemian Rhapsody, and later What’s up, Believe and Some kind of wonderful. Although being labeled by judges as too theatrical, he was still voted into the top and able to compete on the show.



Lambert was able to make it through American Idol with little critique, except at times for his over the top performances. More often than not, Lambert received incredibly positive responses, including at one time a standing ovation from guest judge Smokey Robinson, and comments like Kara DioGuardi’s, “”Every week I cannot wait to get to the show and see what you’re going to do next.” after Lambert’s performance of The tracks of my tears. But Lambert’s most memorable performance, considered to make him a shoo in for the win, was his rendition of Gary Jule’s Mad world.


Though Lambert was an extreme favorite, even with numerous controversies revolving around his personal life, he was not able to beat his Idol roommate and almost exact opposite, Kris Allen. Together, before the winners were announced, Lambert and Allen performed We are the champions alongside Kiss, showing a comradeship even after Allen’s win. “Adam deserved this,” Allen said, later adding, “he was the most consistent person all year. He was seriously one of the most gifted performers that I’ve ever met.”



After Idol, Lambert was able to maintain his star status, though he described the transition as “really tricky” Going on to add, “It is a whole other industry. The rules are different. Your music is based on a lot more than just popularity. The hardest thing about the show is maintaining your own integrity as an artist. You have to work hard. Nothing happens instantly after the show.”


Still, For your entertainment, Lambert’s debut studio album, released in 2009, showed no signs of struggle topping the charts. In its debut week it reached the third spot, popular for its collaborations with artists like Pink and Lady Gaga, as well as for its unique sound and praised as “pure pop pleasure here, more than any immediate post-Idol album has ever delivered.” Whataya want from me, Lambert’s second single, became his first Top 10 and gained him a Grammy nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.



This week saw the release of Lambert’s second album, Trespassing, featuring the lead single Better than I know myself, praised as having soaring and impeccable vocals on this melodically challenging song. Overall, the album seems to be closer to Lambert’s heart. “I had time to make this album,” said Lambert, who co-wrote many of the songs and served as the album’s executive producer. “I do feel that sonically, lyrically and emotionally, this album is a surprise for people, and myself.”


You can enjoy singing Better than I know myself and other hit songs from Adam Lambert here on Red Karaoke or with our newly innovated iPhone and iPad app in high quality mp3.

Who sang it better? Girls just wanna have fun

We’re excited to bring you a brand new and well over due edition of Who sang it better? The game where we ask you to pick your favorite version of a popular tune and then invite you to try and sing it better! This week we’ve picked the 80′s hit and lady powered anthem, Girls just wanna have fun.


As the first major solo single released by Cyndi Lauper, Girls just wanna have fun not only became her most iconic song, it also became highly recognized feminist anthem, an award-winning video and a worldwide hit. Girls just wanna have fun has even been called one of the most defining songs of the ’80s and was honored by Rolling Stone, MTV and VH1 for its memorable music video.



A song as popular as Girls just wanna have fun isn’t going to stay under one name for long, and though Cyndi Lauper’s version is of course the most loved, there are plenty of other versions that have tried to knock the original from its musical pedestal.



Perhaps one of the most successful covers – and oddly most distinctly different – was the slow and subtle acoustic version of Girls just wanna have fun by Greg Laswell. This mellow rendition was so highly regarded, it was featured in 2007 in the show Damages, and then in 2009 in films Confessions of a shopaholic and My sister’s keeper, before being covered on the hit show Glee. Talk about a rival for fans!



And as if Laswell and Glee weren’t enough to give Lauper a run for her money, teen queen Miley Cyrus also covered the hit in her own peppy pop style for the Disney Channel. Though her version of Girls just wanna have fun didn’t happen to land on any major albums, there is no doubt of its popularity among her young fans.



We happen to love both the upbeat original version of Girls just wanna have fun by Cyndi Lauper and the slower tempo cover by Greg Laswell – especially when sung by Cory Monteith on Glee, not to mention we can’t get enough of Miley Cyrus. So why don’t you help us decide by posting in the forumWho sang it better?!

New releases on RK: One direction, Justin Bieber, Carly Ray Jepsen and more

This Thursday we’ve added some great new mp3 productions for you to enjoy, with a little something from every genre so that no matter what you feel like singing, you can find something fresh to record this weekend.


In case you’ve missed the memo, boy bands are back, and they’re younger and trendier than ever. One Direction, the UK group that has taken British hearts by storm has crossed the ocean to conquer the twittering tweens of the United States. Now you can have fun singing their upbeat single What makes you beautiful, whether you’re alone or in a group, right here on Red Karaoke.



Loyal fan of the lone heart throb singers? Well then you’ll be pleased to see that we’ve added the fringed boy wonder Justin Bieber’s latest chart topping crossover between teen pop and R&B, Boyfriend to our karaoke archives. Take a listen to his ever growing set of pipes and see if you can top his rendition with your own.



Serious R&B fans shouldn’t feel left out however, because we’ve got a little something special for you too. Though it missed its chance to be a top single, Alicia Keys kick butt Put it in a love song did make it onto our top lists of mp3 backing tracks. Find a friend to sing Beyonce’s feature and you’re all set to record your own version of this track.



Those ladies looking for something a bit peppier this weekend can enjoy the newest hit from Canadian Idol fourth place winner Carly Ray Jepsen, Call me maybe, the song that’s already topped the charts abroad and is slowly knocking the American singers out of the way.



Whatever your style, whatever your age, we’ve got something new for everyone. So make sure to start your weekend off right by checking out the new releases on Red Karaoke and picking out something fun and fresh to record.

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