We’re happy to bring you a fresh feature, the Red Karaoke World Tour, a fun look at different musical artists and groups around the world that might just inspire you to step outside of the box when you record your next karaoke. Join us as we head south of the border to share one of Mexico’s most popular bands – Sin Bandera – and all of their incredible karaokes available here on Red Karaoke.


In 2000, two struggling solo artist came together after finding little success in their own individual careers. Mexican singer and guitarist Leonel Garcia had tried for years to find a recording deal, but after meeting Noel Schajris, another composer and musician hailing from Argentina, the two realized they might achieve more if they worked together.


With varied styles and preferences for instruments – guitar and piano – Garcia and Schajris’s first writing and recording sessions produced interesting results, a collaboration of sounds and style that led to a huge success with their first album, Sin Bandera or “Without a flag”, named after their duo’s title and for their own ideology that the world is one and needs no label, just like love and music.



Entra en mi vida, or “Come Into My Life”, was Sin Banera’s first single, written by the pair about the magic of love, and later used in a popular Mexican soap opera. The following singles Kilómetros (Kilometers) and Sirena (Mermaid) also became favorites among teens and adults alike, leading to their every growing success in Spain, Argentina, the United States, Costa Rica and many other countries around the world.


Sin Bandera began receiving handfuls of recognition, including a 2002 award for Best Group Album at the Latin Grammys, as well as various ¡Oye! and Lo Nuestro (Best Pop Album) awards, and an MTV Latino award for Best Artist. But this would pale in comparison to the popularity and success of Sin Bandera’s second album, De Viaje.



De Viaje or “Traveling” would give Sin Bandera 16 continuous weeks on the Billboard charts, with their singles Que lloro (I cry), Mientes tan bien (You lie so well), Amor real, Canción para días lluviosos (Song For Rainy Days) and Puede ser (Maybe) ranking, including three of which would chart at number 1, a feat achieved by only two other Mexican artists, Shakira and RBD. Due to the enormous gains with De Viaje, Sin Bandera was once again nominated for the fifth annual Latin Grammy awards, where they won the award for Best Pop Vocal Group Album for the second time around.



Sin Bandera’s following albums Mañana (Tomorrow) and Pasado (Past) would produce the top ten singles Suelto a mi mano (Let go of my hand), Si tú no estás aqui (If you are not here) and Será (It will be), all part of re-working and new compositions which Garcia described as “The tunes which fascinated us when we were young adolescents… and the songs that move us now.”


In 2007, Sin Bandera released their Greatest Hits album Hasta Ahora or “Until now” before amicably parting ways to once again pursue their personal, solo career. The two reunited in 2009 to record once again, and remain one of Mexico’s most internationally recognized and celebrated musical groups.