This Thursday we’ve added some great new mp3 productions for you to enjoy, with a little something from every genre so that no matter what you feel like singing, you can find something fresh to record this weekend.


In case you’ve missed the memo, boy bands are back, and they’re younger and trendier than ever. One Direction, the UK group that has taken British hearts by storm has crossed the ocean to conquer the twittering tweens of the United States. Now you can have fun singing their upbeat single What makes you beautiful, whether you’re alone or in a group, right here on Red Karaoke.



Loyal fan of the lone heart throb singers? Well then you’ll be pleased to see that we’ve added the fringed boy wonder Justin Bieber’s latest chart topping crossover between teen pop and R&B, Boyfriend to our karaoke archives. Take a listen to his ever growing set of pipes and see if you can top his rendition with your own.



Serious R&B fans shouldn’t feel left out however, because we’ve got a little something special for you too. Though it missed its chance to be a top single, Alicia Keys kick butt Put it in a love song did make it onto our top lists of mp3 backing tracks. Find a friend to sing Beyonce’s feature and you’re all set to record your own version of this track.



Those ladies looking for something a bit peppier this weekend can enjoy the newest hit from Canadian Idol fourth place winner Carly Ray Jepsen, Call me maybe, the song that’s already topped the charts abroad and is slowly knocking the American singers out of the way.



Whatever your style, whatever your age, we’ve got something new for everyone. So make sure to start your weekend off right by checking out the new releases on Red Karaoke and picking out something fun and fresh to record.