The work week is done, school is out, and most everyone can look forward to a long weekend of fun (hopefully) in the sun! Whatever your plans are for this holiday weekend, here at Red Karaoke we want to make sure you enjoy just a little karaoke fun – and we’ve got the perfect karaoke movie scenes to inspire you to take the stage – whether its at the bar or right in your own living room.


Perhaps one of the most iconic karaoke movie scenes ever, Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray prove in their film Lost in Translation that karaoke isn’t just for laughs and killer pipes – its also a chance to fall in love… even if that love is of the forbidden kind. We happen to adore Johansson’s flawless performance of The Pretender’s Brass in Pocket, and Murray’s More than this wasn’t bad either. So don that pink wig and enjoy a round of 80′s – who knows – you might meet your soul mate ;)



Then again, our next karaoke movie scene might just go to show that although you may fall in love at the karaoke bar, you might be just as likely to end up alone and inebriated singing your own sorrows. Luckily, 500 days of summer starts off on a somewhat brighter note, and with a particularly impressive performance from its star Joseph Gordon Levitt of Here comes your man by indie rock group The Pixies. Let’s pretend all of our karaoke nights start – and end – like this!



If there is one thing we’re willing to take here at Red Karaoke, its a dare. And apparently so is Hillary Swank in her film P.S. I love you. After a crowd pleasing performance from hunky Irish Gerard Butler of Mustang Sally, he dares his lovely wife and wallflower Swank to match his performance. And while we would probably accept just like Swank, we’re pretty sure our version of Prince’s Get it off would end up the same way. At least if your singing at home with Red Karaoke you don’t have to worry about dangerous microphone chords :D



Repeat after us. Karaoke is not a weapon of war. Especially between women, which Julia Roberts learns in My Best Friend’s Wedding after ambushing bride to be Cameron Diaz in a karaoke bar with the hopes of embarrassing her and sending Durmot Mulroney back into her arms. But as we all know, even if your rendition of I just don’t know what to do with myself is as bad as Diaz’s, everyone will still love you for trying.



Now, if you are as bad off of a singer as the guy at the beginning of this clip for Rush Hour, we’ll still love you for trying, but you might be just as happy to have Chris Tucker jump on stage and help you out with the lyrics and dance moves to pull off the oh so difficult Michael Jackson hit Don’t stop till you get enough. Hey, with practice on Red Karaoke, maybe you can start showing people how its done!



We hope you enjoyed this fun karaoke movies scenes, but what we really hope is that they inspired you to pick up that mic and enjoy singing your own favorite songs, whether its with Red Karaoke’s iPhone or Android apps, an awesome mp3 recording with VIP, or in your awesome karaoke party hosted with Red Karaoke’s SmartTV apps. Whatever your karaoke pleasure, Red Karaoke’s here to help your practice and perfect that karaoke routine.