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Who sang it better? Obama vs. Everyone

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Here at Red Karaoke we don’t like to get too political – but exceptions can be made when it comes to singing politicians. When video after video stared surfacing of President Barack Obama karaoke-ing every where from White House press conferences to the Apollo Theatre in New York, we couldn’t help but think of our fun “Who sang it better?” game where we ask you to decide whose rendition is best… this time, its Barack Obama versus the world!


The internet and media world became abuzz when Obama took the podium at The Apollo Theatre in January for a fundraising event and surprised everyone with an outstanding verse of Let’s stay together by Al Green. The president has got pipes – who knew?! And while Al Green may have the president beat on matters of vocal styling, we can’t get enough of the viral video featuring Obama’s version and the crowd cheering him on.



As if that weren’t enough to knock everybody’s socks off, Obama did it again when at the White House: Red, White & Blues event, backed by a full band and choir, he belted out Sweet home Chicago in honor of his hometown. Loyal fans of the Blues Brothers, here at Red Karaoke we’re having trouble deciding which rendition we like better…



Seemingly on a roll, Obama took the time at many stops along the campaign trail to give some musical shout outs where appropriate, including Dionne Warwick in New Jersey and the incomparable Aretha Franklin in Illinois, giving her Chain of fools his on little twist during a rally.



Obama’s penchant for singing has created quite a following on the web, and led to the creation of some interesting internet memes or fads, including Obama dubs, which have Obama singing everything from Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend, LMFAO’s Sexy and I know it, and our personal favorite, Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call me maybe



So tell us Red Karaoke-ers, what do you think of our musically inclined President? Does he beat the originators of some of his favorite tunes, or do Al Green and Aretha Franklin do it best? What song would you like to see Obama karaoke next – who knows, maybe he’ll find something he enjoys here on Red karaoke!


Red Karaoke Debut: Eric Church

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Every Thursday that we add new mp3s (which is every Thursday ;) ), we are excited for Red Karaoke-ers to sing these great gold quality hits. The pleasure of bringing you these backing tracks is multiplied when we get the simultaneous pleasure of introducing new artists into our catalogue! This week is no exception with the premiere of country artist Eric Church onto the pages of Red Karaoke.



Born and raised in North Carolina, Eric Church is a Southern bred boy at heart who properly took up guitar strumming at the age of 13 and by the time her graduated high school was playing at his local bar, covering Jimmy Buffet songs, before moving on to Nashville to pursue his dream of becoming a country star.



Church was able to get signed after starting work with producer Jay Joyce. The strong sound and direction the two forged together finally convinced Capitol Nashville that he was ready to make it. Church’s first single, How ‘Bout You peaked at #14 on Hot Country Songs and led off his debut album Sinners Like Me, helping him gain enough success to perform on the Grand Ole Opry for the first time in 2006. The album’s other two singles, Two Pink Lines and Guys Like Me, both reached the Top 20 as well.



2008 saw Church’s success with hits from his second album Carolina, including Love Your Love the Most which brought Church to the top 10 for the first time, peaking at #10. Church’s third album Chief was released in July of 2011, debuting at #1 on both Top Country Albums and the Billboard 200 and selling 145,000 copies in its first week. Drink in My Hand from the album became Church’s first #1 single.



This year Springsteen was released, and is now available to sing on Red Karaoke. In an interview with American Songwriter, Church described the song as “a love affair that takes place in an amphitheater between two people. It didn’t happen with Springsteen, ironically, it happened with another artist.” The song has gone on to become a top hit on the charts and radio and we wouldn’t be surprised if it happened here on Red Karaoke as well ;)

RK Fave Five: Lionel Richie

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Today marks Lionel Richie’s 63rd birthday, and though the man may be getting older, he’s still one of Red Karaoke’s favorites. Join us as we take a look at five of our favorite Lionel Richie karaokes, and share recordings of your own favorite on Red Karaoke’s facebook page!


It’s hard to pick our number one among all of Lionel Richie’s amazing songs, but picking five is much easier. The list has to start out with one of the most serious and simultaneously hilarious ballads of Richie’s career, Hello. Everyone knows it, everyone sings it, and everyone’s seen the awesome meme centered around it – but whether or not you think its funny or from the heart, Hello is perfect for karaoke.



Now, when it comes to dedicating that perfect song to your girlfriend, mom, grandmother – or any other leading lady in your life – Richie’s got you covered. Just start up the background intro to Three times a lady and you’ll have your woman swooning, just make sure to do Richie justice when you cover his classics.



But Richie isn’t all about the ballads, he knows how to spice it up a little bit and throw a party – All night long. With its samba twist and fun 80′s feel, there’s no way All night long couldn’t make it onto our list.



With our next pick, we might as well admit it, here at Red Karaoke we can’t get enough of Richie’s softer side. And Say you, say me is the perfect example of yet another wonderfully singable song that you can enjoy with friends, family or that special someone on karaoke night.



Last but not least is the definite heart wrenching classic ballad, and a little bit less obvious of a choice than Endless love, Lionel Richie’s super sweet Truly. With words begging the promise of forever, its the perfect karaoke ballad to dedicate to your darling.



Enjoy singing any one of these favorites of ours from Lionel Richie, or tell us your favorites and share them right here, or on facebook!

Weekend karaoke inspired by Rock of Ages

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Today many musical fans, including all of us here at Red Karaoke, are excited about the theater release of Rock of Ages, starring the likes of Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta Jones, Mary J. Blige and Russell Brand – plus many more. And with a full weekend of karaoke fun ahead of us, what better inspiration for your karaoke selection than the awesome eighties rock that fills this fun musical film.



Ladies, need the perfect power anthem to belt out at your favorite karaoke bar – or to your fellow Red Karaoke-ers? Take a cue from Catherine Zeta Jones’ hilariously spunky song and dance to Pat Benetar’s Hit me with your best shot. With dance moves and everything, you’re sure to blow the crowd away!



But if you’re feeling a little deeper and want to wrench your audiences’ heart strings more than their funny bones, may we suggest you channel the cast’s softer side with Every rose has its thorn, or Alec Baldwin and Tom Cruise’s odd duet of Can’t fight this feeling, the perfect ballads to balance your 80′s rock obsession with your die hard romanticism.



Now, men looking to woo the ladies don’t have to just choose these low key options – Tom Cruise’s Pour some sugar on me oozes everything Catherine Zeta Jone’s character complains about, “Sex, hateful music, and sex”, but just the right amount.



Of course, party hard karaokes and their friends can find some great inspiration from the fun musical numbers that fill Rock of ages. From Russel Brand leading a crowd stirring We built this city to the entire cast performing a rousing Any way you want it, and of course the classic Don’t stop believin’.



There are no excuses this weekend. Whatever your style, girl or guy, single or group, at the karaoke club or at home with Red Karaoke, you’ve got plenty of inspiration with this weekend’s release of Rock of Ages. Go see the movie, come record your rendition of your favorite 80′s single from the movie, and share it with us on Facebook!

New releases on RK: Paulina Rubio, Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and more

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Thursdays are our favorite day here at Red Karaoke – and you know why – brand new mp3 releases in our karaoke catalogue! This week we’ve got everything from Latin singers, pop hits and children’s favorites, so take a seat and check ‘em out so you can be the first to sing them!



We’re feeling the Latin flavor this week, made even more apparent by some of our latest releases. Last week saw the addition of Jennifer Lopez’s chart topper Dance Again featuring Pitbull, and this week we have the pleasure of bringing you Suavemente by Nayer and also featuring Pitbull. Add to that Boys will be boys from sexy Latina heart breaker Paulina Rubio and you are ready for a fiesta filled weekend of karaoke.



To switch up the beat a little bit, we’ve added some great new pop hits with a more mellow tone – perfect for you love birds that also love karaoke! Jason Mraz’s new single I won’t give up or Taylor Swift’s Eyes open are perfect for a low-key Friday and Saturday, or you can join your friends in a chorus of Maroon 5′s hit Payphone to perk up the night.



But if you’re part of the younger crowd – or stuck taking care of them this weekend – then we’ve got some great new kid’s karaokes. Part of your world is every little girl’s favorite from The Little Mermaid, and now it’s right here on Red Karaoke, along with the Monster High theme song!


Check out these and all of our other great new releases here on Red Karaoke and be the first to enjoy recording these wonderful new high quality mp3s!

Download your recordings on Red Karaoke

Monday, June 4th, 2012

We’re excited to announce a brand new feature on Red Karaoke – the ability to download your Red Karaoke recordings. This option allows you to save the recordings you have done here on Red Karaoke to your computer, whether the recording was made with a .kar karaoke or .mp3 and whether or not it includes a webcam video or not.


Steps for downloading your recordings


Access your user profile, go to your recording section and click the button “Download recording”.



Once you have clicked the button, a new window will open where you can click the button “Begin download”.



Once you click that button, the download options of what ever internet browser you use will open. Follow the usual steps for saving a file to your computer. The format of the file downloaded will depend on the original recording. If you download a recording with webcam, the format of the download will be MP4. If you download a recording that is just audio or Virtua Sing, you will download an MP3 file. Both formats can be played with any audio or video player, for example Windows Media.


In order to complete the download, you must be a VIP user and due to technical reasons the downloads will be limited to 10 recordings a day.


We hope you enjoy this new feature and enjoy listening to your newly download recordings! As always, feel free to let us know what you think here, in our forums or on our facebook page!