We’re excited to announce a brand new feature on Red Karaoke – the ability to download your Red Karaoke recordings. This option allows you to save the recordings you have done here on Red Karaoke to your computer, whether the recording was made with a .kar karaoke or .mp3 and whether or not it includes a webcam video or not.


Steps for downloading your recordings


Access your user profile, go to your recording section and click the button “Download recording”.



Once you have clicked the button, a new window will open where you can click the button “Begin download”.



Once you click that button, the download options of what ever internet browser you use will open. Follow the usual steps for saving a file to your computer. The format of the file downloaded will depend on the original recording. If you download a recording with webcam, the format of the download will be MP4. If you download a recording that is just audio or Virtua Sing, you will download an MP3 file. Both formats can be played with any audio or video player, for example Windows Media.


In order to complete the download, you must be a VIP user and due to technical reasons the downloads will be limited to 10 recordings a day.


We hope you enjoy this new feature and enjoy listening to your newly download recordings! As always, feel free to let us know what you think here, in our forums or on our facebook page!