Today many musical fans, including all of us here at Red Karaoke, are excited about the theater release of Rock of Ages, starring the likes of Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta Jones, Mary J. Blige and Russell Brand – plus many more. And with a full weekend of karaoke fun ahead of us, what better inspiration for your karaoke selection than the awesome eighties rock that fills this fun musical film.



Ladies, need the perfect power anthem to belt out at your favorite karaoke bar – or to your fellow Red Karaoke-ers? Take a cue from Catherine Zeta Jones’ hilariously spunky song and dance to Pat Benetar’s Hit me with your best shot. With dance moves and everything, you’re sure to blow the crowd away!



But if you’re feeling a little deeper and want to wrench your audiences’ heart strings more than their funny bones, may we suggest you channel the cast’s softer side with Every rose has its thorn, or Alec Baldwin and Tom Cruise’s odd duet of Can’t fight this feeling, the perfect ballads to balance your 80′s rock obsession with your die hard romanticism.



Now, men looking to woo the ladies don’t have to just choose these low key options – Tom Cruise’s Pour some sugar on me oozes everything Catherine Zeta Jone’s character complains about, “Sex, hateful music, and sex”, but just the right amount.



Of course, party hard karaokes and their friends can find some great inspiration from the fun musical numbers that fill Rock of ages. From Russel Brand leading a crowd stirring We built this city to the entire cast performing a rousing Any way you want it, and of course the classic Don’t stop believin’.



There are no excuses this weekend. Whatever your style, girl or guy, single or group, at the karaoke club or at home with Red Karaoke, you’ve got plenty of inspiration with this weekend’s release of Rock of Ages. Go see the movie, come record your rendition of your favorite 80′s single from the movie, and share it with us on Facebook!