Here at Red Karaoke we don’t like to get too political – but exceptions can be made when it comes to singing politicians. When video after video stared surfacing of President Barack Obama karaoke-ing every where from White House press conferences to the Apollo Theatre in New York, we couldn’t help but think of our fun “Who sang it better?” game where we ask you to decide whose rendition is best… this time, its Barack Obama versus the world!


The internet and media world became abuzz when Obama took the podium at The Apollo Theatre in January for a fundraising event and surprised everyone with an outstanding verse of Let’s stay together by Al Green. The president has got pipes – who knew?! And while Al Green may have the president beat on matters of vocal styling, we can’t get enough of the viral video featuring Obama’s version and the crowd cheering him on.



As if that weren’t enough to knock everybody’s socks off, Obama did it again when at the White House: Red, White & Blues event, backed by a full band and choir, he belted out Sweet home Chicago in honor of his hometown. Loyal fans of the Blues Brothers, here at Red Karaoke we’re having trouble deciding which rendition we like better…



Seemingly on a roll, Obama took the time at many stops along the campaign trail to give some musical shout outs where appropriate, including Dionne Warwick in New Jersey and the incomparable Aretha Franklin in Illinois, giving her Chain of fools his on little twist during a rally.



Obama’s penchant for singing has created quite a following on the web, and led to the creation of some interesting internet memes or fads, including Obama dubs, which have Obama singing everything from Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend, LMFAO’s Sexy and I know it, and our personal favorite, Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call me maybe



So tell us Red Karaoke-ers, what do you think of our musically inclined President? Does he beat the originators of some of his favorite tunes, or do Al Green and Aretha Franklin do it best? What song would you like to see Obama karaoke next – who knows, maybe he’ll find something he enjoys here on Red karaoke!