Here at Red Karaoke we love a holiday. Not only do holidays usually mean a day off, lots of food and tons of fun decorations, but a holiday also means an excuse to sing more (anybody have an incredible rendition of God bless the USA from the 4th? Cause you can bet we’ve got some). In fact, even when we discover brand new obscure holidays that don’t necessarily mean a free day of laziness or feasts beyond our wildest imagination, we’re still just as excited, because no matter what kind of holiday it is – it’s ALWAYS an excuse to sing more (not that we really need one).


That’s why we were so happy to realize that today not only marks the end of a week of America celebrations and the beginning of the weekend, its also apparently this awesome day of celebration called International Kissing Day. Yup, a day dedicated to the wonderment that is a kiss. A UK holiday to honor the simple joy that is a kiss for kiss’s sake, the holiday has been adopted world wide as World Kiss Day. So pucker up with your favorite pair of lips for the webcam and get to singing these awesome karaokes inspired by this even more awesome day of celebration.



First on our list of oh so kissable songs is the nineties pop single that got stuck in every body’s head no matter what radio station they tuned into, Kiss me by Sixpence none the richer. Sweet as honey, this is the perfect karaoke choice to dedicate on a holiday that happens to be dedicated to kissing, and to let that someone special know you want to save your lips for them.



If you’ve got a bit of a goofier side, you might prefer the fun of 70′s-80′s duo Hall & Oates and their hit Kiss on my list. With lyrics like “You’re kiss I can’t resist”, who could resist this karaoke classic on a day like today.



Taking it down a notch, those of you karaoke crooners who feel like channeling some soulful yearning might be interested in giving Des’ree’s difficult yet admirable for trying single Kissing you a whirl. Be warned, the deep notes of Des’ree’s incredibly powerful voice may be hard to master, but if you can get there, you’re sure to have the lips of your heart’s desire burning.



Don’t think for a moment we’ve forgotten our younger crowd/hopeless romantics in the karaoke room. Lucky for you all, we’ve recently added the sweet tune from Disney’s Enchanted, as sung by the doe eyed Amy Adams, True love’s kiss, which perfectly exudes Princess Charming’s wait for the kiss that seals the deal.



And last but certainly not least, country fans have probably been waiting for the mention of Southern sweetheart Faith Hill’s perfect tribute to the most amazing kiss in history, This kiss. Ladies can sing it to their loves, men can get some giggles singing it too, ’cause let’s face it – nothing says “Happy international kissing day” like the lyrics, “It’s criminal, it’s centrifical motion, it’s perpetual bliss.”


What are you waiting for? You’ve got a whole weekend’s worth of karaoke material right here, so get out there or get online and start singing – and maybe win a kiss from those lips you’ve been longing for ;)