We want to share how deeply sorry we are for letting you down. Our systems have fallen and for almost 4 days we’ve been offline. Three hard drives were burnt, altogether, in a row. However, all recordings, all your data and activity are back now. We could have done it quicker, but we wanted to be completely sure that everything, and for everyone, was 100% recovered. It has taken us so long because during all this time we’ve collected and cared for a huge amount of recordings, comments and songs. However, we’ve striven to guarantee that all the passion, time and effort you have shared in this community is again alive and kicking on the web, or on your smartphone, or on any other device you use for Red Karaoke. Besides, we’ve worked on it so that it never happens again – a sort “what hasn’t killed us, has made us stronger” measure.


Please, accept our sincerest apologies! We are really grateful and amazed for your messages and calls, full of patience and understanding. If we wanted to bring it back again, your comments have encouraged us even more – You are awesome! And we feel we should somehow respond to all this support and signs of love, therefore we are giving you a little token so that you can enjoy 100% of Red Karaoke.


Also, we want to dedicate a special thank you to those members who, with their VIP subscription fees, contribute to support the site. They will have their subscription extended for the double of time that we were off. If you are one of them, you will receive an email with all the details. Also, for questions about your subscription contact your Administrator directly via the site or write us to vip@redkaraoke.com


Those of you who are basic members will have their recordings more safely as the Recordings Download Tool will be available to you at no cost whatsoever for all 8 days.


Now that we have the system already online, we are making these changes. Please give us a few days and we’ll inform you as soon as it is ready through our newsletter, Facebook fan page, Twitter, Forum and blog.


Once again, thanks for your support and keep singing louder than ever!