With the weekly catalogue update we always have tons of the latest hits and great classics newly available for you to sing along to on Red Karaoke – but with last week’s update we noticed something exciting – Red Karaoke now has the Billboard Hot 100′s Top 5 hits ready and waiting for you to sing! With this fun handful of songs from pop and indie stars alike we thought we’d make a little challenge for you Red Karaoke’ers – sing all five of these hits and share them in the RK forums for a chance to be featured here in the Red Karaoke blog!



Two of last week’s newest additions to the catalogue were the lucky singles that rounded out our collection of top 5 songs, Katy Perry’s steadily rising single Wide awake and Ellie Goulding’s indie sleeper hit Lights.



Both are now fighting their way to the top, with Wide Awake’s heart pounding pop sound sure to take the number one spot within the week, and Goulding’s Lights sounding on radio stations, in clubs and on everyone’s mp3 players. Now you can sing these awesome lady’s singles right here in mp3 on Red Karaoke.



Of course, the number one spot isn’t quite Katy’s yet – with Carly Rae Jepsen having been control of the top position for weeks with her incredibly popular and hard to get out of your head single Call me maybe. We’ve had the song on Red Karaoke since it exploded onto the scene – and now you can even sing it for free as one of our 20 complimentary mp3s on Red Karaoke’s mobile and facebook apps.



But it’s not all about the ladies in the top 5, with Gotye’s indie breakup ballad Somebody that I used to know still holding strong in the fifth position after its breakthrough popularity on the radio and Maroon 5′s hit Payphone stuck at second and unable to surpass the insane love of Call me maybe. Still, these guy’s songs have got it going on, and are waiting for fellas on Red Karaoke to lay some vocals down on.



Think you can sing the best renditions of these five hits? Then sing each one; Call me maybe, Payphone, Wide Awake, Lights and Somebody that I used to know on Red Karaoke – share your renditions in THIS forum – and see if your five renditions are good enough to be featured on the Red Karaoke blog in just one week. Who knows, could be your time to let your voice shine… what are you waiting for?