In between the tons of classics and chart topper karaoke we’ve been producing here at Red Karaoke, we’ve also been adding a few diamonds in the rough just waiting for you to discover and sing along with. Among these gems is the newly minted Red Karaoke artist in our catalogue, the “self styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra” Lana del Rey. Join Red Karaoke as we take a look at this uniquely retro artist and her new karaokes National anthem and Video games.


Born in New York City, eighteen year old Elizabeth Woolridge Grant returned to the big city and her hometown to pursue college and a performance lifestyle in the clubs and venues NYC offered. After developing an underground following as Lana del Rey, del Rey was able to sign and develop a debut album, only to be dropped eventually, though her same demo helped her to create an EP and get her name circulated later on with 5 Point Records.



In 2011, del Rey released her first major single Video Games with Stranger records after its discovery on her Youtube channel, leading to a bigger deal with Interscope Records and her debut album Born to die. The album was released in January, debuting to open arms at the number one spot in some places. Del Rey’s music has been noted for its cinematic sound and its references to various aspects of pop culture, particularly that of fifties and sixties Americana culture.



Now you can be the first to sing Lana del Rey’s soulful indie karaokes, Video games and National anthem right here on Red Karaoke – or download the mp3s to take with you anywhere – and keep looking for more from this uniquely talented artist.