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¡Estamos de vuelta!

Hey, ha pasado mucho tiempo desde la última vez que publicamos algo en nuestro blog. Por supuesto, siempre hemos mantenido el contacto con nuestra comunidad a través de la web, o de nuestras cuentas de Twitter o Facebook, pero por distintas razones dejamos de escribir por aquí. ¡Pero ahora estamos de vuelta!

La idea es volver a contar aquí todas las novedades sobre nuestra comunidad y nuestras aplicaciones y servicios, para que no os perdáis nada importante. Por supuesto, también iremos contando algunos trucos e ideas para mejorar la experiencia de uso de Red Karaoke.

Como siempre, estamos abiertos a escuchar ideas y propuestas, así que no seáis tímidos y empecemos de nuevo la conversación. 🙋 Por empezar con algo, ¿qué os parece el nuevo diseño de nuestro blog?

Ah, por cierto, como podéis ver esta no es la misma dirección del antiguo blog en español. Hemos decidido unir todo lo que publicamos en el mismo sitio, así que iremos publicando textos en español, pero también en inglés y quizá otros idiomas.

We are back!

Hey, it was a long time without posting here in our official blog. Of course, all this time kept the communication with you through Twitter or Facebook, but for different reasons we stopped to write here. But now we are back! 💪

Our idea is to write here from time to time to explain all the news about our community, our apps and our services. And maybe we will also tell you some tricks to improve your experience using Red Karaoke.

Of course, we are open to listen your ideas and proposals, so don’t be shy and let’s start the conversation again. 🙋 For instance, do you like the new look & feel of our blog?

Oh, by the way, from now on we will post in this blog also in Spanish for our large Spanish community. And maybe in the future we will add more languages, stay tuned!

Now it’s possible to sing a duet on the Red Karaoke website!

Hello everyone,

Today it’s a great day for Red Karaoke and for everyone who work to make it possible, we hope Red Karaoke members feel the same way.

Today we launch a new function (well, in fact 2 new functions) that we’ve been dreaming about a lot of time, and finally, after months of work it becomes real. The 2 new functions are the following:


From today, the web users (it will be also available for mobile devices soon) can record duets with other page members. The duet recording process is very simple: sing a karaoke as always, and at the end, when finish singing, just select the option to save it as open duet.


The open duets will be shown at the user profile in a new tab titled “Open duets” see example, and also on the karaoke page, see example.


Also, the latest open duets will be shown at Red Karaoke home page where it will be displayed in a list based on the date of recording. VIP users can create all the duets they want, and the Basic users only can create it with the free songs.

Having say that, and this is something new and very important, both, VIP as Basic users, are able to sing FREE the open duets (for the Basics 5 duets per month). That highly increases the possibility to sing on the site for the Basic users.

The duets will be open during 7 days if the creator does not decide to close it before. During this time, every user can sing the duet, and each time a duet is saved as finished, it will appear at the both member’s pages.

Attention! The open duets has no limits, which means, they can be sung by all the users who want to join it, generating this way a lot of recordings with a unique duet. The “I like” written down on a duet will be added to both pages members, which is translated into lot of “I like” for the creator of the duets.

If one of the singers of a duet decide to delete the duet recording, it will be only erased form its profile.

The duets can be performed with video or just with audio. If both members record themselves, both video recordings will be shown at the final recording, If it’s done just with audio, the both singers avatar will be shown.

To identify the duets on all the website, just search a blue icon with 2 little men. We recommend you to try it because it’s really easy to use and it offers a great possibility to have fun. We are waiting your comments about this huge new function!


Using the same technology we have developed for duets, we’ve added a function very attractive for the most perfectionist singers: the possibility to add new voices to a recording, to add other tone voices, choirs, sing a karaoke in some parts, etc.

The use is very simple: the user only has to go to its profile, to the recording section, and just put the cursor over a recording or just go directly into a specific recording. In both cases, you’ll see an “Add voices” button that will activate the recording system, when singing it will be like a karaoke, allowing you to sing again with other sounds and voices. At the end, you can pre-listen and if you want, save the new recording with the extra voices.

Pay attention because the new recording will replace the user previous recording, and once the new version is saved, the previous one will be no longer available. But keep calm, the “I like” and the comments will be saved, you’ll not lose them.

This option is very interest to record many times the karaoke most difficult, with lot of voices, to add choirs, or when you do not know well the lyrics. It’s also possible to record adding an instrument for example. There is a lot of possibilities, we hope you enjoy everything!

The “Add voices” option is only available just for VIP users, but it will give access the old recordings, which will allow you to renovate your old songs giving it a new and fresh air or improve it.  The only limitation is that this option is not available for recordings performed with Virtua Sing due to technical reasons.

We’re sure that these new functions, which soon will be on our apps for mobile devices, are going to multiply the funny. Now, let’s get a try and leave us your opinions!
Cheers from all the team of Red Karaoke!

Enjoy a terrific karaoke on the most terrifying nigh of the year!


This year celebrate Halloween singing the most frightening songs to scare ghost and witches!


Enjoy singing with us on the most funny night of the year!

New releases of the week

This week we add the new releases in advance thanks to the holiday that many of the friends of Red Karaoke will enjoy on the 1st November.


This way if you are part of the lucky ones who will have a long w-end, you can sing them earlier or even now!


Enjoy the new releases!


Alejandra Guzman – Mi peor error

Cher – I hope you find it

Dani Martin – Que bonita la vida

Dulce Maria – Inevitable

Joao Bosco e Vinicius – Um lugarzinho na sua cama

Manuel Carrasco – Mujer de mil batallas

Martin Solveig – Hey now

Pastora Soler – Te despertare

Victor E Leo – Na linha do tempo

Cher Lloyd – I wish Ft. T.I.

Cumbia Ninja – El horóscopo dice

Eduardo Costa – Enamorado

La Oreja de Van Gogh – María Ft. Natalia Lafourcade

Lady Gaga – Aura

Lorde – Tennis Court

Michael Buble – After all Ft. Bryan Adams

Michel Telo – Se tudo fosse facil Ft. Paula Fernandes

Midnight Red – Take me home

Paul McCartney – New

Reik – Ciego

Ylvis – The fox


And remember! You can always check the last karaoke added to our catalogue on Red Karaoke home page

120 New Karaokes in Portuguese

We've added 120 new karaokes to our catalogue

You'll enjoy singing classics, new releases and songs known for everyone

Enjoy now the new karaokes from the website by clicking here or through your mobile device in the genre "Brazilian" or searching songs in Portuguese.


Latest releases added to our catalogue

It's been a while we haven't been here, that's the reason we want to update you with the latest releases added to our catalogue, if you haven't passed to say hello on Red Karaoke home page surely you' re missing these karaokes:


  1. Anitta – Nao para
  2. Frank Sinatra – The way you look tonight
  3. Gusttavo Lima – Diz pra mim
  4. Jessie J – It's my party
  5. Joaquin Sabina – Pongamos que hablo de Madrid
  6. Metallica – The unforgiven
  7. Sister Sledge – We are family
  8. Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground
  9. Chavela Vargas – La llorona
  10. Concha Piquer – Ojos verdes
  11. Deep Purple – Soldier of fortune
  12. El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico – Aguacero
  13. Jason Aldean – Night Train
  14. Los Rodriguez – Milonga del marinero y el capitan
  15. Mandisa – Overcomer
  16. Marco Antonio Solis – Tres semanas
  17. Otis Redding – When a man loves a woman
  18. Cristiano Araujo – Caso indefinido
  19. Dread Mar I – Tú sin mi
  20. Enrique Iglesias – Heart attack
  21. Gloria Trevi – Que no querías lastimarme
  22. Joao Neto e Frederico – Crime Perfeito
  23. Luis Miguel – Medley
  24. Maite Perroni – Tú y yo
  25. Pearl Jam – Sirens
  26. Pedro Capo – Fiebre de amor
  27. Sara Bareilles – Brave


 We hope you love them! Now you only have to advance one step more…click on Play and let's the party starts! :)

Dont stay behind! Upgrade now your iPhone and iPad app!

  • New version: avalaible in 4 languages even!


  • App optimized and adapted for iOS 7!


  • Recording bug fixed!


Don't wait for people to tell you about it...Find out it yourself!


Download or update the app from your Appstore






We confess you the secret of the perfect Karaoke


How to do of your karaoke a huge success? Here is the key!

  • The songs you choose should not be all love songs, not ll from the same singer, not all heavy songs, .. Variety is the key!


  • Songs do not have to be for professional singers, the level must be balanced, so the whole group of friends can enjoy singing.


  • Search songs known for everybody , fun and summer hits, classics, songs easy to sing and that people know


To help you, we know it's not easy ;) , we've prepared just for you the essential karaoke list


New releases of the last 2 weeks

Every week we produce new karaokes in order you always have new songs to let your heart sing. Keep on reading to know the latest karaokes added to our catalogue:


Whitesnake – Is this love

Sin Bandera – Que me alcance la vida

Pablo Alborán – Extasis

Los Bunkers – Si estás pensando mal de mi

Genesis – Land of confusion

Ellie Goulding – Burn

Dúo Dinámico – Resistiré

Drake – Hold on we're going home

Cristian Castro – Si me ves llorar por ti

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Lodi

Ana Gabriel – Ni un roce

Belinda – Angel

Estopa – Como Camarón

Javier Solis – Me recordarás

Héros del Silencio – Opio

Hombres G – Marta tiene un marcapasos

Jarabe de Palo – Depende

Melendi – Cheque al Portamor

Soda Stereo – Cuando Pase el Temblor

Enanitos Verdes – Lamento Boliviano

Roxette – Sleeping in my car

Sade – Smooth Operator

Toni Braxton – Breathe Again

Grabriel Valim – Piradinha



 Do you like the latest additions to our catalog? Leave us your comments on Facebook or Twitter 



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