What is Red Karaoke?

Red Karaoke is an online karaoke service for singing on multiple devices. You can choose a song from the catalogue and sing or record it

All you have to do is register and use a microphone (external or internal) to record, without installing a single program!

Once you have finished singing a song, you can save your recording on Red Karaoke, to share it with your friends, both on Red Karaoke or in social networks you’re a member of, so they can see you sing, comment on your recording or vote for you.

Red Karaoke works very simply. On the homepage, you will find different lists of karaoke suggestions for you to sing, as well as a search bar at the top of the page where you can use the title of a song, name of an artist or a user name to find karaokes and users that match your search. This search bar is at the top of each Red Karaoke page. Also, there are several themed directories for finding karaokes, for example by genre, year or language, which you can find under the Catalogue section

As a registered member you can sing and record the karaokes, and see the public recordings by other members, comment on them, vote for recordings, send messages... Registration is completely free and very easy.

Registration is free and easy:

Using your Facebook account: look for the Facebook button on the Red Karaoke Sign up page.

Creating your own Red Karaoke account: simply fill out the form with the fields 'Username', 'Email', 'Password' and 'Country' and click on the 'Sign up' button.

If you already have a Red Karaoke username click on Already a member? in the header of the page (the yellow button) or under the Facebook button, to log in with your username and password. You can also identify yourself from this link.

To use 100% of Red Karaoke, all you need is a microphone (external or internal) and to have the Flash Player, program installed on your computer.

With this program you can see other members’ recordings and videos and create your own recordings with our High quality recording system, and with your Virtua Sing avatar.

On Red Karaoke, we have more than 45,000 Mp3 karaokes available to sing. You can begin singing the songs you know or really like, and when you’re no longer sure what to sing next, you can use the Recommendation system on Red Karaoke.

This tool recommends karaokes to sing based on your like and activity on the website, as well as the activity of your friends. So, this tool uses the recordings you’ve made, your favorite songs, your favorite groups, the genres you sing most, etc… all to suggest 20 songs from our catalogue that you might really enjoy singing.

Obviously, the more you use the website, the better the recommendations will be, because there will be more information about your preferences to help decide what are good suggestions.

Red Karaoke is a multiplatform application available on Android phones, Iphones, Ipads, Tablets, connected televisions, SmartTVs and of course, the internet. Your account works on all of these devices, so that you can access your activity and record on one and see the recording from any of the others.

Download of the application is completely free. If you want to know more about each of the applications that will allow you to enjoy Red Karaoke, go to the Applications section at the top of the Red Karaoke homepage.